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  1. Yes, one of those images is what I recall. But, the image still seems a bit "off" in my memory. Regardless of what the cookie looks, it was a good cookie!
  2. Agree, no stealth. But, I stand by my comments regarding marketing. HAL trying to appeal to her considerable number of fans. No problem with that; she is an interesting a personality and I had the pleasure of being on the Nieuw Statendam when she gave a brief presentation in the Theater. My opinion: without any financial data that I have, the "suits" made a zero sum final bet on what whatever was paid by HAL for the affiliation with the Oprah brand.
  3. And, as I post this, she still seems to be there.
  4. That's the way I felt last January when I was on Meraviglia. And, I know there were some venues/areas that I never got to. A 7 day cruise does not allow for sufficient time to do such exploring on such large ships unless, of course. that is one's purpose in doing so.
  5. Indeed, it is. 32 degrees in Juneau according to the web cam I saw moments ago. Dayton, Ohio is at 31 degrees, currently.
  6. Thanks for telling me this. I am guilty for responding to that post and for anything else that I have said, which isn't much thankfully, about this "fake news".
  7. I appreciate your post. I wonder where the MSC poster got the news of the CDC's actions.
  8. The "suits" in Seattle, in my opinion, thought marketing some of the cruises with Oprah was a good business decision that would drive patronage because of the "brand" and HAL's identity with the "brand". Probably the same kind of thinking that causes companies to choose to spend the money that causes their shareholders to help pay from their corporation's income for the branding of things like the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
  9. There was a poster on the MSC Board that indicated that the CDC on Friday declared an extension of the "no sail" order until September. I do wonder if this is true. I have not seen any other comments about this.
  10. Interesting that there was a "no compete" requirement when he left. I had an experienced agent who left her Seattle agency for a new one that was created by others from that company. I could not use her her services for one year because of that "no compete" clause when she left. Having had a booking made by her before she left, I was assigned a different agent whom I knew when that person was a cruise staff member during my world cruise. I did not care for her then and was displeased that I was "so assigned". I voiced my objection to the agency. After researching
  11. No. It was a rectangular cookie with a windmill embossed on it, as I recall.
  12. Even as recently as January, on a Holland America Line ship, if one orders ice cream for dessert, a Dutch cookie (the name of which I don't recall) is served.
  13. Consider the evolution that has taken place with flaming dishes prepared at table side. Crepes Suzette at table side, prepared by your Table Captain: no issue. Then, prepared (on HAL at least) at the front of the MDR. (If one was seated at one of the aft tables, one would have no clue as to what was happening.) Then, "prepared in the Galley" we were told. Really? Still is the case at Rudi's on HAL ships. Still, good and, still, a treat that I don't get when I am not at sea. But, how many fires have occurred because table sid
  14. An interesting (to me) memory is a December pre-cruise afternoon on a cold, blustery day while I am sitting in the lobby of the Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel. I wear shorts while I am reading. One of the Assistant Managers greets me. She is dressed in long pants and a sweater. Very pleasantly, she asks me where I am from. I say: Ohio. "I thought it was from a Northern State." Some might have taken that comment negatively. But, there was an additional realization that those of us who are tourists do stand out at times.
  15. On the Queens, I have learned, there were trolleys that had a variety of hors d' oeuvres that appeared at the tables of guests in First Class. They had a rotating mechanism that allowed for many different "goodies" to be available. A local restaurant owner, Vic Cassano, who was known locally--and still is--as "The Pizza King"--began an upscale restaurant division known as The Commodore Restaurant. Our Governor at the time, James A. Rhodes, was fostering economic development in Ohio and named those who made significant investments in such as "Ohio Commodores". Mr. Cassano did,
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