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  1. Does anyone of us need to be reminded of the events of April 14-15, 1912 tonight? May the souls of those who lost their lives rest in peace. What they endured helped to make sailing on the seven seas safer for the rest of us.
  2. An interesting point. My memory is that some 50/50 Committee votes on a variety of issues in many other Congresses did reach the floor of the respective House of our Congress. Has my memory failed me again? Regarding the proposed CRUISE Act that was introduced, ..... Senator Murkowski is "no clown". The lack of her endorsement of this proposed Bill speaks loudly--as I stated in a prior post--"it's titling at windmills".
  3. Bad news? No, it is an indication that basic economic theory is in better shape than the health of the world's Nations as to defeating Covid-19. The principle of "Supply and Demand" remains valid.
  4. Maybe we ought to start a thread on the great cruise directors and port lecturers that we have experienced?
  5. Remember the old cereal commercial with "Mikey"? "Try it, you may like it!"
  6. Different ships, different Chief Bakers, different experiences: MSC Meraviglia's croissants and danish were very good. They were in second place as to some that I have enjoyed on a HAL ship. I wish I could have sailed on French Line ship. No time available to do so; no money to do so either at the time.
  7. That was my thinking before I sailed on Meraviglia. Experiencing the cuisine and the service in the YC restaurant and then reading the menus of the specialty restaurants, even though I could have tried one at no charge to me, why would I do this? For a long cruise, yes. A different dining venue might be good for something "different". For a 7 day cruise, no, I don't need something "different". My "different" will be some pizza from the pizza venues aft of YC.
  8. Some of us are grasping at straws. Thread drift because of this pandemic is not a bad thing, in my opinion. It's a beneficial outlet for the frustrations, the worries, the fears that many of us have that are pandemic caused.
  9. I continue to learn. I never knew those connections. At one point in the company's history, it branched into the frozen foods market and produced two of the early toaster items: Corn Muffins and Blueberry Muffins. Both were very good and easy and quick to fix in the morning. My local groceries stopped offering them, yet they were still available in the freezer in the lobby of my local Howard Johnson's. Then, they became hard to find; finally no longer available there. Soon after that, my Howard Johnson's closed.
  10. The croissants that come out of the bakery is a measure that I use as to the recipes used and the skills of the bakers. It is always an enjoyable "investigation" for me those first days on board to sample the croissants (as well as the danish) during breakfast. I have also found that the soups that are prepared are an indication of how pleased I will be with the cuisine on that ship.
  11. If that does happen, it will be another negative for getting cruising resumed. Being denied boarding would probably lead to no refund of money paid. There is still so much that we don't know about Covid and the vaccines. Moderna reported today that their tests show that their vaccine provides excellent protection from contracting the disease for 6 months. Great. But, then what? And, the question of those fully vaccinated, are they able to carry and spread the virus? That question is unanswered thus far.
  12. I find CC most valuable for me by participating in specific cruise line forums where I can ask questions that are specific to that company. It gives me a "feel" about the cruise experience with that company and the responses that I receive give me a "feeling" about the guests that sail with that cruise line. I don't dwell on reading reviews of past cruises; I do find blogs most helpful and interesting. The Ports Message Board has also proven to be worth reading about ports that are new to me as well as ports where I have visited in the past. The Roll Ca
  13. This is true whenever one posts on any public message board. Whether the comments one makes are positive or negative, I have been told more than once "you don't know what you are talking about". I take these with the attitude that "I know what I experienced and you don't have that same experience that I had."
  14. This has been my thinking for quite some time regarding a smart phone. My Consumer Cellular flip phone serves my current needs quite well. But, with the "talk" about apps that may be needed to travel and/or to show one's vaccination status....well, my flip phone can't deal with that type of technology. Really am considering that now is the time to do some "learning" about smart phones and do some shopping before I may be forced into making a rushed decision concerning a phone.
  15. Enjoy the anticipation for your cruise and have a safe and wonderful cruise!
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