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  1. I have been on several two nighters with P&O. The formal night is sometimes 1st and sometimes 2nd. Often second night which makes packing and case collection from cabin a bit problematic. You can put cases out late and it works because many self-disembark with reduced luggage as it is easily feasible and others b2b. Incidentally if you book cruise parking with CPS it is self-park at the slot directed by staff and keep your keys for two nighters no valet drivers. Dropping cases and passengers at the terminal on way to car park is easiest. Regards John
  2. You can get problems with walkie talkies the first is the squelch. This adjusts to how much signal the unit will accept too much and you get loads of noise most of which you do not want, too little and you miss desired signals. Nightmare in the theatre "where are you now Colin!" Second problem you have to continuously listen 24/7 for messages some of which are not for you. Any message you send is available to anyone listening in. If you get the units to work effectively others may be on the same wavelength so you share the conversations which could be problematic. e.g. Captain "heading for berth 35" Doris "where are you" shoreside "advise pilot change to 56" Arthur "In the theatre" Captain "new e.t.a. 25 minutes" Doris "How do I get there?" shoreside "watch out for traffic on the left" Arthur "turn left immediately you see the bar" Captain "Is that a sand bar?" and so on. Regards John
  3. Years ago people left written notes in the cabin regarding where people were going next etc. and letting people know of your plans is a good idea. Each cabin also has a telephone in it complete with a voicemail facility. In this way you can use a service phone, many of these about the ship and phone your own cabin. If someone is there obviously they answer if not leave the message of where you are going. I am not sure if they have a remote message pick up facility. I should look what is possible with the system as soon as you board, find out your phone number and show your son examples of service phones he may use. This is a free of charge no cost involved system but not that sophisticated. Regards John
  4. They tend to have irons in all laundry rooms on P&O. These tend to be permanently wired to the wall as opposed to plug in socket. As a general tip I suggest checking sole plate is clean and consider using a pillow case on top of what you are ironing. I went straight in on a white jacket once only to find the previous user had done synthetics on too high a setting and smeared molten red onto the jacket.
  5. Many existing Elite cruisers will thoroughly welcome an additional level above the current Elite tier. Do not forget that 10% - 30% may immediately qualify for the next level should one be introduced. Removal of benefits now may be the precursor with some benefits coming back. It is not possible for everybody to be special in any context. Regards John
  6. Good idea, then do clothes shopping at the first port. Regards John
  7. Crikey, 2BA you seem to have divulged an enormous amount of personal political and gastronomical information on a straight forward general vocabulary usage question. Regards John
  8. This was my point NSWP. A number of Americanisms relating to clothing seem to be creeping in. "Slacks" in the UK seemed always to be crimplene or other stretchy man-made fabric, tight fitting casual trousers with a side zip and a pair of elastic stirrups to stop them riding up. I think the stirrups were also a fashion necessity to confirm precisely what was being worn, Americans seem to regard slacks as a more universal term for trousers (trousers being a term they do not use). Tuxedo (a town in the USA) is used in the context of clothing in the UK with a narrow meaning of jacket type with appropriate dress trousers whereas in the US it seems more of a wide range of smart jackets. In short I am not too keen on Americanisms but love Americana. Regards John PS NSWP. "Soho" is a hunting call which any rider can call on sighting the fox. The response given by the Master of the Hunt is "Tally Ho" as a command to commence the chase on the fox. Soho, London was on the ancient Berkeley Hunt which is why and where this place gets its name.
  9. What word would you use for "pasties"? Regards John
  10. Cruise lines tend these days to have a lot of information on almost every aspect of cruising with them, published in brochures and on their websites. Formal "Black Tie" evenings or whatever they call their formal nights are described in detail. They outline in most cases details of precisely what modes of dress are acceptable. Regards John
  11. My understanding of gym classes is that you have to book anytime after you board the ship. They tend to push services available at the spa and gym as soon as you board. Spinning last time I saw people participating seemed to be at the more serious health cycling enthusiast. Classes seem to me to be expensive but then I have nothing at home to compare them with. I have linked in a general cruise line spinning video but not on P&O. Regards John
  12. I have sailed alone on P&O with my daughter around this age with no problems. It helps if they know procedures like wearing appropriate clothes, footwear in particular, using the wipes to clean the equipment before and after, use towels and hydrate with water, take a bottle. You just supervise each bit of kit and make sure they are doing things correctly. Don't let them lift weights or adjust machines with excessive loads. You could also work out if you wanted supervising from adjacent equipment. The only problem I ever had was just after first sitting finishes on formal nights with me wearing a tuxedo and her just after first sitting insisting on getting changed into her sports clothes dragging me up there. A load of musclebound young crewmen seem to turn up around this time as the place is otherwise empty. Daughter tries to dissociate herself from me. I am wondering if these young men are thinking I am a lonely old man on his own wearing a tuxedo just watching the boys. I mean why would anyone sit in the gym wearing a tuxedo spectating? This scenario will not affect Sue. Regards John
  13. Some denominations have communion wine followed by a sing-song and occasionally smoking happens. This is not appropriate for a library setting but fine in a chapel. Games in the Library, ping-pong, snap, uno, hide and seek, charades not really sure to be honest. Regards John
  14. Do you think you can fit in my experience of Cunard is that most people are very polite and accommodating. Regards John
  15. You can certainly walk into the MDR with a glass of wine in hand. Only problem I foresee is juggling glass when they do the antibacterial hand gel dispenser thing. Not sure where you can obtain the supply so there could be a longish walk but many cruisers do pre-dinner drinks so it is not that unusual. Regards John
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