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  1. Thanks! At least I know that this isn’t the first time that this has happened.
  2. Had a partial refund as “pending “ on my credit card yesterday. It was removed when I checked today. It was for the January Panama Canal cruise.
  3. I'll report back on January 8th after I see it for myself.
  4. It is my understanding from posts that it's locked and only deck 9 passengers have access. I haven't been on Symphony deck 9 so others might confirm.
  5. I asked the same question when I was considering Crystal Symphony January 8-22, 2022. After some excellent feedback I decided to go for the A2 on deck 9. Comments suggested that the laundry for deck 9 is larger and is exclusive to deck 9. Deck 8 laundry is smaller and its shared with deck 7. Normally I would choose the larger balcony, but in this case I went for the convenience of the laundry. Your choice might be different, but you really can't go wrong on a Crystal cruise. Have a great time!
  6. As most Cruise Directors he has indeed moved around.
  7. I will also board January 8, 2022 and stay for the next cruise. I did a B2B with a small group of passengers and we met in the the movie theater where we were processed. I bet that we have lots of B2B passengers on the Jan. 8th cruise since it avoids a flight from San Juan to Miami. Keith is correct on the typical process.
  8. I believe that he was a CD on Celebrity. Quite popular with passengers. It will be a pleasure seeing him on Crystal.
  9. In my opinion you are completely correct when you observe that all cruises, even the same itinerary on the same ship are different. Crews change and the passenger mix is always different. I believe that Crystal will attract a number of new passengers with their lowered prices for some cruises. Passengers will be inclined to book a Crystal cruise and they will be impressed by the difference. At a time when some lines, like Celebrity are raising prices to the point that the per day cost of Crystal is competitive . I believe that the cost strategy is working to bring some mass market cruisers to Crystal.
  10. Glad that you clarified. That makes the venue even more desirable.
  11. If I remember correctly, smoking is permitted in the Avenue Saloon and that might be a negative for some. Also, appears that there’s more public space on Crystal. More venues on Celebrity, like Michael’s Club/Retreat are only available to certain passengers.
  12. I am a Zenith on Celebrity and have cruised on the M class many times. One of my last cruises before Covid was in Crystal Serenity and In my opinion there is no comparison, With the price increases on Celebrity is a better value. Crystal has become my cruise line of choice. Service is excellent on both lines, but food, entertainment and layout of the ships definitely favors Crystal.I have taken advantage of the special price for a B2B 1-8 to 1-22.
  13. Actually there was a one year to book a cruise to convert it into an OCB.
  14. Booked a Symphony cruise January 8-22 as a substitute for the cancelled PC cruise. At least we'll be at sea for my DW's birthday and our anniversary. Might pick up Canal again on Serenity in August, 2022. I've done the PC several times and enjoy the journey.
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