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  1. I appreciate your posting this, but it surely is not an encouraging view. During the 1918 pandemic, our President, Woodrow Wilson, suffered a stroke on October 2, 1919. I have no idea as to what his leadership might have been during the start of the Spanish flu, but, through no fault of President Wilson, what leadership to combat that flu existed then? Is such leadership now missing in 2020?
  2. Given the increase in Covid cases in Florida, who in their right mind would travel to Florida to embark a cruise on any cruise line! BPCL's August 28th date will come and go. There needs to be an extremely significant change between now and then for their operations to be resumed.
  3. I have sailed on Nieuw Statendam and I agree that there are many aspects of this Class of ships that are quite guest friendly and enjoyable. My disappointments as well as my positive comments about my Nieuw Statendam cruise have been made on CC. No need to elaborate now, I don't think.
  4. That is an interesting comment! When I attempted to get my carry-on into the luggage bin, I had enough difficulty that the bag slipped, pining a finger of my left hand between the bag and the edge of the bin. The finger was injured, sufficiently so that if I had said anything about it to a crew member, I would have been taken off the flight or had the flight delayed, I thought. A passenger across from me saw my dilemma and pushed the bag into position. My finger ached throughout the rest of my trip home and for several days afterwards. The most irritating thing was that the Delta One Flight Attendant for my area witnessed the entire situation from the Galley area (I was in seat 2A) and did nothing to assist. He was the most disappointing Delta Flight Attendant that I have ever experienced throughout that flight.
  5. I understand fully the desire to return to a sense of normality. At my most depressed, I ask myself why am I having to endure this experience at this stage of my life after everything else that I have endured. Leadership with a consistent message that is based upon science and not on someone's "gut feelings". Then, a citizenry that will follow that leadership and make the sacrifices that individuals may need to make for the betterment of their society. I am more hopeful for my first sentence to be realized, eventually. I am less hopeful for my second sentence to be realized. The American people have forgotten--and I am truly convinced too many millions never learned or understood--how the sacrifices that are grand-parents and parents made contributed to the United States being able to win WW II.
  6. I never paid attention to that sticky. Thank you for the information.
  7. Thanks for the links. Another reason I won't be flying AA in the future.
  8. I drove to Baltimore for a cruise on Carnival Pride. Easy drive, easy to get to the port (just watch out for the possible "hidden" police cruiser as one exits Northbound I-95 on to the surface street when the speed limit quickly drops) as one exits I-95 to get to the Port. Arrival at the Port, the formalities, and the departure from the Port were guest friendly. I'd be delighted to have a MSC ship Home Ported in Baltimore. The Port of Norfolk has been overlooked as well. The seas and weather off Cape Hatteras has caused cruise ship arrival delays and those related issues. Too bad, because the Cruise Terminal is a good one (while parking leaves a bit to be desired), and the city and its environs are truly a desirable one for a vacationer to visit.
  9. May be incorrect because my wine knowledge is limited, but I have the impression that the Mondavi Woodbridge label is quite drinkable (which I have enjoyed), but it is not a quality label.
  10. I understand. Hearing loss has been an issue for me for years. I watched a YouTube presentation for my Church's first live, in person service and understood 5% of what I heard, if that. Only the music came through loud and clear. Not ready just yet to say "no more commercial travel" for me, but such a decision is on the horizon. New car ready to hit the road; time to go; money to spend; no place to go! Who would ever have thought that I would have found myself in this situation at this time of my life?
  11. I would be willing to predict that there will be so many exclusions in these new policies that trying to protect oneself from a financial loss when traveling that even "might" be attributed to the virus might be money wasted in purchasing such a policy. I have been an advocate of travel insurance policies based on my experiences. This is a "new day and age" and I would suggest that the "ifs and ors" in the policies be read extremely carefully before anyone plunks down money for a policy.
  12. I appreciate reading your remembrance of your experiences. I really do so! "Those were the Days" as a theme song said that was the prelude to a popular TV show sometime ago.
  13. 🤨 I would never have thought to ask a bartender what to drink to stave off sea sickness. Not prone to sea sickness, but I will put that combination in my memory bank in case I need it in the future.
  14. That does seem to be the prospect as I type this. Encouraging news, I think.
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