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  1. How early can you drop off your bags at the port? I'll be sailing on the independence in Nov and we land around 8am so will probably be at the port around 8-9am. Thanks.
  2. there were about 50 people on the boat maybe a little more, you are also transported to the mud baths in smaller vans with no AC, this is not a huge deal because the trip from the boat to the mud baths was less than 10 mins, but keep this in mind as well. We saw dolphins in December 2017.
  3. The Spanish Galleon boat ride was very long about 2 hours each way, but we saw about 50 dolphins. The Pitons were off in the distance, just a photo opp, there were about 300 people filled into a small mud bath, it wasn't a snorkle it was a swim in the water on the way back, about 25 mins, and the lunch was ok. I wouldn't pay over 100PP to do it again.
  4. I emailed royal about the card as well. I bought it specifically for iced coffee drinks (which only come in one size) Each time they wanted to take 2 punchs from the card. It would have been cheaper to buy the coffees individually. They are refunding me half of the cost of the card and said 'We will work on making the inclusions clearer to avoid this disappointment going forward.' I was on the 10/20 freedom sailing
  5. Related to this...we only got towel animals 3 out of 8 nights lol kind of disappointed but not complaining. The bed was made every night though
  6. CD was no where to be found on the 10/20 freedom. We were on this same cruise as the op and it didnt feel crowded at all, except the elevators, which is the same on every cruise. We had a spot by the pool everyday got up and moved around, came back and found a new spot, again by the pool, even on sea days. My time dining (deck 3) was not crowded for us, even lobster night, we ate late around 8:30. The Whitney Houston tribute had the most people, we sat on the side (first showing at 7:30) we even had front row seats for the ice show, which we thought would be hard to find a seat since the line wrapped around the art gallery.
  7. Uber picked us dropped us off and pick up in the parking lot of the port. Very easy. They arent allowed to pick up at the airport but can drop off at the airport. We asked our uber drive about the pickup situation when we were heading back to the aiport on the way home and he told us next time to walk right out side the airport and they will pick up, the airport is not too big but I cant confirm this how easy it is with all your luggage and how far you might have to walk.
  8. They open before 11am to take bags. We just dropped bags off last saturday around 930am. There was no charge just tip. They have info on their website as well.
  9. Thanks so much! I haven't seen a similar tour with royal caribbean so we are just going to book directly through depalm and walk to the hotel (or take a cab)
  10. They dont offer cruise port pick up or drop off so I am wondering if anyone has used them and if so, which hotel is closest to the pier to choose for hotel pick up? We are thinking about the discover aruba tour.
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