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  1. It’s a standard room service menu though. Full MDR menu is only for suite guests.
  2. Probably an update to existing one with some new features. You probably had to download separate beta version for the testing. What were the new features?
  3. Booster is not even technically available to those under 65 unless they have underlying health considerations per CDC guidelines. WHO actually made a recommendation against the boosters. Don’t think Royal could require otherwise.
  4. If you put a third bid in, there’s a good chance third one will be accepted. Expired means those two bids were not accepted and you won’t be getting those cabins.
  5. To better visualize when someone says it’s all under the overhang…
  6. Prices can change from week to week. Generally price will toggle between two prices for a sailing. New sale banners are always added but prices don’t change a whole lot.
  7. Either way, it automatically goes away 10/31 unless they extend.
  8. Anyone hear any updates for Nov yet? I’m still seeing the testing requirements have not been announced yet in the app. Nothing like RC and CDC waiting until last minute. Hopefully it means CSO will actually expire.
  9. Port Everglades is the only official port with Global Entry, there you have to physically carry your card to skip the line. It wouldn’t hurt to bring to Miami, but can’t be dependent on at this time.
  10. Global entry and clearing customs is not required for departing domestic flights, cheers!
  11. I thought this thread was about an upcoming merger and acquisition. Never know what Richard Brandon is up to. 🤣
  12. I wouldn’t pay for speciality restaurant on Christmas when you can go to the MDR and watch them ham it up. 🤣😂🤣
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