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  1. Yes Denise just working through it now. Have you completed it? Already questions that dont have a choice of answers that I would like to give. Example Q8 none of the answers would be my answer! A straight No we haven't would have been better. Hey ho just tick anything then and give them false information!
  2. Hi Ann For information. On 20 May our 18 June cruise was cancelled by email. We decided to take FCC and the Taxes, fees and Port expenses were refunded directly on 9 July. The amount refunded was exactly as stated on my confirmation invoice when booked on board. Thats 7 weeks from cancellation to return of money.
  3. Sad to see we are still reading of refunds still not processed. 😡 and now the Travel Agents are not playing ball. Hope to address the balance here and give encouragement to those still waiting. Having taken two cash refunds for cancelled cruises both of which arrived in a timely manner direct from Azamara ( both less than 35 working days) I decided to go down the FCC route for the third cancelled cruise of 18 June. This was previously booked onboard so I was keen to keep the onboard loyalty discount and offers, which have been confirmed on here by the Azamara Team. I received an email on 30 June , which was the date advised on the website to tell me my FCC had been issued and on 9 July I received back to my Credit Card the exact amount of port fees and taxes. I have no idea how my experience with refunds has been one of the smoothest by far. Only to say that we use an independant Travel Agent in the UK, I gave them my card details and the payemnt was processed by Azamara and refunds were direct to me. I look forward to the time when everyone here has been reimbursed and we can at some point in the future meet up safely with friends onboard and make new friends. Fingers crossed for those of you still waiting.🤞
  4. We transfer our on board booking to an independent Travel Agent here in the UK and they discount the price again for us, of which I am more than happy with. They also take my card details and when payment is due, my payment does direct to Azamara. Two full refunds these last couple of months , which arrived very quickly, have been paid directly to me not via the agent. These are just two reasons why I would transfer an on board booking to a Travel Agent here in the UK.
  5. Interesting that you and @nordski mention Napflion. Not on everyones list but some great memories come to mind. My first visit there back in 1976 was my first ever cruise on the educational cruise ship SS Uganda from the UK. This ended up being requisitioned as a hospital ship during the Falklands conflict in 1982. I returned to Napflion during a land tour in 1985 for our honeymoon. Then last year on an Azamara cruise in October we tendered there. Never thought I would be back there again after all these years and we revisited Epidaurus and Mycenea . Lovely little port with access to several historical sights. Thanks for jogging my memory!
  6. Uktog, definitely lessons being learnt all the time. As in most things in life when all things run smoothly we never question how a company runs their business. Its only when problems occur that we find out that all is not as it seems! These last 3 months have highlighted various organisations (not only in the travel industry) of those who we would do business with again and those we would not. Sadly with refunds there has been no consistency at times with information from Azamara or Travel Agents and whilst some have had no problems (myslef included) others have been on a roller coaster ride that is still not over.☹️ Whilst discounted cruise prices are an incentive , going forward it may not be the number one priority for some.
  7. That is our experience as well. We received both our refunds in a timely manner. We have used the same independent Travel Agent for many years and when payment is due I provide my Credit Card details and the money is taken directly by Azamara. We have used this method of payment for maybe the last 3 or 4 years (it hasn't always been an option especially when a commission charge was made for using a CC). I had never realised the significant advantages of this method until now. It just cuts out one more area for delays. To read that some Travel Agents are sitting on guests refunds , adding to their misery is not good.
  8. The staggered cancellations of cruises gave different dates to expect receipt of FCC. I was wondering if these dates had proved to be there abouts.
  9. Has anyone any feedback on receipt on their 125% FCC email from the first two rounds of cancellations? The dates given for email to be received were 13th and 30th April. Did you get them within that time frame and if not how much later were they received?
  10. Hi diana11 Sorry to hear that your travel agents are not playing ball with you. I believe you mentioned in an earlier post that this was packaged up by them with flights and hotels. With a few exceptions refunds are starting to come through thick and fast now from Azamara and your travel agent should be passing that onto you pretty quickly. I hope that your travel agent comes good with the remainder of your costs in cash.
  11. Thats great news to wake up to this morning!
  12. oops...Isn't it strange how we all read something different in a question.🤭 I thought @kennymosk wanted to know if they could take the fcc and lift and shift from a recently cancelled cruise. I hadnt thought about the option of them already having a fcc.
  13. The email received on wednesday for our now 3rd cancelled cruise by Azamara lists three options. Future cruise credit of 125% Move the booking to 2021 (lift and shift) 100% Cash refund. I was surprised that the Lift and Shift was offered as I too thought that it only applied to cruises cancelled by guests. But it is now an option in my email and a decision has to be made by 10 June for that option.
  14. From FAQ on website It looks to be an either/or . Not combinable. If I choose to “lift and shift” and reschedule my sailing to next year, can I change my mind and get the FCC or a refund?" Unfortunately, no. If you reschedule your sailing to next year, you are no longer eligible to receive the 125% FCC or refund.
  15. Thats interesting that refunds are coming from different places.
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