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  1. Major salary money has been spent by all of the CCL brands for an "expert" executive dealing with environmental issues. There is even one for the Corporation itself, I think. Yet, environmental compliance remains an issue. Why is this? Who among us have not done something that could potentially harm our environment without meaning to do so? (Oh, I ought not to have flushed that Kleenex down my toilet. Only toilet tissue can be properly handled.) If one takes a Behind the Scenes Tour aboard a vessel--regardless of whatever cruise line--one will always encounter the Officer in charge of environmental issues. Without exception, they have all been qualified for their job and they have been most serious in performing their responsibilities to the best of their ability. They are proud of their crew and the facilities for which they oversee. It's difficult for me, as a guest and a CCL shareholder, to understand why the "suits" in Miami, Seattle, wherever, have not gotten the "memo" concerning the requirement to meet the legal orders that have been correctly made.
  2. Time will tell whether her service continues or not. My opinion: I think there ought to be quite a few ships in drydock for inspection and repair before they return to service because of their long lay-off. I have friends who sail the Grand World Voyage on HAL yearly. During one conversation that they had with a senior Officer, he told them that the Amsterdam had rust issues. She was rusting from the inside out. Might be a reason that she is no longer a part of the HAL fleet.
  3. I have done a search for your record thinking that such a record might be available "somewhere, out there" just as I found several years ago for Romy Formica and the Favolosi who performed on the S. S. Oceanic in 1973. No luck. Amazon had a record for sale by such a group of that name with a notice that it was not available and may not be available. Unsure that it's the same group, actually as yours.
  4. Bermuda is not receiving any visits from cruise guests this year, but Mother Nature seems to like being an occasional unwelcome guest.
  5. A slightly different take on getting money returned from an airline in my experience. I received notice that because I had booked a Business Class flight on one of several trans-Pacific carriers (mine was Air New Zealand), I could participate in a Class Action suit because of these carriers "fixing prices" for such service. I mailed all of the appropriate documentation well within the time frame allowed. That has been over a year ago, at least. Not a word and certainly no check has been received.
  6. If it can be done, that's great. I was not able to do so. If I wanted a waiver of pre-existing coverage exclusions, the entire trip needed to be insured within X number of days after the initial deposit. If I added on additional cost options, I was able to insure those funds. It had to be done so within that X number of days of buying or depositing that extra cost option.
  7. I appreciate your response. Thanks. I have yet to sail from Tampa, but I hope I will have an opportunity to do so.
  8. I wouldn't describe it in those exact words, but it is technical enough that it is difficult for us who aren't privy to much of what was mentioned really means.
  9. At this time, I can understand that the breakfast buffets of the past are not available. I have this feeling that this is an amenity that will not re-appear even if the pandemic ends. Will room prices reflect such a reduction of service? 🤣 No coffee service in the room? When I was in college, I bought a hot pot, a cup and spoon, and a bottle of instant coffee. It worked then; it will work in the 21st Century. What is "old" is now "new"?
  10. I appreciate reading your post. I still have no interest in an Azamara cruise. I do not care for the layout of the ship as I see it in their deck plans. Having sailed on Celebrity Eclipse, I did not find her MDR to be unusually noisy.
  11. They are? That's news to me. Our Governor has in recent days begged Ohioans to follow the advised procedures as Ohio's Covid rates have started to climb. What about the Mid-Western states like the Dakotas and Wisconsin? The Covid issues are climbing there as well. Your statement that "people adapt" is correct, I think. There are too many who have yet to "get the note" about what they need to do so that they can "adapt"!
  12. I had to Google what you enjoyed because I did not recognize its Italian name. Delicious! Thanks for an interesting post! I need to put my "thinking cap" on, as my 6th Grade Teacher would say, and remember more of my experiences.
  13. I am in my 7th decade of life. I am very cautious to the point that a few friends think I am paranoid. I still don't understand what you meant by what you posted.
  14. I am only posting what I was told by cruising friends whose opinions I respect. Maybe after RCI acquired these ships and created Azamara, sufficient physical changes were made in the MDR ceiling to make the room "exceptionally quiet". Given what an Azamara cruise costs, I have no interest in deciding whether they are correct or you are correct.
  15. You speak the truth. That truth is why the United States of America is in the mess that it is on so many issues.
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