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  1. Thanks. People tend to forget. This tragedy was much like the loss of the Titanic. Changes were made that make cruising much safer than it once was.
  2. Not understanding these things called "apps", but what has the tech people been doing in the weeks preceding your sailing that causes "not everything required for the guests use" to be available. Now. Not tomorrow. Or whenever. As they should be doing. Are you aware of any Executives from HAL or Carnival who are aboard? RCI's CEO and Chairman Richard Fain was aboard Celebrity Edge and was "out and about" during the Edge's first cruise not long ago. Reports also indicated that many of the Company's Executives were also aboard.
  3. A sad memory on this date, July 25, 2021, the 65th Anniversary of the loss of lives on the S. S. Andrea Doria and the M. S. Stockholm.
  4. Wearing a mask is not "normal". Wearing a mask, for me, is a physical impediment because of two physical conditions beyond my control. I have not "enjoyed" observing the requirements to wear a mask because I know it is my responsibility to do so. I have no interest in paying for a "vacation" where masks must be worn at all times by either the staff or the guests. Why should I do so? Being able to observe another's facial expressions is part of the non-verbal clues that I use that help me form an opinion about the person. And, what that person is saying to me.
  5. I appreciate your response. There's little doubt in my mind that having to wear their masks would impact their service, friendliness, etc. But, it would impact my enjoyment of the cruise experience.
  6. The Music Walk? Yes. But, at least at the Rolling Stone Rock Room, the play list for the group needs to be much less repetitive than what I experienced. Night after night. A good description of what I experienced.
  7. Or is it corporate inertia? What has "worked" and been "accepted" in the past while our bookings are maintained, why change? My opinion: since Stein Kruse left HAL as its CEO/President, whatever his title was, HAL's successive leaders have left much to be desired. His added responsibilities in Carnival Corporation left him less time to be concerned about HAL. I am not even certain that Mr. Kruse is still an Executive of Carnival Corporation. The 2020 CCL Annual Report seemed rather vague when I tried to determine the answer to that question.
  8. Thanks for your effort. A digital copy is not what I believe that I ought to receive from HAL.
  9. They are having salmon for dinner. I am having fish for dinner as well, but not fresh caught salmon. 😀
  10. If you know the jewelry store from which you bought the pendant, why do you need the assistance of a CD that was not involved in your unfortunate situation? Approach the jewelry store directly.
  11. No deck chairs on that deck and I share the posters opinion about enjoying a deck chair on a promenade deck. But, there are more than sufficient deck chairs in other locations of the ship to satisfy me regarding that issue. Don't like it? Don't blame HAL. Blame the SOLAS regulations which influenced how the ship was designed and built.
  12. Based on the "When and Where" a CC member posted who is currently on Nieuw Amsterdam, the Main Theater entertainment has not improved. But, that is my opinion based on what I experienced on Nieuw Statendam. Others will disagree. Agree with Crew News's post mirrors my experience on Nieuw Statendam. The NY Pizza & Deli is a good addition to the dining options. The Dutch Cafe is also unique. The ship's modern art, mostly, is not appreciated by me. Maybe if the art had some labels to describe what the artists was trying to portray, that would help me better apprec
  13. Thanks for posting the Breakfast menu. Many old favorites are still there with some new ones added as well. Lobster Benedict? Even as an extra cost item, I would try that. I enjoy seafood Benedict's, such as Crab Benedict. I did spot another of what I am going to consider another "oddity" menu item that the Culinary Council Chefs sometimes devise: Kristen Kish's Croissant and Bread Pudding. Sounds a "bit heavy" for breakfast, particularly if one was going to be "out and about" on a shore excursion.
  14. Regardless of the itinerary, casual wear, such as men dressed in shorts, has always been acceptable. I am not sure that the weekly Spa pass has increased. The sale prices you showed seemed very familiar.
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