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  1. Thanks again vtcruising. Yes, we’ve always enjoyed being able to go from one cabin to the other via the verandah. We’re looking forward to evening drinks this time with the bigger verandah, should be lovely out there in the aft.
  2. Vtcruising, thanks a ton for the pictures! We have cabins #8314, 8321 & 8323, snd yes, these are the middle ones. We book hump cabins on the S class ships and ask our stateroom attendant to open up the partitions, that way we have one long verandah. Unfortunately they wouldn’t do this on the Millennium this July, apparently for safety reasons. Why I couldn’t understand, the situation wasn’t any different on the other ships. Am but hoping this will be possible on the Apex...
  3. Look forward to your SV cabin review, we have three booked on the Apex for next May. One of my questions is whether they verandah partitions open up like they do on the S class ships...
  4. Bikerunner, this is exactly our situation. DH sticks to his tried and tested Scotches but with the beverage package I get to try out different drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. And I don’t ever remember to have service any fellow cruiser worse the wear for drink, though the European itineraries we do are all port intensive. Maybe it’s different in the Caribbean, haven’t been there. Celebrity really isn’t a party line, more for the staid oldies, lol 😂
  5. Thanks a ton Hank, I always value your opinion and input. We’re not interested in the Caribbean cruises nor the 7 day sailings, except for a couple in Alaska. We mostly do Europe and I will most certainly explore the itineraries offered by Princess and MSC. We have been happy with Celebrity and sailed almost exclusively with them over the last ten odd years. But now it’s time to look elsewhere...
  6. So Hank, which lines do you think are on the way up, MSC and their YC one of them? I should look at them, also Princess...
  7. Richstowe, as I said the coffees and waters and breakfast orange juices do add up, about five. Plus a couple of glasses of wine and a taste of two pre-dinner martinis and I’m hitting 10 drinks a day! You’re right, we have a wide variety of drinks to sample, just in the non alcoholic list. And over the past several years we’ve gotten used to it 😃 Chamima, we’re Elite and during the pre beverage package days we’d always go to the Elite Happy Hour every evening. Not just for the drinks but to meet others, we enjoyed spending an hour with our fellow cruisers and talking about what we did in port that day. Sadly now we almost never go.
  8. We aren’t big drinkers either, DH has a couple of glasses of Scotch and an after dinner cognac while I enjoy a glass or two of wine with dinner when on vacation, with maybe a martini earlier. Actually, I find the martinis either too sweet or too strong for me, haven’t really found any happy medium. But I do try one or two out, almost always never finishing the drink. Not good I know, but the beverage package allowed me to indulge myself 😉 With the coffees and waters it does add up, plus orange juice at breakfast. So getting the drinks package as a « perk » made sense to us. We only have one cruise booked for now, don’t know what we’ll do in the future. We cruise only a year, mostly European sailings and Celebrity hasn’t had any new itineraries in quite a long time, so we’ll see how it goes. Land tours are our preference, which is what we did last summer, spent a month in France. I also believe Celebrity is making the moderate drinkers pay for the heavier ones, wish instead they’d put a cap on the number of drinks per day.
  9. We’re going to be in le Havre again next May and will be renting a car to visit Giverny and maybe Etretat. Am debating which rental agency to go with, not really looking forward to the trek into town so it’ll probably be Rentacar again. In the US, actually even in other places in France Enterprise has picked me up when I couldn’t get to their office but won’t bank on their doing this at le Havre. And taxis will refuse the short ride, understandably so perhaps. Still in two minds, need to check with the others...
  10. Many thanks Dileep, sorry for the late reply. I think Murcia is most certainly on the cards as I believe many places in Cartagena are closed in the afternoon. We’ll probably go with Spain Day Tours, this way we’ll spend the late afternoon/early evening in Cartagena before heading back to the ship.
  11. I think most people go to Santiago de Compostela, don’t believe there’s very much to see in A Coruna itself. DIY works, or a guided tour, I have just booked with Spain Day Tours for next May.
  12. Chamima, weren’t you able to upgrade online? If you remember earlier in this thread some people said this can only be done 60 days out. We cruise only once a year, usually in Europe, and use our Celebrity OBC to upgrade, almost always with our sommelier. We’re not really big drinkers but I like try out different martinis, plus the premium package definitely has better wines.
  13. Thanks, will watch out for it. My sister and I also much prefer the wines on premium and are happy to pay the $12 to upgrade.
  14. Of course Fogfog, you’re right, they don’t mention the 20% gratuity, but that’s Celebrity for you. Was planning on upgrading our package this weekend using our OBC, though someone said you can only upgrade 60 days out, while our cruise isn’t till May 2020. Will now wait till we’re onboard, we always like to upgrade with our sommelier.
  15. **The cost to upgrade to our Premium Beverage Package remains the same at $10 pp, per day. I think this answers my question about upgrading the beverage package from classic to premium on our existing booking. No upcharge, isn’t it?
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