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  1. We had a whiz bang of a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon into early this morning. My rain gauge shows over 2” of badly needed rain. Daughter’s lab pup was pretty startled, she’d never heard thunder, but when she realized we weren’t worried she became her normal chill self.
  2. Pretty outfits & I’d wear all of them I’d bring a pashmina instead of a blazer.
  3. Anita! Great to see you! Love the braids, I can see the violet! You are correct, I’m anything bright! Here’s a photo taken yesterday. My jewelry was made for me by a friend in AZ. Melody
  4. Try a spray instead of the margarine (FYI, butter is better). I’m glad you like the Mrs Dash. We’ve used it for years, great on veggies
  5. Laurie, I got to thinking & your hives, no hives might be from the poison ivy. You might want to call your doc to make sure you don’t go into shingles
  6. Bait on Five...That’s what I call it too! I miss Bistro On 5
  7. Cute top Margaret, it looks just like you! We’re having our much delayed corned beef & cabbage dinner on Sunday with our daughter, son-in-law & his Mom. I’ve added all the leaves to our Dining table & a couple of TV trays. This will work. Corby’s Mom is almost as happy about it as I am. We’ll socially distance but will eat in the same room (almost). I’m looking forward to this so much.
  8. I always make my tacos on Lettuce & hamburgers as well. Tonight I defrosted a bag of shrimp & added it to a bag of stir fry vegetables. DH & I fought over the last shrimp (not really 😉) That’s always a go to dinner here
  9. Laurie, that’s how my allergy to salmon started. It may be excess mercury in the salmon. Aveno still makes the Oatmeal bath.
  10. Thanks, she & her husband made good use of the stay in place. She’s a school teacher & is teaching from home on line. She likes the DIY
  11. Here’s a little better picture of the final. You can see Winter reclining on the ottoman (where she’s not supposed to be). Melody
  12. 52 bottle wine chiller. We gave her their first bottle, one of their favorites a Sergazio (sp) Zinfandel. I just realized that the counters weren’t on the by the stove & fridge. At least this lockdown gave them plenty to do (while she worked from home). Melody
  13. Here’s our daughter’s finished kitchen & greatroom. From a tiny outdated no counters kitchen to this. She’s very happy (& thrilled with the quartz counters.still has some touches to do but basically finished. I can’t wait to see it Melody
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