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  1. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE: RCL) (the "Company") today announced that it has commenced a private offering of senior secured notes to be issued by the Company in separate series of notes due 2023 and 2025 (together, the "Notes"), for an aggregate principal amount of $3.3 billion. https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/royal-caribbean-announces-proposed-offering-of-33-billion-senior-secured-notes-2020-05-13
  2. Cannot find if this was answered anywhere,,, but... does anyone have any idea what happens if just 1 of the people in a double occupancy cabin cancels? I'm guessing that person gets a FCC, but I'm wondering what Royal will do about the other passenger that now is going to be solo... Will they reprice cabin and make the "solo" passenger pay more?
  3. Me too!! Seems premature for Royal to cancel a Sept cruise to Alaska....
  4. Thank you Merion_mom and molly361!!! I called TA before I saw your post, and got worried. However, I just heard back from TA and he said there was only 1 cabin left that was non-adjoining, and he moved us to that one. It's actually a great location, so I am thrilled! I will DEFINITELY remember your advice for next time! Thank you both! and Thank you All!
  5. Our cruise leaves April 3. We had originally booked an Inside Gty, and that cabin was assigned to us last week. I noticed the prices had dropped and called our TA. He was able to move us to an OV gty at no charge at that time. The OV gty cabin was assigned to us this morning. Yes, being able to request a move within the 2N category is good news, indeed. I'm so thankful to all the people on this site. They have helped me tremendously!! Good luck with your Gty cabin dice roll!
  6. Oh!! That's wonderful!! I didn't realize we could change cabins with a Gty! I'm calling them right now!! Thank You!
  7. We just had our OV Gty cabin assigned for an upcoming Navigator cruise. We were assigned Category 2N. This appears to be an adjoining cabin. Because it's adjoining, I'm thinking we get a chair instead of the sofa. 🙁 Does anyone know if this is correct?
  8. I understand. We have stayed in the new Virtual balcony rooms where there was at least space for a loveseat, but the loveseat was replaced by a chair. The feeling of "space" you get when there is empty wall space makes a difference, even if only a few feet. The sideways cabin we had was a horrible layout, I wish I could remember the ship. Every inch of wall was covered with something. The door opened in the center of the room, to the left. Immediately on the left, by the door was a small wall, where only a small chair would fit. This wall backed onto the bathroom. You basically walked into the room, around the chair to the bathroom. Immediately on the right when you walked in, was the foot of the bed. Literally IMMEDIATELY to the right. Directly across from the door was the desk. This room was so tiny that there was no room for anything, but a chair, and the chair became an obstacle, not an asset. Hindsight, we would have asked them to remove the chair, if for nothing else nothing else but to have the feeling of more space. For what it's worth, my favorite cabins for a great night's sleep are the inside cabins. Only problem with them is I have a hard time waking up for the 10am trivia. 😜
  9. We had one of those cabins once. It was awful. Super tiny, no room for sofa or loveseat, bed was wedged in on the right ride. We had a small chair, but the cabin was super cramped. Will never do it again- at any price.
  10. Great advice! I will do that right away, before I forget!! Thank You!
  11. With glasses, too! Perfect!! Thank You! 😀
  12. Thanks so much for the updated list!! And, that's good to hear the wine was waiting for you-- exactly what we want! Thank you!!
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