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  1. WhenI cruised on the Amazon in Brazil we had to have Malaria protocol and proof of it to even get on an airplane to Brazil. When took a cruise that went to Devils Island we had to show proof of vaccination for yellow fever. So yes I expect we will have to show proof of vaccination to visit most countries
  2. Those who will not take a vaccine will not be allowed to sail. Just my opinion
  3. Please look at Florida, California and Texas if you think the virus is under control. Oh that’s where most cruises leave from
  4. I have gotten 100% of my payments for 3 canceled cruises this year
  5. 10,000 cases in Florida alone I one day. This is heading in the wrong direction and percent of positive tests is rising. 15% in Texas over the last few days
  6. Deaths follow cases in about 3 weeks. Look out for early August after what will happen on July 4th
  7. If you have the drink package you do not need a coffee card. Those drinks are included all the coffee you want
  8. Temperature checks are worthless with a majority of infected showing no symptoms
  9. I want to cruise as much as anyone. Have cancelled 3 cruises already for this year and expect to cancel one for December as well. Mostly hoping for a vaccine so my April 2021 cruise can happen
  10. N95 masks are not going to do it for a cruise. Only a vaccine is going to make it safe to cruise. No one is going to wear a mask in bars, restaurants or by the pool
  11. For sure separate cleaning from washing loads. Princess only uses one temp on washing loads. Once had 2 wool sweaters come back half their size. Princess did reimburse me for them
  12. Just got full refund for two cruises in August. They have stepped up their game
  13. Only if there is a vaccine We have an April Hawaii cruise and are crossing our fingers. I would imagine that cruise lines will require proof of vaccination like the do for yellow fever and malaria
  14. Be aware that many times the fares go up as less cabins share available. We generally book at least a year out for both short and long cruised
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