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  1. Sanibel Gateway, it’s quieter, less traffic & closer to the beach. If Gateway isn’t available then the Colonial Blvd. the Airport one is lousy I’d rather drive to the ballpark & still be closer to the water. If you want a lovely date restaurant go to The Lighthouse on Sanibel Causeway
  2. Ft Myers for spring training! Yes!!! Fly into Ft Myers (Jet Blue or Southwest). Several hotels close to ball park (we like the Hampton Inn, good breakfast). If you want actually on the beach we like the old Outrigger Hotel, but it’s way down on Ft Myers Beach, almost into Bonita Springs (about 45 minutes to an hour in traffic from ballpark). I’d stay at Hampton Inn, not much to see there (walking distance to Walmart), but much closer to ballpark. Don’t wait to get your ballgame tickets, they sell out every game (early). There isn’t a bad seat in the park (big hats & lots of sunscreen). Definitely need a car (traffic is awful with all the snowbirds). Plan on a day to drive out to Sanibel Island ($6 toll). Best shelling ever, try for sunset dinner at Mucky Duck on Sanibel (be sure to tell them it’s your first time there & that you’d like a window seat). One of our favorite restaurants is right at the pier of aft Myers Beach. The seafood stuffed tomato is my favorite. I can go on and on...Melody
  3. Well, I had my oral surgery yesterday. It was not a party 😢. Dentist found a chunk of cement the size of your pinky fingernail that had eaten away the bone in my upper jaw! He dug the cement out (that was a real party) & put in 2 bone grafts on either side to hope it’ll bond. I’m on liquids (without straws) & go back next week to get the stitches (not sure how many, but lots) out. Mega antibiotics & painkillers. I figure it’s worth about 10-15 lbs. Melody
  4. Its more like having a window that opens, not a true balcony; there isn’t a partition that could be opened.
  5. Our inflatable paddleboards are commercial grade & same length as Anita’s kayak. They track very well. Melody
  6. We’ve considered kayaks, many times & have decided that we’ll stick with our inflatable paddleboards. We have so few places to really use a kayak (or a Paddleboard) that’s it’s silly to spend the money. We’ll just rent if we feel we need to kayak. Of course with my foot, if I get too tired paddleboarding I just sit down & become a kayak. I do have a kayak dual ended paddle that I strap on my board when the water is really rough. Melody
  7. I want that peacock for my own! Really loving your photos of hidden gems. Thanks so much for sharing
  8. Or Celebrity Constellation on 8 March 2021??? Melody
  9. Ah Margaret, our condolences on the loss of a good friend; may your memories sustain you & your group. love the coat! I’ll look at our Nordy Rack!!! The dress is perfect for a December wedding Anita, what a freeing of the mind. So glad you had a good time. I’ll check out the app. Melody
  10. We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary onboard Eclipse from Vancouver to Hawaii. We had indicated in the planner that it was our anniversary. We boarded in Vancouver & the security man said welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your anniversary! We had balloons, chocolate strawberries & a sign in our room from the Concierge, Johnna. On the actual day we received a nice bottle of champagne from Dan the Hotel Director & flowers & a bottle of red wine from the Chief Housekeeper. We ate in Murano on our anniversary, that yummy chocolate cake was served (after the strawberry bombe crepe & Grand Marnier soufflé. The next night in MDR our fabulous waiter & assistant, Aartee & Julianna brought us another yummy cake & our sommelier, Uliana kept serving me yummy champagne. It was a fabulous celebration. Much more than we expected & we are very grateful
  11. Well, I just booked another cruise! Celebrity Constellation out of Tampa! It’s called a Touch Canal, goes into Panama Canal thru a couple of locks & turns around in Gatun Lake, 11 day cruise in March 2021. So for anyone in the Tampa area maybe we can actually meet IRL & have lunch! I know it’s 16 months away! Melody
  12. I mentioned it on the survey & to the chef (he looked surprised) at Elite coffee break
  13. I can still taste the waffles with orange butter from our recent Eclipse to Hawaii sailing. I’d get in line & the sweet little girl (Annie) would say, two today miss? Just a second. One guy in front of me turned around & said do you tip her, I said no; she’s just nice (I did give her $20 on the last day & she cried). Waffles & always with orange butter!
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