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  1. We did a Mediterranean cruise out of Southampton a few years on Celebrity Eclipse and our cabin had an electric teakettle, etc. It was on the already-too-small desk so a real inconvenience for us non-tea drinkers. I never thought to ask them to remove it.
  2. Interesting news re the repositioning of the Majestic from the Far East to Alaska itineraries. Friends of ours sailed on the Majestic a few years ago and reported there were some differences from its sister ships. Because it was built for the Far East market where, apparently, poker or similar games were quite popular, there were small rooms set aside for such games in addition to the casino (I guess). Wonder if that area will be reconfigured for Alaska? P.S. Just looked at the Majestic deck plans and looks like the ship has been reconfigured to the Royal/Regal layout.
  3. The mid-ship cabins of the deck (8?) with the lifeboats outside the cabins. We were on the Royal on that deck and forward of the elevators. There was no obstruction looking directly out, but looking straight down there was a lifeboat--not a problem. I agree re no promenade on the Royal/Regal AND no cabins on Deck 5 as on the older ships. The latter were our favorite for their being close to the atrium, central elevators, etc. The cabins are also more expensive than on the older ships. On another Royal cruise (in the Caribbean) we had an inside cabin because we don't need a balcony and were doing 3 cruises/year so cost was important to us. I did enjoy sitting in the covered seating area aft on the Lido deck. Lots of loungers out there and very few people, at least when I was out there. Plus, handy bar service if one wanted a cool one.
  4. You're right. My memory is not always accurate these days 😪. I guess because we dropped anchor quite a bit offshore and had to take a "shuttle" (very large boat) to B.C., it seemed like we'd gone to B.C. from Cozumel where we were the next day. The itinerary was Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Costa Maya, Belize City, Conzumel. This was our second time to Belize and I highly recommend it.
  5. When we stopped at Cozumel a few years ago, I did a ship excursion to Altun Ha, about 30 miles from Belize City. IMHO, it's a great site if you're interested in Mayan sites. There's a central grassy area surrounded by 3 structures of varying heights (the 4th hadn't yet been excavated). There's a stairway up to the top of the tallest structure. I found it interesting that the lowest "step" on the monument I spent the most time around is about 30" high; certainly too high for me to step up on. Later I did some reading about the Mayans who were probably about my height (5') and learned they clambered up on all fours <g>.
  6. Thanks for your London photos. We spent a week there about 10 years ago in April. Visited St. Paul's for a concert, the Tower of London (to see the jewels <g>), etc. We did a number of "London Walks"--small-group walking tours in different parts of the city. They were all great. Spent one day on a bus tour to Bath and Stonehenge.
  7. For all those waiting for refunds, I'm sure it's been frustrating. But from a practical standpoint, it must be a nightmare for Princess (and all the other cruise lines). Take the number of ships x the number of pax/ship x the number of cancelled cruises per ship. 19 ships x 1,000 cabins/ship (don't know if this a a good number) x the number of cancelled cruises per ship. And one can understand the enormity of the situation. Not to mention cash flow.
  8. That must have been a great sight! May I ask how you happened to be going past it at 11 pm? Were you on a cruise ship?
  9. Another great option IMHO is to go up Mt. Roberts (there's a tramway across from the dock). You can see eagles fly by! And the view is wonderful.
  10. Beautiful sunset. Just like actually being on the ship! Thanks!
  11. All the land on your itinerary will be on the right side of the ship (except Sardinia). You will be far away from land as you sail between Naples and Barcelona except when you pass between Sardinia and Corsica, which are pretty close together, on a day at sea so hopefully you'll see both a bit. We never booked a cabin based on its view while at sea as we preferred to be on deck at such times. Much wider view out there! Going by Stromboli is interesting so, hopefully, you'll do that during daylight as we did. Sounds like a wonderful itinerary.
  12. Thanks for updating me! Don't know how I missed that news--assume it was posted on here back then.
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