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  1. So, the PR cruise in December is what we booked with our cancellation/OBC offer from the cruise we missed this summer. If the December cruise is cancelled, does the clock start again on when we have to book/use the original funds + $600 OBC? Realizing there probably isn't an answer out there, unless someone has already gone through this scenario.
  2. Thanks! The page wouldn't open, but I found this: https://blog.wblakegray.com/2018/08/can-you-bring-cheese-into-us-from.html#:~:text=YES YOU CAN!,-Raw-milk Reblochon&text=First%2C the short answer%3A if,the U.S. for personal consumption.
  3. So, random question. When we sail to Aruba/Curacao, we always bring home wheels of cheese back to the US. What are the rules for bringing food items like this from Europe to US? I'm sure fresh fruits/veg, plants, etc. are not allowed--agricultural products. But what about cheese? chocolate? wine? We are foodies and enjoy exploring favorites in locations, and maybe bringing some home. thanks!
  4. Thanks! I'll definitely check these reviews out!
  5. Thanks very much for your extensive repay! (not all quoted here) This information was very helpful, and you are spot on regarding the itinerary. I'll be coming back to this when we decide what to do in each port. My great-grandmother immigrated from Norway, so Oslo may be more of a "heart string" port for me!
  6. Thanks! This was one of my specific questions, if it didn't get answered. We still dress up for dinner all evenings, so this will be nice!
  7. Let's assume by the fall of 2021 things are more "normal." (I don't want this to turn into a Covid-19 post.) We have a European capitals cruise booked on Celebrity. We have sailed many times on Carnival, RC, and NCL. I have a few questions about Celebrity and European cruises. 1) How different is the experience on Celebrity vs. the other lines we've sailed? We have a balcony cabin, but not the "exclusive" area. (I don't need to know about that.) Is there anything we need to know? Look forward to? 2) How different is cruising in Europe from Caribbean/Canadian/Mexican Riviera? This could range from different expectations on the ship to different behaviors in ports. I appreciate your input!
  8. We are almost Diamond on Carnival, and have also sailed RC and NCL— all in Caribbean and one to Canada out of NYC. We’ve booked our first Celebrity cruise to celebrate our upcoming retirement. It will be our first time sailing in Europe and our first time on Celebrity. What differences/similarities will we seein the cruise line? (We are in a deluxe balcony cabin- so no luxury accommodations/perks) What should we be aware of sailing out of Southampton and cruising in Europe (capital cities tour)? Thanks!
  9. I agree- pretty tired of the dining room menu.
  10. Loved it! Had several on the Legend in March!
  11. Just off the Legend. What’s with the gong at noon? We’ve never had that on other cruises.
  12. Swirls is indeed being served by staff. Number of guests does seem lower. Some of the life raft signs say, “0” for passengers.
  13. 1) As some have already noted—the health forms are back. Temperatures of passengers also taken before boarding (forehead scan) 2) hand sanitizers are no longer a suggestion—staff members at every one asking them to be used 3) buffet food is not self serve—-all done by a staff member. Haven’t been to swirls yet—curious about that
  14. Anyone heard of any delayed embarks/debates? haven’t heard from CCL this morning, so I’m guessing good to go today...so far....
  15. We sail on Sunday, March 8th and the additional onboard credit is showing on our boarding documents--in addition to the $50 promotional and $100 shareholder credit. So, yes, the non-cancellation OBC is additional.
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