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  1. Considering the Oct 1, 2022 cruise. Tempted.
  2. We did a Rio and the Falls on our own. Much cheaper! Let me know if you want hotels and guide suggestions. We were in Rio for New Year’s—amazing. Flew to Iguazu and saw both sides and did the folk dance evening. Then flew to Buenos Aires for four days before getting on the ship. Let me know if you like food as there are some fantastic tours.
  3. We booked (and have now paid for) an Amazon cruise. The more people we have talked with who have taken this cruise, we are no longer excited. We have found a longer one in the Pacific at a later travel date and would like to transfer the Amazon booking to the Pacific one—including the monies already paid. The next cruise person on-board our recent Jupiter cruise said that it might be possible since the new one was longer and there was already payment made. Has anyone been able to do this? Our travel agent is out until next week but a person in her office said it was not possible. Thanks
  4. Consider the El Pedral Tour in Puerto Madryn as you will see a penguin colony right up close and enjoy a delicious roast lamb Asado meal. Wonderful day and shorter.
  5. NH Crillion is lovely, 10 minutes from the port and close to restaurants, etc. Our reservation included full breakfast—best pastries ever (and my husband is a pastry chef) and good coffee. We used a taxi—they are inexpensive and clean. We stayed there last week—we’re on the Viking Jupiter right now.
  6. Just found out that YF vaccine is highly recommended before visiting the Falls. Anyone have any experience with this information? We’ve called around and the vaccine is difficult to come by. We’ve sprayed our clothing with permethrin and taking Deet spray. Will that b3 sufficient?
  7. Your experience is not a one off! We have had several instances of perks going missing with no recourse. Then once, we had OBC we were not told we had until we checked out! Celebrity’s IT and customer service (and now pricing compared to product) are leaving loyal folks on the cutting room floor. We are Elite+ but are now sailing on Viking more and more.
  8. Almond milk is higher in calcium and fewer calories than cows milk. Have you found it available on Viking Ocean? We board in three weeks. Thanks
  9. We get on Jan 7. What have you found regarding temps? How did you pack to accommodate the changes? Especially when further south and out in the elements? I am planning layers but a possible 50 degree differential is messing with my head! I will be doing two hikes in the south and Volunteer Point. Thanks for your very helpful review! We are getting excited. Leave in 2 weeks! Rio and the Falls and then on to BA where I have a walking tour and Asado Experience booked.
  10. I’ve noticed some cameras on some balconies. Not sure how that is determined.
  11. We’ve gotten laundry back in a basket only when we’ve stayed in suites. Otherwise a paper bag.
  12. I was on the Constellation for 20 days this October. When you could get the signal, it was fine but coverage was spotty around the ship. For example, in our 6th deck cabin, the only way to get a signal was to stand next to the cabin door. It seemed to be best in public places though I did have spotty reception around the pool.
  13. We were not charged corkage in Butcher’s Cut on the Seaview for exactly the same situation. In fact, our waiter went out of his way to chill it for us and opened it with flair. The inconsistency between ships is notorious. Very frustrating.
  14. Someone mentioned a Diamond internet benefit. What is it? Royal’s site isn’t very clear on current benefits. Anything else we should be aware of? I know they don’t give a military discount. Others? Looking at booking an Anthem cruise out of Cape Liberty. Thanks
  15. Free 90 minutes OR 30% off internet package.
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