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  1. That's a wonderful itinerary! Didn't know it existed. We've been to all three of the "glacier" places, but had to do it on three separate cruises! And we've never been to Icy Strait Point, but have heard wonderful things about it. Have a great cruise.
  2. It's too bad you can't find an itinerary that takes you to a glacier--they're so amazing. We've been to Alaska four times and have twice visited College Fjord which has many glaciers, Glacier Bay three times and Hubbard Glacier once. I guess now there are so many cruises to Alaska that they can't all visit a glacier. At Juneau, you can visit Mendenhall Glacier, just outside of town. However, it's receded considerably since we first saw it and hard to see much from the Visitor's Center; there are other options to see it from closer up, but all cost money because they're excursions.
  3. Two major differences: age (Summit launched in 2001, Edge in early 2018) and size (Summit carries 2,200 pax, Edge 2,900; Summit is 91,000 GT and Edge is 131,000 GT).
  4. We sailed on the Zenith out of there back in 1999. We flew in same day (never do that any more). Living in Michigan we have a longish flight to any port <g>.
  5. Our first Celebrity cruise (and first cruise ever) was in 1994 on the ancient 1950's Amerikanis, which had originally been used to ferry folks between the UK and South Africa. We were part of a group put together by our state bar assn. Boarded in San Juan PR, having flown down there same day. Two years later we cruised on the Horizon and have now done 11 cruises on X for 96 days, the latest being a Can/NE cruise on the Summit in 2015. Along the way we tried Princess and that then became our go-to line. One reason I was attracted to the line was its Greek roots and hence it serving roast lamb, something I grew up on even with no Greek blood in our family <g>.
  6. The exchange rate was 1.24 in Sep 2017 then rose steadily to 1.36 in Dec 2018. Hasn't changed much since, just bounced around in a narrow range.
  7. In her first post, karatemom2 pretty well covered what I would have said. Disagree with another poster about the spa--more expensive than on the older ships, esp. for the Enclave as compared to the Thermal Suite, and I didn't like the high ceilings and fairly bright lights (latter more subdued in older ships). When I had my usual massage, I got a glimpse of the therapeutic pool, which is a new feature for Princess (HAL has had them for some time and their subdued lighting is preferable). But our biggest complaint is that they did away with OV cabins on Plaza (now the spa on the Royal), which is what we always get on the older ships. As we did 2-3 cruises/year and my DH could care less about having a balcony, we went for value with a view. I liked the layout of the buffet, but the "hot" food was always more "tepid" than hot. We've been on the Royal twice: once for a 14-day EB TA to Southampton in Apr-May 2015 ("obstructed" balcony) and once for a 10-day Caribbean cruise in Jan 2016.
  8. Just my opinion, but I was surprised to find this on the Eclipse as it seems like a potential fire hazard to the ship. Do other cruise lines have anything like this? We also sail on Princess (mostly) and HAL (occasionally) and they don't have anything like this.
  9. Thanks for the correction--don't know where my mind was when I wrote that--guess old age is catching up with me 😉
  10. I was talking to our broker's asst yesterday and she told me she and her fiance were on the Edge in the last couple of months. They had a mid-ship cabin on the side where the MC isn't <g>.
  11. Coming late to this thread, but am curious if X or any other cruise line consults with former pax about features they're contemplating for new ships to see if those changes would work, so to speak. Thinking specifically of the Magic Carpet and the IV cabins.
  12. What time does your ship depart? I assume 5 or 6 pm. If that's the case, I'd recommend staying in Southampton, which has a lot of historical sites to visit within walking distance of the piers, if you want some sightseeing or you could take the ferry over to the Isle of Wight and visit QE I's summer home, Osborne House. Then you wouldn't have to worry about making it back from London. Personally, I can't imagine going up to London for just six hours or so. We spent a whole week there some years ago. You could use the Hop On Hop Off bus and maybe get off at one stop for awhile and that's about all you'd have time for.
  13. I could be wrong but I thought the Caribbean P's initials were CB, while CP refers to the Coral Princess.
  14. As I don't stay in our cabin while cruising Alaska, that's what I recommend. I like to take photos and being able to move around on the open decks, including the more-protected Promenade deck like the Star P has, gives me the most opportunities. If a person stays in their cabin, they'll miss half the views IMHO, whether they want to take photos or just enjoy various kinds of scenery. Yes, the ships do slowly rotate while at Margerie Glacier and, yes, it can be cold outside while there (dress appropriately!), but besides the coastal scenery there are also seals, walruses, seabirds, etc. to be seen when outside. Not to mention hearing the sound of the glacier calving.
  15. Point well taken--I should have said Amalfi Coast or Positano specifically. FWIW, we were in a van, not a tourist bus, as this was a private excursion for 8-10 people. Perhaps it was an "extended" van as we did not drive into Positano, but parked "above" it and walked down. If one wants to walk all the way to the seafront, it's somewhat steep (not to be done in heels <g>) and worse going back up to the parking lot. Our group had several who found it difficult, especially going back up.
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