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  1. Please take this argument outside
  2. memoak


    Stopped playing years ago. People are way to serious and want to argue about answers just to win a key chain or luggage tag
  3. Because the premium lines are already nickeling and dimming you with the fare
  4. Believe if you injure yourself in the gym and the equipment is not faulty you will be charged when you go and see the doc
  5. Piano breaks when kid is playing. Who is responsible ? Cover for keys smashes child’s hand. Who pays for medic. So many possibilities
  6. Go to your travel summery if you have a package it will show there
  7. They may have a request for several cabins next to each other from someone willing to pay for the privilege
  8. Drinks are so cheap in the crew disco that I doubt there is much barter value
  9. The Ruby is one of my favorite ships
  10. That may be the word but I have yet to see it be applied
  11. That is why in unlimited plan ended up with a limit. Sharing
  12. How do they load your “free play” and how do you use the medallion on the slots ? 40+ Princess cruises but first medallion coming up
  13. 40+ Princess cruises but next one will be the first with Medalions. How do they load your “free play” and how do you use it on the slots?
  14. Our employer provided insurance covers us for medical bills while traveling however it is on a reimbursement basis. Make sure that if you are seen by off shore doctors or ship doctors to keep the paperwork you will need it to file your claim. Also be sure to expect to have to pay the doctor upfront.
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