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  1. I received an upgrade offer for my Nov. 16 cruise on the Eurodam yesterday. I had booked at the lowest rate as I'm sailing single now. The upgrade was to CC10002--top deck at the front so looking at the ocean ahead. Cost $199! Really eager to get on the ship and see my new location!!
  2. The notice about the cancelled ports reported the $100. Won't know if it's credited to my ship account til I board, but I assume that's what they're doing.
  3. I''m on the Eurodam 11/14-11/24. Awhile back they cancelled Aruba and Curacao (my favorite island) and gave us a measly $100 for the inconvenience. That shortened the length from 10 to 8 days.
  4. Interesting! I have a cruise at the same time on my other line (HAL) and they've dropped Curacao and Aruba (got a measly $100 for the "inconvenience). I assume it was because those islands don't want cruise ships yet.
  5. I'm not cruising until next April (was supposed to cruise in Nov. this year, now glad I have time to figure all this stuff out). Currently I do not own a smartphone and never have. Sounds like it's a necessary purchase now. 😒
  6. I appreciate the original poster's post as I'm in the same situation: sailing solo (for the first time) and without a smartphone. Also appreciate the responses!
  7. We have been to Hawaii many times, the first time on a cruise. After that we would go for 2 wks in Jan (live in Mich.), staying one week at a rented condo apt on one island and the 2nd week on a different island. As I recall there really aren't many good walks on any of the islands except Honolulu where there are loads of sidewalks. On the other islands we always rented a car so we could drive to some of the sights. On most of the other islands, sidewalks are limited to just the main town; otherwise you need a car or go on a tour.
  8. But on most TAs on this route, one doesn't go outside much as I recall.
  9. The alternative offered might work for me since I'm retired. Another good thing about the later date is less likelihood of hurricane problems.
  10. Just got word that my Oct 2022 WB TA on the Emerald has been cancelled. This is my second cancelled cruise: this year's CB from NYC to the Caribbean was the first. At least I hadn't made any lodging/airfare reservations for the 2022 cruise as I had for this year's cancelled cruise.
  11. My card says shots administered by OCHD, which I know stands for Oakland County Health Dept. Hope that's good enough!
  12. Thanks to a fellow 11/11 baby! Unfortunately, the cruise has been cancelled. 😪 It was a repositioning cruise on the Caribbean P from the NE/Canada itinerary to the Caribbean; I was to board in NYC, which I've never done (altho have departed from the NJ terminal on a Celebrity ship). My next cruise on another line is in January. Hopefully, by then things will be back to the "new" normal. BTW, were you upset as I was when 11/11 became a federal holiday on our birthday? i.e. no mail with birthday cards <g>
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