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  1. Absolutely, a walk through of the buffet restaurant before deciding what to select is needed. The larger the ship's restaurant, the more difficult it becomes to do. I found the Horizon Court/Horizon Bistro arrangement on Royal Princess to be extremely confusing for a first time guest on the ship. During my initial walk through, I'd see an item that I would like. Then, trying to find it again! Where in the heck is it when I wanted to get it?
  2. It's been interesting watching their departures as to time. For some time, it had been 1700, then 1600, now back to 1700, so it seems. I have wondered why the changes in departure times for quite some time.
  3. As a senior citizen myself, junior in age to you, however, but with mobility issues at times, I suggest that on Embarkation Day, you visit the facility and decide for yourself. Personally, I feel that I wasted money by booking a cruise long pass for this amenity on Veendam's oldest sister (no longer a HAL ship), the Statendam. Exactly the same set-up as the Veendam's. The Thermal Beds are great; everything else, including the locker room and pool go South from there. The Pool is nothing more than a hot tub holding 4-5 people at most. I did not find it easy to enter or exit. The men's locker room was crowded if there were 3 men in there at the same time. If you have enjoyed the Thermal Suite and Hydrothermal Pools on the Vista, Signature, or Pinnacle Class ships, Veendam's is quite different.
  4. That Class of Princess ships does take some "getting used to" in appearance. But, that open deck with the deck above it as cover at the very bow of the ship offers unique views when sailing. The aft decks under Skywalkers Lounge are also very pleasant places for a cruiser to find. My experience was aboard Star Princess, but her exterior design seems identical to Caribbean Princess.
  5. For many years, I subscribed to an interesting publication produced by a travel agency that specialized in freighter travel. Passenger reports of their experiences traveling by freighter (mostly) comprised the articles in the publication. Traveling by that means attracted me very much. Pricing, as compared to standard cruise per day pricing, was excellent. During the years that I subscribed, freighter travel transitioned from lots of break bulk type ships to container ships. Container ships seemed to offer less potential time for port visits and the pricing increased due to inflation. This mode of travel became less attractive to me. A travel regret that I have is that I wish I could have had a freighter travel trip when I first learned about them. Time and finances at that stage of my life prevented it. At my current stage of life, travel on a cruise ship makes more sense for me than freighter travel does. Moral of my post (I think): Do what you can do when you can do it!
  6. Are you absolutely certain that there is a difference between who handles the luggage when arriving at the terminal and those who handle the luggage when we return?
  7. My last night's dinner at a food truck? 👎 NO! I appreciate your post.
  8. Thanks for relating your experience. This cruise promises to be a very new cruise adventure for me!
  9. Good information and I appreciate learning it. Given that this port call is on the last night of my cruise, I am trying to justify why I should have my final YC dinner ashore in the YC Restaurant rather than on board the Meraviglia. Can the menu, service, and experience be as good on Ocean Car---which is what I expect aboard the ship---as on the ship?
  10. Tauranga was visited on my cruises, but I have no recollection of any tours by HAL to that island.
  11. Thanks for this post. (I am well behind reading Captain Albert's blog.) Captain Breinaert was the Staff Captain on Nieuw Statendam when I sailed on her. I think this is his first Command for HAL. Now, we know why the Belgian flag was hoisted on the Nieuw Statendam's flagstaff.
  12. When I have sailed on HAL in this area (more than once), we would have a sail-by of the island, but it was not a port stop.
  13. Many thanks for posting this good information!
  14. Don't remember the price and I only recall a choice among 3 trees of different sizes. I chose the small one; beautiful and very suitable for sitting on a small table in a veranda stateroom. It easily fit in one of the HAL bags when I took it home. I still enjoy it today!
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