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  1. Same here--"Priority Visitation Page"....can't pay off my cruise.
  2. I would also be interested in finding out more about how to claim your onboard credit--form, process, etc.
  3. Thanks, everyone! Great information! I was able to purchase this morning--had to wait 3 business days for funds to transfer, since we are new at this. I was hoping to get it at the low $44-$45 dollar range, but just missed it. 😞 $46 is still SSSOOO much lower than it has been recently. For those interested--In looking at the CCL stock over time, it looks like it stayed above $55/share from mid-January 2017 through mid-December 2019. The price right now is golden! Thanks again!
  4. Any advice? We are considering buying shares--have never traded stocks before.
  5. We just got off this morning (June 23) and found some things in our corner Havana cabin that probably belong to last week’s guests. If that’s you, please contact Carnival. We turned them in to Guest Services this morning.
  6. Thanks--no where to be found. I'll call the milestone desk tomorrow when they are open. We had an issue with the milestone credit being applied on a previous cruise--I want to make sure it actually happens this time!
  7. We sail in 4 days and our Milestone credit is still not showing up. Should I be concerned?
  8. I would love to see all the dining room menus! If you or someone else has the Chef's Table menu, I'd like to see that as well. Thanks!
  9. What’s the best way to get the lowest price? I don’t want a beach massage. I don’t want to go to the pamper party. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Yes. Shampoo and body wash in hand-pump things attached to the shower wall. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. This is a great list! 1) Yep, we are some of the people with tons of luggage because...why not? It's delivered to you-- take whatever will make your trip great for you! We also dress up nightly for dinner, so that takes space. Fly Southwest and two checked bags per person are free. 2) We get a vacuum bag and take our own foam "egg crate" pad with us for the bed. It's so much more comfortable and that irritating crack between the two twin mattresses put together is magically gone. We ask the room steward to bring the vacuum cleaner the last night and vacuum the bag for packing-- it's amazing how strong those Carnival vacuums are! 3) For those that do like to use the paper Fun Times, bring a highlighter to mark your favorite events for the day. 4) Skip the shopping show and the free charm bracelet hunt! 5) Skip the debarkation talk and just watch it on the TV. 6) This may not be for everyone, but...we take some "ready to be retired" underclothes and just chunk them in the trash at the end of the week. Saves space (minimal) on the way home and eliminates taking that dirty laundry with you. 7) I've read online that eating green apples can alleviate motion sickness. I can't verify that, but there you go. 8) Use your open luggage under the bed as either a dirty clothes hamper or an extra "drawer." 9) If you have a balcony cabin, the couch has 2 huge drawers under it. Ask the room steward to remove extra blankets/pillows if they are in there. 10) Pack jewelry in a 7-day pill container. 11) Bring aerosol or pump spray Wrinkle Releaser so you can skip the ironing room. 12) Bring conditioner. The shampoo is fine/available, but I have to have my conditioner! 13) Bring your stash of hotel bottles of conditioner. The just throw away the empty ones and you have more space going home. 14) If you work out, bring powdered Gatorade. Buy one bottle on board for your first workout, then just refill it with water/powder on subsequent days. 15) Monitor your sail-n-sign account. We've found charges not ours and double charges several times. Just go to guest services and they will investigate to verify, and take care of it. We've never had an issue having charges removed that were not really ours.
  12. We are booked for our first cruise on a Spirit class ship and I'd love to know what I shouldn't miss, or what I should expect to be significantly different. We've sailed all other classes except Spirit and Splendor. Here's what I see online that looks interesting: 1. Gatsby's interior promenade 2. Two central Lido deck pools (is one of them covered, like on Conquest class?) It kind of looks like that in the pictures. 3. Steakhouse spans two decks Anything I missed that makes this ship class unique? 37 more days!!!
  13. Ummm....I'm sure someone mentioned this, but I don't have time to read all the ridiculousness. Sail and Sign cards do NOT have room numbers on them. The one shown in the video is from 1997. Maybe they did then, I don't know.
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