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  1. Debbie, I chuckled but a friend of mine became pregnant at 52, so it’s possible. Kat, I had to do the lid wash before my cataract surgery, easy Peasy
  2. Thanks, it’s a babied piece from my grandmother’s cactus. The original plant is over 150 years old & it always blooms between Thanksgiving & Christmas, this year it’s blooming now too!
  3. I love my Minnetonka Sherpa slippers. 17 this morning 🙄 & hardwood floors, Sherpa feels good!!!
  4. Kat, good news on the job, can you put off filing for social security for awhile Now? Lois, glad they caught that medication error, too many cooks spoil the soup. Debbie, Our fires are awful. One went from nothing to 10,000 acres to way over 100,000 acres in less than 12 hours. Wiping out a lot of forest north & west of Denver. They’re still 3 hours from us, but smoke is still very much in the air. Quite chilly (21) This morning & hopefully precipitation rain/snow with good amounts forecast over the mountains, hoping it’ll help the fire situation. I've had XM/Sirius in my car (& now house) since 2007, love the no commercial aspect & being able to always get a channel when traveling. Wouldn’t be without it (our regular radio stinks) My Christmas cactus is very confused...must be 2020. Melody
  5. They were all between 68-72 in age so likely different rules did apply to them. Glad your fires are going away from you. Our CO wildfires are awful. Badly need moisture of any kind. Weather is supposed to take a dive tomorrow from 80s to 20s, just hope wine dies down.
  6. Kat, I have several friends that have just done the ex spouse filing (this summer) must be a different situation. Too bad it won’t work for you. There’s so many thoughts on taking early & collecting while it’s available or waiting till 70 & hopefully get more. our fires have really blown up. One is now 5, smoke is horrible. Hoping for moisture this weekend
  7. Constellation was supposed to be updated this past spring, it didn’t happen. Solstice is a different class of ship, slightly bigger, no lovely hydrotherapy pool like Connie. Solstice does have more specialty restaurants & a much different layout for buffet. We like both classes of ships
  8. I’d check again, there have been Really recent changes. It’s kind of like talking to one customer service person, not liking the answer calling back & getting a different answer. All you’d be out would be a phone call
  9. Kat, you said you were thinking about filing for social security. Why don’t you file on your ex-husband’s social security (doesn’t affect his at all). Then when you turn 70 you can change it to yours (or keep it at his, whichever is higher)
  10. Laurie, great trip & pictures. The LED glass pumpkins were $12 at Marshall’s
  11. We hand delivered ours last week too very heavy smoke in the air again & closest fire (of the 3 or is it 4) is 3 hours from us
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