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  1. rkacruiser

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    No expertise here to be sure, but the Edge may be to "edgey". Stateroom walls that allow the entire cabin to be exposed to the exterior temperature? How will this affect the A/C of the ship? This "magic carpet" concept: how well with this work when the weather is not cooperative?
  2. rkacruiser

    Just for fun. Do you have any cruise traditions?

    Before retiring for the night on the first evening at sea, whether I have a veranda stateroom or not, which then requires me finding an open deck space overlooking the ocean that is as quiet as possible, I offer a thankfull prayer for the ability and health to once again embark on this cruise. I include my late Mother in my prayer because she is the one who encouraged me to "see the world and keep traveling".
  3. rkacruiser

    Music on the TV

    I have friends who had a standard veranda stateroom on the Eurodam on her final Alaska cruise of the season followed by her cruise to Hawaii. Their stateroom had the interactive TV with many entertainment options. Their description matched what I have experienced on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  4. rkacruiser

    Your favorite food On Princess

    What exactly is this and why did you like it?
  5. rkacruiser

    Pinnacle Grill experience declining?

    Av8rix, You are not alone in missing opportunities in "speaking power" to some people who could make a difference in our experiences.
  6. rkacruiser

    Music on the TV

    I have no interest or experience with Bluetooth or whatever--and won't be doing so--, but the interactive TV on Nieuw Amsterdam provided a wealth of entertainment options and the audio was perfectly fine for my senior citizen's ears. I would expect such an experience on the Pinnacle Class ships as well as any of the other HAL ships that are so equipped.
  7. rkacruiser

    New Years Eve Cruises

    Informative, Kara! I was not aware that the balloon drop was timed for celebration of the British New Year's date change. Two celebrations that night! This would be my second of such. On a holiday cruise aboard the Prinsendam, we were in the Atlantic Time Zone and we celebrated the New Year at Midnight. The party then moved to the Ocean Bar and we celebrated the New Year at Eastern Standard Time while watching the "Times Square Ball" drop on a big screen TV.
  8. rkacruiser

    Your favorite food On Princess

    Fettucine Alfredo is my Princess favorite. Looking forward to it being available as a "daily available item" if what I have been told it still is.
  9. A note from the Chief Engineer to the Chief Electrician: Light bulbs are needed illuminating the aft port side funnel as well as the top of the "Z" in our ship's name on the port side.
  10. rkacruiser

    Serious incident on Royal

    I would not be at all surprised that whatever happened was video recorded.
  11. For me, that is one of the advantages of watching late sailings. (Or, if one has a hotel room overlooking the entrance to Port Everglades, the entry of the ships into the port.
  12. rkacruiser

    Argentine Pesos

    Keeping up with the daily exchange rate? No. Before departure for the cruise, I had a general idea of what the rate was. I bought nothing in Argentina other than post cards and the price for those was acceptable. I had planned to try to buy one or two leather items, but the tours I took offered very little time for shopping. I simply thought: "Forget it." Argentina: you don't want my credit cards or traveler's checks, you make it impossible to obtain currency, I am not going to enrich your economy anymore than I have done.
  13. rkacruiser

    Music on the TV

    On the ships that have the interactive TV's, there is a very much expanded selection of programs and that includes music channels as well.
  14. rkacruiser

    Pinnacle Grill experience declining?

    Responding to some recent comments: Sometimes when the huge shrimp are served in the Shrimp Cocktail, they are flavorless and rubbery. Pork Chop recommendation: absolutely! What I feared would be dry and tough was moist and very flavorfull! Crab Cakes: so good! As the Lamb Chops have been. Another entree worthy of mention is their Seafood Stew.
  15. The Half Moon and it was Henry Hudson's ship. Don't recall the answer to Q #1.