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  1. Seabourn took 78 days to refund $25,000, Crystal is still holding $8000 (fortunately we hadn't paid the balance yet). They hope to make the refund in 100 days. Silversea was also similarly bad (we didn't have a Silversea booking but have sailed with them several times--we had friends who relayed their experience with Silversea refunds). Oh, they made excuses about how busy they are. Somehow, Delta has been able to refund a total of $16,500 for several flights with no delay at all. I am guessing that Delta is pretty busy also. I am just not feeling like handing over 10s of Thousands of dollars months in advance to outfits that treat their customers in this manner. My only conclusion is that you just can't trust the cruise lines.
  2. Tom Wolber President & CEO of Crystal Cruises 1501 Biscayne Blvd. 501 Miami, FL 33132, US Re: Inexcusable Refund Practices for Cancelled Cruises Dear Mr. Wolber: Word gets around. We are currently booked on a sailing beginning October 22, 2020. We have not yet cancelled it, but I suspect that we probably will. We have learned that although Crystal canceled cruises, Crystal is imposing unreasonable wait times in refunding customers’ money. We have learned that the typical periods Crystal is holding customer money is a minimum of 75 days, but that it can run over 100 days. That is unacceptable. As of now, we only have $8,600 exposed to Crystal’s abuse-the-customer business practices. We are thinking carefully about whether we want to put more funds at risk in the event Crystal cancels this cruise. Ask yourself, given your company’s on-going demonstrated failure to refund customers’ payments in a reasonable and timely fashion would you take such a risk? My guess is you would not. We have heard the vague excuses Crystal is giving its customers. But we have learned the facts. You are waiting to make refunds until you have done your bookkeeping to allocate the refunds to taxes, cruise fares, air fare and the like. So, you are holding customer money for your convenience. If you were practicing “customer-first” business, you would have immediately paid people the money that you owe them and did your accounting on your own time. But at Crystal customers are not first. They are last. Crystal’s convenience is first. We find that unacceptable. We are just not sure if we want to pay you 10s of thousands of dollars, months in advance, for services you may never supply.
  3. Odd, since I didn't get one single response to my question.
  4. Refunds for cancelled cruises are routinely taking taking 60+ days (mine took 68 days). I have realized that the amount paid for a cruise is at risk in the event of the Cruise Line's bankruptcy. But rationalized that was unlikely and worth the risk. But the slow refunds (and current obvious risk of bankruptcy) has heightened my concern. It is now going to be hard for me to handover 10s of thousands of dollars for service that is months away. My concern will be tested on July 22, 2020 when my final payment is due for an October cruise. And that is on top of my reticence from the situation. Are others having this heightened concern about the security of the advance payments we make to go on a cruise?
  5. Does that standard only apply to others? I gather it does not apply to you. What do your call your nasty sarcastic comment, since it was evidently not a complaint or a rant (it was merely ignorant).
  6. Oh, JPH814, how I do appreciate the sarcasm. You wield the language as a warrior wields a sword, although, your reading comprehension skills appear to be lacking. Let's explore where your comprehension skills let you down. Let's parse what I wrote in detail: "let me tell you how utterly incompetent Seabourn is." Well that sentence seems to refer to a commercial organization that apparently is not well organized. It establishes the subject of the paragraph. No clerk is mentioned. "they had actually already issued the credits they simply had not shown up on our statement, but the clerk did not know that." The pronoun "they" refers to an organization, not an individual. If we were referring to an individual, the pronoun would have been "he." Moreover, the phrase "the clerk did not know that," is not critical of the clerk. It was a criticism of the lack of knowledge that was available to the clerk. In the context of the incompetence of Seabourn, the subject of the paragraph, it refers to the customer service system that Seabourn had supplied the clerk so that the clerk would know how to respond to customer inquiries. Let's also explore for just a minute the underlying cause of Seabourn's atrocious customer service. Seabourn attempted to excuse their incompetence by saying they were manually processing our refunds. Have you yet discovered what that means? Here is what it means. Seabourn was forcing its customers to wait for Seabourn to do its accounting before they were issuing the refunds. "Processing" is the allocation of the refund to taxes, air fare, cruise fare and the like. That is Seabourn's accounting. It has nothing to do with paying us. A classy organization would have issued the refunds on a timely basis, and did their accounting on their own time. We should not be waiting for Seabourn to do its internal accounting.
  7. Champaign tonight. Our credits appeared today. But let me tell you how utterly incompetent Seabourn is. We called them yesterday (Friday May 22, 2020). They would only say that our credits would appear sometime after June 1, 2020. Well the credits on the statement are dated May 18 and May 19. So when we called, they had actually already issued the credits they simply had not shown up on our statement, but the clerk did not know that. So long Seabourn, wasn't nice meeting you. (This was to be our first Seabourn cruise. We had done five Silversea cruises over that past two years and decided that we needed to branch out and try the other three.)
  8. We must have been typing at the same time. My update is immediately above your post.
  9. Seabourn is permanently off of our list. I am amazed by my fellow cruisers who will go with Seabourn again. In fact, cruising might be off our list entirely, because I understand that they are all engaging in the same unethical games with their customers. Moreover, I have never liked handing over tens of thousands of dollars and being at risk of their bankruptcy for several months. Land trips do have some major advantages over cruising...restaurants in particular.
  10. Just called Seabourn, because credit was promised for today and it hasn't been made. Here is our summary of broken promises: March 15, 2020 filled out online form requesting refund. April 15, 2020 called Seabourn and were promised refund by May 14, 2020 May 15, 2020 called Seabourn and were promised refund by May 22, 2020 May 22, 2020 called Seabourn and they would no longer commit to a date by which we could expect refund. May 22, 2020 initiated dispute with American Express
  11. You make a good point in your first sentence, and friends have had horrible experiences on Silversea. But other friends who were on Regent were promptly refunded. Haven't heard anything about Crystal, but I may be testing Crystal in July when my final payment is due for an October cruise. I will not ignore your insulting sarcasm, but I will not try to respond substantively, because I do not understand your point, other than you are just a nasty....
  12. Paulchili, I don't know how Wire plans to alter his business with Seabourn in the future. I know how I am going to alter my business with Seabourn. I am going to call Crystal, Regent, or Silversea. (We are currently still booked on Crystal in October--time will tell.)
  13. cruise scheduled for March 28, 2020 Seabourn cancelled cruise on March 13, 2020 requested refund March 15, 2020 (first day allowed) no refunds as of today (May 21). 67 days and counting. Was told refund would be made on May 14, 2020 (60 days). Called on May 15, and was told refund would be issued on May 21, 2020. Just today, I discussed whether we should give up the ghost and dispute this charge with Amex. $25,477.64. I guess at this point, we are fools if we don't.
  14. We never do formal night. You can go to any Michelin 3* without a tie (and most without even a jacket). Why do I want to put on a costume that is uncomfortable. I do bring a jacket and wear it most nights. This picture of our entire luggage for an 11 night cruise and 5 day post cruise might help to clarify why we don't like formal night. (Would be the same amount of luggage if it was a 100 night cruise.)
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