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  1. So do I. A super bug will put everyone in quarantine.
  2. That's why it's important to have a good immune system. We all hold hand rails, push buttons and sit in chairs.
  3. I agree. I think in many circumstances, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between some Europeans and a North American. I see I Love NY, Hard Rock Cafe, Italy Rules hats, Union Jack and such all over Europe worn by Europeans. Being exhausted after visiting a port is subjective, just like some people are pooped after mowing their lawn.
  4. I wish you luck and a fast track to make your flight. With the fastest private transportation available to you, still hope that nobody is texting or brushing their hair while driving and has a collision stopping a few lanes of the traffic.
  5. When we did Viking, we could book our excursions as much as we wanted to as long as the excursion was paid for. No limit. I would be very careful to give myself some time to make the connection. Consider that there may be unforeseen conflicts that could prohibit making the excursion on time. That is really your only issue.
  6. Wonders of wonders! Home At last! My recovered luggage has been returned to me. The only thing missing is my 5 mini bottles of rum taken out during a search to see if all of the potentially dangerous objects were removed.
  7. We used National Express directly from Heathrow to the South Hampton Station. From there ,it was a quick Taxi to our hotel for a good rest before the next days Departure. The line was quite comfortable and reasonably priced and we never had to touch our luggage, It was a good choice for us i'd say and recommend it
  8. Well, I guess this is some progress knock on wood. Our friend reported that he opened the case again, went through the contents just to double check that all was well. It was so we'll see. I got an Email verifying that the Luggage package was taken back to the FedX shipping office and was in transit. WooHoo. But when I checked the tracking number out. so far, this package is stiil at NRT. HMMMM?
  9. TNT has notified this friend that the shipment he dropped off for us is being stopped and RETURNED to him because of suspicous content in the package. I have no idea what they are talking about except maybe rum mini bottles! And here we go again.
  10. UPDATE It turns out that the police's idea of '"returned to us" has a different meaning in Japan than it does to me. What they meant to say was that they had released my luggage to a fellow that works at the same company in Tokyo as my wife does here in the US and that he is the person that was to ship it on to us which he did through a courior company in Tokyo called TNT which operates in the US
  11. Never mind it can look like having the hand look like a fishing lure either. It's wonderful you got that camera back.
  12. At this point all I know is once it was lost and now it's found No pun intended. . Details, I don't really care about.
  13. Nothing will every match home cooking when it is done right. If you know how the cruise food is before you book, why complain if you don't enjoy it when you knew in advance it was not going to meet your standard. For some people, it is a given that buffet food can suck and the food usually cool, the scrambled eggs run and bacon is greasy. Surprise!
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