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  1. We are really talking about just a few dollars either way. Not really a big deal
  2. Unless you are going to use CC Dining there is no reason to have the CC mini suite. In my opinion
  3. But the international cafe was totally empty. Enjoyed my Cubans. On to Hawaii
  4. A second mini bar set up, club class dining, complimentary specialty restaurant on embarkation night, orchid in the suite, one day turnaround on laundry for starters
  5. Except for the fact that it is a round trip from Vancouver so the 2nd cruise would be US to Canada
  6. Please explain Princess cruises to Hawaii all the time from Vancouver. Once you embark what law would fine you for missing the ship once in the islands ?
  7. We have always had one setup when we arrive and then just called for the 2nd one as we ran low
  8. Not going to get on. Or at least they should catch it
  9. If it is a popular itinerary it may sell out early or have the prices go up as inventory gets slim
  10. You can guess which nights it will be but it will be a guess. I have done this cruise 3 times (leaving next week on a 4th) and they have been on various dates in the past
  11. memoak

    Casino fare

    If you contact the Carnival casino department they will often extend that 6 month rule
  12. We totally stopped playing trivia because of all the arguing over answers. No fun any more
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