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  1. They are fine. Half is metal and the top half is glass. You don't lose much vision when sitting down and looking out to sea
  2. No as I'm doing Barbados in 2024 on the Ovation
  3. Just silly wasn't it. My TA also alerted me to another cheap deal on Ovation Nov 2025 Barcelona to Barbados. I can't stay at home for this money 😀
  4. Did you both use a TA for even more added value
  5. I always had one of those suites when on Seabourn Legend. It is good for fresh air ventilation when you open the sliding door. You also get a view along the ship when sticking your head out. No they are not large loinge on balconies but then these small ships have other attractive and unique qualities.
  6. Most of my American friends go wild for a curry. Different strokes and all that
  7. Although living in London I find that an Indian meal is the last thing I want on a ship. Americans generally love an Indian meal on the ship
  8. I have booked this trip. I spoke to my TA and he has reserved the last penthouse suite. I have business air and $1000 on board credit. Also a better price than booking direct. It's a crazy cheap price. There is also another cheap deal on the Ovation in November fourteen nights Barcelona to Barbados. Get in quick it won't be around for long.
  9. Two receptions even for the Captain in his quarters?
  10. Yes upgrading will get you the better OBC but not the veranda at the £3399 as you implied. Are you happy with some of the ports? Let's hope the conflict is over by 2025 and that it doesn't cancel.
  11. I have just seen it on the SB website but it doesn't include air and its up to $1000 obc per suite when you book by Jan 31st
  12. It doesn't say that air is included in the price and it is up to $1000 obc per suite
  13. Israel,Egypt and Jordan as part of the itinerary might give you a clue.
  14. It is a good price especially for your first Seabourn experience. If you read the small print you'll find that you will both be issued with a set of oars but they will let you sit next each other.
  15. All the great Chefs are ruthless in the kitchen and run a very strict regime. Marco Pierre White,Tom Aitkins,Gordon Ramsay. All have been tarred with the strict bullying brush. They have also made some very good Chefs out of those that were on the end of their wrath. Too many snowflakes around these days 😀
  16. People that post on these boards represents a very small section of the passengers that actually sail. It's a drop in the ocean for want of better words.
  17. Every Rolex dealer has a window full of Exhibition only watches.Hence the sign. None of the popular sports models are available,only basic perpetual models are for sale.
  18. Don't worry,you'll be able to get special order meals.just give them a day's notice Plenty of caviar and blinis too.
  19. Will the sale ever end. Seabourn have had a sale for the last two years 😀
  20. I have been talking to Michael and I know ow that they have had a rough time weather wise at sea. He is having a go at implementing a fee new ideas in the Colonnade and he is in every galley trying to train and help.
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