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  1. The calendar is changing as is the cruise ships itineraries. I am glad to see more activity on the webcams for Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale than I have recently seen.
  2. "Different strokes for different folks" thinking is probably correct thinking regarding the tv issue in a cabana. If the Meraviglia's tv systems has the interactive options that most recent ships do, there will be so many movies to view that one could not view them all during a 7 day cruise. I recognize that you view the availability of a tv in a cabana to be a desirable amenity. The reason you cruise seems different as to why I cruise. If I want to watch a movie, my cable subscription at home provides me with a plethora of choices. Please, enjoy your cruise with whatever amenities you most enjoy. Enjoying one's cruise is why we all keep returning!
  3. You are on a private island in hopefully warm waters and weather. Why on earth would one want to have a tv available in a cabana?
  4. No web cam coverage of Grand Classica's departure from Nassau other than her sailing away from her dock. I am glad that the sailors on Carnival Liberty are "playing with their boats". Knowing what to do, if ever needed, will be most appreciated by their ship's passengers.
  5. Great research CGTNORMANDIE! I never knew that there had been a Fairsky I. Thanks for the information!
  6. Why should I be expected to accept a "show" in place of a "show" that I enjoy? I will attend the initial one or two performances of this Dance Company, if it shows up on the Volendam during my holiday cruise. If I don't enjoy what I see, I won't return for future performances. Since my next cruise on the Volendam includes a New Year's Eve celebration in the Main Theater, a superior event that I have experienced on other HAL ships including Volendam's sister, the Zaandam, I believe I will have a very valid comparison as to what the state of HAL's Mr. Prince's Entertainment Domain is willing to provide.
  7. The book about Shackleton Antarctica's exploration will be a good premier for the hazards and experiences in that area at that time. It helped to make me appreciate even more my comfortable cruise during the time I was in Antarctic waters. Prime Rib and Happy Hour was not available to Shackleton and his crew.
  8. Never have I had this issue on any ship laundry sent clothing on Princess or Holland America.
  9. This is NOT good news based on what I experienced on Nieuw Statendam during my 2 January cruises. If Ian will be on the ship through the Grand Cruise, that means he will be the CD during my Christmas/New Year's Cruise. (I must assume he knows about which he speaks.) I did not care for the Step One Dance Company's performances on the Nieuw Statendam. The backdrop of the expensive LED screen on the Nieuw Statendam was poorly and uncreatively used. BB KIng's Club? Yes, I do enjoy that, but I also expect more variety in entertainment in the Main Showroom than simply a "dance company" of whatever quality that others perceive.
  10. My opinion is that Icy Point Strait is an interesting port to visit if you have also visited Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, and Sitka in the past or on your current cruise. At ICP, I enjoyed the connection to the Tinglit culture that I had missed on previous Alaskan cruises and well as the self-guided tour through the old salmon cannery and the tour through their rain forest. I know there will be those who disagree, but Royal Caribbean and Celebrity do not have the Alaska cruise/tour experience nor their own lodges/hotels that Princess and Holland America do. I prefer to book with a company that has a longer track record in offering cruises/tours where I wish to go. I have yet to do a whale watching specific tour, but have seen many from the deck of my ships. Maybe during my next Alaska trip, I will opt for such a tour.
  11. Icy Point Strait, as I understand the geography, is the body of water that ships transverse when they sail from ports such as Skagway and the entrance to Glacier Bay NP. There is a port that some cruises visit call that is named as Icy Point Strait. (An interesting port in of itself, in my opinion.) What I have learned that, for whatever reason, the closer the ship gets to the entrance to Glacier Bay, the more active wildlife sightings are made. Your ship ought to have a Naturalist presenter aboard and I'd suggest that you directly ask her/him as to when it ought to be out on deck to try to see whatever activity there may be.
  12. You are not visiting Hubbard Glacier based on this printed itinerary. The advantage of going to Glacier Bay is that there ought to be National Park Service Rangers aboard to offer commentary during your time in Glacier Bay. A program in the ship's main showroom probably will be presented. They will be available for personal interactions with them. Many cruisers have reported over the years that as the ship enters the waters of Glacier Bay from Icy Point Strait (or even upon departure from Glacier Bay)--very early morning hours during the entrance to Glacier Bay--lots of whales, etc. are observed. Sailing out of Glacier Bay on Coral Princess in August, I did see a pod of Orcas feeding, I think they were doing, quite some time after the NP Rangers had left the ship and the ship's naturalist had signed off for the day. Your itinerary is a good one. All of your ports, without Hubbard Glacier, will provide you with an excellent Alaskan experience, I think. '
  13. Bottom line for me: Do what I feel is appropriate for my experience. Some recent posts about dress for dinner in the YC at times does not reflect the kind of experience that I expect to receive--and for which I am paying a higher per diem--than I have ever paid for my Royal Viking Line cruises or my Grand World Voyage.
  14. Personally, I like all of the information that I have learned about Ocean Cay. My concern is that Meraviglia's last port is Ocean Cay on a day when the cruise is winding done. Leaving the island so late and needing to get luggage out for next morning's disembarkation in Miami will provide stress for me if I choose to spend much time on the island during the day. And, what about the last night's dinner aboard? I enjoy that last opportunity to connect with the ship's staff and with any with whom I have dined. I would suggest that MSC alter their itineraries that include Ocean Cay as being the first port of call rather than the last one.
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