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  1. Bureaucracy? Rules that were adopted before the new Canal was built?
  2. Probably an ignorant question, but if the ship is going to use the new locks, it's wider, I think. If so, then why is it so important for the Panama Canal Pilot to be able to see the side of the ship if it is centered into the locks?
  3. I share your thoughts. Where's the logic in such a decision? Fuel and provisions are less expensive than chartering planes?
  4. It are the "little people" whom concern me. Those who migrate North for good Summer jobs that help to pay their bills. Those Alaskans whose major income source is from us tourists. My Alaskan Nephew who has a good job as a teacher, but needs to supplement his income by working in the tourist industry to support his family. I would like knowing what major tour companies, such as Westours, are telling those whom they have hired for the 2020 season.
  5. My experience during the Fall of 2002 on the Volendam's Maiden Asia Pacific Cruise: We sailed from Vancouver. On the first morning at sea, we were West of Vancouver Island and the seas were very active. Totally unexpected by either Captain Harris or the gurus in Seattle. Most days were good sailing days, but crossing the Pacific, we did experience the tail end of a typhoon for a day or two despite the Captain's attempt to avoid it as much as possible. Our Port was a Russian port and it would have probably caused a more sailing tract North than a sailing to Japan would require. Was it unusual? Yes. The seas were rough enough that the Chief Engineer was injured and had to be removed from the ship at Dutch Harbor (along with a fugitive from the law--but that's another story) and there were some ill guests. Wherever on whatever seas that we sail, we must be prepared to make the best of whatever King Neptune provides for our good ship.
  6. The "limited medical care" available is still quite good for most guests. I risk my health every night, at least once if not twice, arising from my bed when I need to visit my bathroom. (Is this the night I stumble over something and break a hip? Or, crack my head on a piece of furniture? Or.....?) If I need to visit a grocery during these times, I will admit that I rather feel that I am playing Russian Roulette. But, essentials need to be replaced. Life is a gamble.
  7. I am on my Church's Finance Committee and honestly expected the offerings received would be few and far between. Initially, they were. But, the last Sunday of March and particularly last Sunday, once the virtual services started, the offerings have been better than our Committee expected.
  8. My Minister conducted a Communion Service virtually last Sunday. I had my cracker and glass of wine, as we were instructed to do before the service began. It was a more meaningful service than I anticipated. I hope yours go as well.
  9. I agree that the increase in the number of dining options is an advantage of the larger HAL vessels. The New York Pizza and Deli concept on the Pinnacle Class ships provides better and a wider array of products than any of the others, even those which are labeled as New York Pizza. The Pinnacle Class ships has the Rolling Stone Rock Room which is not being incorporated into the others. I enjoy that style of music. Not constantly, but Lincoln Center Live's play list becomes tiresome for me after awhile.
  10. Each time that I have patronized a Steakhouse on a Carnival ship, I left being a very satisfied, pleased, and full guest. Food, wine, and service: all have been consistently excellent. Rudi's Sel de Mer, a French Brasserie Restaurant, available as a stand alone restaurant on the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam and as a "pop-up" one or two evenings per cruise on other HAL ships is another consistent winner in all aspects of fine dining. I have been a guest, once, at the stand alone facility of Nieuw Statendam, but at least 3 times on the other ships. Tuscan Grill on Celebrity Eclipse also stands out in my memory, both for Lunch and Dinner. Alfredo's on Princess Cruises' ships doesn't cost extra. But, is worth a visit if you want something on their limited menu. You want a burger? HAL's Dive-in's offerings are better than Guy's on Carnival. (And, I am sure there will be many that disagree with that comment!)😁
  11. Thanks for that explanation. I knew that building would take place in China and owned by a Chinese subsidiary. Chinese flagged or crewed? I didn't understand that. Would that include a Chinese Deck and Engine Staff as well? I was not aware that China had cabotage laws.
  12. What I mean are ports that would require a cruise longer than those that might be able to visit Korea and Japan. A cruise to Singapore or Sydney, as an example, is what I am referencing. I have no knowledge of the flags under which the Carnival ships sail from China. I assumed that their flag status would not change just because they were sailing from Shanghai or wherever to wherever.
  13. I wonder about that as well after returning home from my Meraviglia cruise. Did not get a hair cut on Meraviglia, but did on my follow cruise aboard the Eurodam. The barber not only gave me a hair-cut but also a mini-facial. Friends told me that evening that I was "glowing". It was great! Our barber shops are closed and eventually I am going to need a hair-cut. Or, am I going to have shoulder length hair like some of my male students had a few decades ago?
  14. Going through the new locks makes good sense to me. It'll cost HAL more money to use the new locks, I expect. But, there will be a saving from having to re-bunker and re-provision at South American ports that may or may not be cooperative for them to do so.
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