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  1. What ships? Do you have voting rights with your shares?
  2. It’s been reported on Carnival boards that they are allowing final payment to be delayed to 60 days when requested. Maybe you could ask Royal to match their competitor during this time and keep holding until someone can make it happen (supervisor’s supervisor, etc.). Good luck!
  3. Design trends will continue to change. It seems like Royal comes out with a new ship class every 5 years or so. Icon class may have some surprises. The high demand for balcony rooms is one of the main reasons public viewing spaces are now limited. Most of the side exteriors are dedicated to balconies, nothing to do with Promenade. However, they could put shops in the middle and open up outside as some other lines have done. 🙂
  4. Haha, I thought the same thing when seeing the videos. Was excited about a new style of ship geared at a younger crowd but very disappointed when I found out that meant youth hostel/dormitory style. Although if you want a 100% kid free cruise, would be the best option for OP....
  5. If you dial 911 before putting in the 800 number, it gets you straight through to an operator.
  6. “...passengers are now checking fewer, and lighter, bags to avoid the extra fees for heavy suitcases.“ -NY Times https://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/07/business/07bags.html
  7. A big part in the more relaxed dress code other than global culture change is increased airfare restrictions. Back in the day, you could each fly with two bags for free and hang up a nice jacket in the closet. Today, no bags are free and jackets need to be either held on lap or stuffed in overhead bin. Some first class cabins still have a closet, but not always.
  8. Never thought I would say it, but I miss these threads. 😢 Glad to see some small things returning back to normal. 😃
  9. Well in that case, please post on Ebay when your are done. Even better, DM me. 🤣
  10. What ISP? Can you try with and without WiFi? Use the link from here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/plan-a-cruise/transportation
  11. Do they take your card to get the drinks? If so, would be real easy to see on your account. They’re probably make you walk the plank for it.
  12. It works fine for me. -COX, Safari, iOS 13.4.1, CT.
  13. It only takes one delay. Even though you are flying direct, your plane will most certainly be coming from another city. Best of luck, cheers!
  14. I know cruises leave later out of San Juan, but same day flights are so risky. A storm in a city you are not even flying to could delay your plane by hours, mechanical error, incoming crew didn’t arrive, etc, etc. I would highly recommend coming in a day early.
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