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  1. May I assume from what you have written that you were able to drop off your luggage, then park your car, and return to the VIP tent for check in? Thanks for an informative review of your Yacht Club experience! It helps me as I prepare to make my first MSC booking which will be in Yacht Club.
  2. Some children enjoy the Club HAL offerings; some don't. And, from what I have read on the message boards for other cruise lines, that opinion is true for most of them with Disney maybe being an exception. I have been fortunate to sail on Christmas cruises aboard Prinsendam, Nieuw Amsterdam, and Zaandam. Club HAL programming on all of them and the Cub HAL staff did an excellent job from my perspective. The children were never intrusive and their reactions to the Christmas morning program in the main showroom when Santa and his elves arrived has always been a major highlight of the Christmas cruises for me. Surprisingly, even on Prinsendam, there were more children than I expected. I visited the Club HAL facilities on Nieuw Statendam during my January cruises. As a retired educator, I was impressed with the facility as well as with the programming offered.
  3. Thanks for such an encouraging reply. I really mean this. Your posts, along with others who have posted positive messages about Port of Miami parking, make me think that my concerns are overblown. But, my experiences in driving on I-95 in downtown Miami have been the most harrowing driving experiences that I have ever had. My current plan is to drive to the Port via U.S.1 rather on I-95. I expect to be leaving from Port Everglades and connecting to U.S. 1, which will be easy to do. I know: lots of traffic lights en route to the Port of Miami. But, given my "fear" of a return visit to I-95 in downtown Miami, I think this plan will be less stressful for me. I'd appreciate reactions to this plan.
  4. Watching the Fort Lauderdale web cam, I think we are seeing some examples today of small craft Captains showing poor decision making skills as to how they ought to operate their boats.
  5. Once upon a time in a far away land....they did. 9/11 changed much, including ship visitations. The United States--indeed the World--hasn't been the same since. As a previous poster has said: for Princess Cruises, it may be possible. It may be possible for others on cruises to have guests come aboard for a brief visit. But, it requires much lead time and much documentation provided by the proposed guests for such visits to be granted. And, even then, such visits are denied at times.
  6. Those are my recommendations for Anchorage as well.
  7. Were you on the Nieuw Statendam at Grand Cayman when MSC Armonia appeared to be "wandering around" as she was preparing to sail and getting much too close to Nieuw Statendam in my opinion?
  8. For the guest, these short cruises can be a lot of fun and at a great price. For the cabin stewards, not so much fun having to turn around a cabin so soon after the last cruise.
  9. Thanks for posting this video. I have not seen that one and I usually do get e-mails from Celebrity.
  10. I do remember this "treat" in both the Pinnacle Grill as well as Sel de Mar. I vaguely remember it being served in the MDR, but I don't remember on which ship. But, my vague memory may be wrong.
  11. I think it is called The Magic Carpet. Not sure that it is glassed enclosed, however. It can be used for disembarking the ship onto the ship's tenders from what I have read.
  12. Lighten up! All of us who post on whatever message boards make boo-boos on our typing. Of course, Coral Princess has many much more water to pass under her keel before the breakers will see her. Scrape along her port side or not, I am looking forward to my embarking Coral Princess in Whittier on July 31st very much.
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