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    We were in Anchorage and Denali where it was hot, 91 in Anc on July 4. Denali was clear on July 5 & 6, with gorgeous views of Mt Denali, but by the 7th there was smoke and haze. We’re in Girdwood since yesterday, much cooler, around 65 for highs. Seward is similar. We board the Millennium on Friday 12 and looks like rain and cool temperatures in all the ports. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain too much...
  2. prish

    Hot in Anchorage

    We go Southbound next Friday, rain and cooler temperatures forecast for the ports...
  3. We’ll be in Ketchikan in 10 days, hoping to see some salmon at least. Our first visit to Alaska was in end July and we saw tons of salmon, so I was hoping we’d see some this time round too...
  4. On a British Isles cruise in 2017 my sister and I both brought two bottles of wine in our carry on and they came through without any problem. Of course we were in different cabins, but we boarded together and the person manning the scanner would probably have thought we were together. We have bought liquor on shore excursions and brought them onboard without any problem, though this was to be given as gifts and not to drink on the cruise.
  5. We booked three SVs on the Apex May 10, 2020 sailing at around $5000/cabin with two perks. About a fortnight back I got a price drop of $400/cabin, plus an extra perk of OBC $300. Yes, the cruise isn’t cheap, but it goes to ports on the Iberian peninsula which are new to us. And maybe there will be more price drops...?
  6. Thanks for the updates, am watching the situation and hoping it won’t get worse. We’re staying at Healy for three nights when visiting Denali, then driving down to Girdwood and Seward.
  7. We’re on the Apex next May and have three SVs, am definitely going to request for loungers, hopefully we’ll get at least a couple...😉
  8. Book your tickets on the Sagrsda Familia website, they’re all timed entries. Suggest you go early to beat the crowds. We did a walking tour of the Barri Gotic quarter with Runner Beans tour which was excellent, next May I want to do one of the Gaudi buildings. The tours are free but we tipped the guide well, he was a fund of information, plus had a quirky sense of humor! Another fav of DH and I is the Picasso Museum, we’ve always spent 2-3 hours there.
  9. Any update on the fires? We fly into Anchorage on July 3 and go to Denali for 3 days. Then Girdwood and Seward for two nights July 8-12, when we board the Millennium. Fingers crossed the smoke isn’t too bad when we’re there...
  10. Some of us haven’t been able to upload our pictures, so we’ll obviously have to do this when we get to the cruise terminal. I suppose they’ll also check our passports since we’re on a Seward-Vancouver sailing. But thanks for explaining the boarding process, I wasn’t quite able to figure it out.
  11. Good to know, thanks. But sm still wondering how we’ll board without punching in our sea pass...
  12. Don’t you need to punch in your card when boarding? And is leaving the sea pass on the door safe? Seems to me anyone can pick it up! There’s obviously something I’m missing...
  13. Our family group checked in for our July 12 sailing a few days back, though some of us couldn’t upload our pictures. But we received the Xpass with a message saying our sea pass will be outside our stateroom door. Has anyone done this recently, how does it work? How does one retrieve the sea pass, what about the photo? Previously we would always check-in online but still had to fill in a form and wait in line to board. Has all of this changed now? Curious...🤔
  14. Good to know, I speak only of the Martini Bar...
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