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  1. Carambola Beach event is not to be missed, followed by buffet quality lunch, clean restrooms at the site. Go early for best shade loungers. We also had a caviar in surf event scheduled for Mayreau on the second week but weather was too rough to tender, so they did caviar in the pool, and a MDR/ galley lunch spread instead that was nicely done. Remember you can also order a nice caviar plate with trimmings any time you want on boars with no upcharge ( for now, anyway), even to room service, with champagne or vodka or anything else.
  2. Well, I do have a collection of cruise catalogues, so Autocorrect is quite insightful!
  3. Maybe she should ask her stewardess? I think there is a switch but forgot where
  4. I prefer female stewardesses, so am absolutely not bothered by them, but like it better that way than on SS where most butlers are male ( though I had one butler from India there who was absolutely fantastic). I think it is because in general I experience less condescension with females in the cruise and hospitality industry, if there is a problem that needs to be dealt with when I travel. I also would rather have women dealing with my personal things in my suite than men. At home, I also prefer female house cleaners, a female hair dresser, female doctors ( if I can find ones that are well-qualified in the field where I have a problem), female nurses, female dentists, a female house painter, female landscaper, female auto service rep, female insurance agent, and female ( at least formerly female) cats. However, I prefer a male husband. So it all balances out.
  5. Water varies from municipality to municipality in U.S., and most are not a health care “disgrace” ( Flint, Michigan is an example of an exception). We drink and cook with tap water, unless it is sparkling.:)
  6. When you read the excursion description they warn you if it is not exclusive to SS pax, most are. Ketchikan has a Misty Fjiords National Monument boat excursion that is not exclusive but is well done, highly recommended, run by a family, is also available for independent booking.
  7. You are fine with your current plan, r1787, as long as you did not capitalize Tie because you like those really wide ones from the 70’s😊. You will be one of the pax wesport and I would like to “ people watch.” Where is your cruise? Some seem to get a but more casual casual ( as opposed to elegant casual) when weather is very hot or very cold, dress code notwithstanding, but most people comply with the dress code without problems.
  8. You will almost certainly have a lovely time, Vicky. A wonderful cruise line, in the most beautiful state of the U.S., and with your DH — perfect!
  9. Stainless steel is heavier than plastic, which is a problem for some of us who need to minimize weight we carry around due to upper body strength problems, especially if we need to drink more than one bottle on an excursion due to other health issues. So, I carry around my own reusable little plastic water bottles, in case a cruise company decides to skip handing out water bottles for whatever reason, including pressure from some customers who are opposed to cruise lines handing out plastic bottles. The list of things I need to be sure and bring for a cruise in case a line stops providing them is growing🙁
  10. YMMV, is the bottomline. SB keeps crew ( and therefore pax) costs down by sometimes closing off venues they perceive to be underused, depending on the cruise and odds of people being mostly gone. On an “epicurean” cruise Barcelona to Dover on Quest two years ago the MDR was open every day at lunch except first and last, we always looked forward to that peaceful venue. On a port intensive Caribbean Odyssey cruise last Christmas, we were disappointed MDR was closed every day except one day when rough seas precluded disembarking, when they did an excellent galley lunch in MDR. We went to Patio Grill for lunch a couple times to find no seats, so then went to Colonnade but that too was so loud and crowded and missing crew to supervise the chaos. So we just took a couple plates with some key food items back to the room with us ( there are no trays, so you have to have good balance), that is allowed, and then also ordered room service — two portions caviar, and I had vodka on hand, so it turned out not so bad! It was not what we originally had in mind, and not full on luxury to do this, but I will spontaneously improvise if needed and DH will follow, so we were ok. However, if you are in the group of people whose metabolism requires you eat NOW, with no delays, I suggest you have a little extra emergency food like cheese, crackers, protein bars, and nuts in the suite ( or your backpack if on excursion) in case there are delays, room service is slow. Sad this is sometimes needed on a luxury line on popular route, popular time of year cruises, but it keeps prices down.
  11. DH and I spent two nights at Divi pre-cruise in a waterfront room, pickings were slim booking three months out. The water area is nice enough if you want to beach lounge or do water sports ( we do not). We were not impressed with the room for the price, but had few alternatives and if we return would look elsewhere. Service was sullen, slow, and confused, ( did I mention also some sexist staff?), drinks were watery, but it was clean enough. Food was forgettable. It was noisy. The promised bathtub, which is why I picked it, did not materialize. Hard to get a cab, but there was a handy shop where you could buy snacks, sundries, alcohol, kleenex. No ATM and no desk money change. 3/5 stars. It was an easy walk to a few restaurants, which was nice. We were happy not to be where our TA had tried to put us, La Samanna, where it turned out there was no hot water ( per some guests we met on the cruise) though apparently that was unusual, and though remote from everything else and as expensive as it gets there, the location is lovely.
  12. at least on Odyssey, Earth and Ocean filled up almost immediately at dinner when ok weather
  13. As a lifelong big fan of cream, especially freshly whipped real cream for desserts, afternoon scones, Black Forest cake and Irish coffees instead of Cool Whip or squirt bottle cream, this is a very important fact for me to know. In 2020 I will be on another luxury line north of the Arctic Circle for a while, so expect no “we are out of whipping cream because we are far from port” excuses. 😎 DH and I greatly enjoyed the interesting kitchen tours on the Spirit, even though neither of us cooks ( we just enjoy what others have cooked), where the impressive made-to-order feature was highlighted. There will be limits, as Fletcher said, but not necessarily enough to significantly tarnish the experience. I worry more about potential service problems.
  14. An old laundress in a luxury hotel once explained to me that the underwear ironing is a tradition dating to way back when underwear was bulkier and stiffer and there weren’t so many easy care synthetics, primarily so it would lie neatly in the clothing chests, as laundry in civilized households should! It is of course nice to get it ironed and flat in a basket with surrounding tissue paper , like a Christmas present, but I would be happy to pay a little less and get my already small underwear in a simply washed state even if in a jumble ( that’s how it is at home). So I guess I am an uncivilised hick. However, I am delighted that my linen blouses transform from sweaty, wrinkled sack stuffers into beautiful, lightly starched and ironed, ready to wear luxury pieces. You can also ask for shirts to be folded, instead of hung, or not starched at all. I save my laundry receipts or take an iphone snap of them until items are back, due to occasionally missing pieces. A tip: Do not give laundry to wash within two days of disembarkation because you will not have time to dispute errors ( this once led to a loss of an expensive pair of unique linen pants). Either wash on your own, use your laundry line, or leave it for home. Also try and do your best to make it easy for laundry folks, so do proper counts ( you get better accuracy and visualization of dark sock counts in the morning than after evening cocktails with suite mood lighting ) and keep special instructions you write down simple, as laundry crew English may be limited. A couple years ago on Quest a zealous laundress was so intent on reconciling what she thought was an incorrect trousers count that she violated the Do Not Disturb sign while I was bubblebathing, she bizarrely came in and argued with me about them, as if it could not wait.
  15. The September cruise has a list of mostly good ports, but could have very hot and often humid weather, as I did a few years ago in September. I loved the cruise anyway, just had to change clothes 3x/day, carry huge amounts of liquid, little fans and a sun umbrella, and make beelines for shade and air-conditioning as often as I could to avoid getting too dizzy or worse. October in Greece ( land tour) was cooler but still pleasant ( even when it rained a couple times), less oppressive, less crowded, better for walking, and seemed more “Greek”. SLSD, you live in Texas, so humidity likely does not bother you as much as it does me , so my comment is directed more at others who are debating when to go to this interesting area and might have problems with heat. I wish you a lovely time on SB whichever one (if any) you choose!
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