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  1. 👍🏽 If that link doesn’t work you can also use this link and then click on “book choice air” https://www.azamara.com/plan/air-transfers/choiceair
  2. Azamara offers flights through Choice Air— http://www.cruisingpower.com/choiceair/protected/home.do?brand=Z It seems that depending on the flight you choose, you may be able to defer payment until final payment on the cruise (or cancel before that date without penalty). From my scant experience sometimes the fares seem as good or even better than what you can get on your own, and sometimes they don’t.
  3. Are taxis easily available at the port (for an 8 am or so arrival)?
  4. Thanks for clarifying this. Can I ask a followup? If I prebook a shore excursion on my credit card, and then purchase an Experience More package on board, is it possible to then cancel the shore excursion, receive a refund on the credit card, and immediately rebook the excursion using the OBC from the Experience More package?
  5. PS (one more question for now)— if we do decide to overnight in Flam, any thoughts about whether it’s better to rent a car for that or take the train/boat/bus?
  6. Thanks. This would be Norway, and not the first stop, so I wasn't worried about customs or immigration, but it's not a private tour so I don't think there's any chance they'll wait.
  7. Thanks for the replies and advice! I appreciate that the scenery is more the point than the destination, so we are now thinking about maybe renting a car (gain flexibility, lose the Flamsbana railway and driver's ability to gawk at the scenery). Will also consider overnighting in the area. Have not been to Norway before, other stops in the south are Olden and Alesund (but doubt we will be in Alesund long enough to get to Geirangerfjord). Will do more research but suggestions on how to spend a long day (or even two) around Bergen also welcome. Happy new year!
  8. So thinking about excursions, there is a day-long one that looks great but is not offered through AZ so I wanted to confirm my understanding of the cruise itinerary times. If the itinerary says the ship will arrive in port at 8 am (and it's not a tender port), I am thinking being off the ship by 8:00 or 8:10 is not a reasonable expectation but being off by 8:30 is a pretty reasonable expectation (both subject of course to the vagaries of schedule-- but I wouldn't count on the ship being early and recognize it could be late). Is that right, or should I be prepared for it take longer (or is there a decent chance we could be off close to 8)? Similarly if the ship says it is departing at 8 pm, I would assume that all aboard time is at least 1 hour before then, but is it more like 1.5 or 2 hours?
  9. We have an overnight this summer in Bergen (arrive 8 am one day and leave 8 pm the next) and were thinking we would use one day to do a "Norway in a Nutshell" roundtrip to Flam (since the ship won't go to Flam), but I'd appreciate some advice whether it's a crazy idea (and if it is, whether we should give up on visiting Flam, or find some other option (?)) There is a train leaving Bergen at 8:39 am, which gets to Flam at 1:40, and then if we leave Flam at 4 pm we get back to Bergen at 8 pm. This seems like the best option (assuming we want to spend the day this way), but I would appreciate advice on how realistic it is to expect to make that train (we are on a small/medium sized ship of about 700 pax and it seems there are multiple docks in Bergen but even from the closest one that might be cutting it a bit close?) There is an 11 am train from Bergen, but that would involve lunch and a 2 hour layover (lunch?) in Voss, and only 40 minutes or so in Flam before turning around and getting back to Bergen at 10 pm, so I am not sure we'd want to do that. Or, we could take the 8:39 am train on our second day, arrive Flam 1:40 and then leave Flam at 2:50 arrive back to Bergen at 6:00 pm, in time (hopefully) to be on board for an 8 pm departure. Slightly better than option 2, but although Bergen is at the end of the itinerary I would still probably spend too much time thinking about what if we didn't get back in time, so any advice on how much faith to place in the summer train timetables would be appreciated. At least with option 1 if it doesn't work out we know right away and can cut our losses, but the roundtrip tickets aren't cheap so I am wondering if the smarter thing is to take that money now and put it towards a different plan.
  10. Can someone tell me how it works with Azamara if there is a price drop between making a reservation with a deposit and final payment? On their website it looks like if you are within 1 year of sailing they give you OBC for the difference-- would they simply calculate the credit as the difference between what you are scheduled to pay and what a new booking would cost, or is there a more complicated (perhaps more Azamara-friendly) calculation? If you canceled the existing booking and forfeited the $75 deposit and rebooked would they stop you from getting the new discount? (If you had made Choice Air reservation I assume those would also get canceled or could you transfer them to the new booking?)
  11. Thanks for the reply, and sorry to hear about that price bump-- that would be frustrating. I had posted because I saw a flight that seemed like a good deal (cheaper than what I could get), so I booked on their website but it never asked me for a credit card. Wondering if I had missed something (since when have you ever been able to book an airline ticket without giving someone a credit card number) I called them but was put on hold for a while and decided it might be easier to ask here. After seeing your post (and others suggesting things don't always go smoothly) I started to wonder if something had gone wrong for me so I called back and this time waited on hold. The very nice person at ChoiceAir told me that my booking was a "book now pay later" booking where I would not be charged until final cruise payment. I knew it was a refundable fare but she made clear I could change or cancel it at any time before final payment, which suggests to me if the price does drop you could call and rebook at the lower price. She did say that not every fare falls in this category, but it wasn't clear to me if every refundable fare does or not.
  12. Could someone tell me, if you book Choice Air before final payment is due on the cruise, do they just add the cost of the flights to final payment, or do you pay for them at the time of booking (or something in between)?
  13. We did this once because it was a really interesting itinerary and had a great trip. There might have been a few families and adults under 40 but nothing rowdy 😉
  14. That would irk me too-- it seems quite unfair and just a cheap way to treat people. Also, I expect if you lined up that policy against other policies related to repricing it would seem even more outrageous-- heads they win, tails you lose.
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