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  1. There's a ton of waste on cruise ships. Full stop. Whether it's all inclusive or not, wastage is big, and my choosing not to finish the martini I ordered isn't going to change that.
  2. I'm sorry it upsets you to see someone decline to consume something they don't like and so don't want. I think that's absolutely fine, and ordering something new is one of the luxurious experiences - being able to try new things without worry, hopefully finding something new to enjoy. But sometimes you end up with something you don't like and don't want; there's no way I'd let someone else's expectations make me feel badly about not finishing it. Why do you find it "galling"? Are you someone who thinks we should finish everything on our plates so it doesn't go to waste, or someone who thinks we shouldn't try new things and stick to things we know we like? Or both?
  3. If it is a true service dog, the owner would be appalled and would be very forthcoming with all information. And the dog would likely be retired or retrained for service, so boarding a ship again would be a moot question. People with real service dogs take the physical and mental health of their dogs very seriously, and would never try to pretend a bite wasn't important.
  4. Yup, and I'll be there in a few weeks! Earlier this week I had several pizza dinners in Padua, and it's really unlike any pizza I've had in the US or Canada -- even the so-called "thin crust" versions. I don't even know how both of them can be called "pizza", though both are very good. But that was Padovan pizza - I'll see if it's different in Napoli. Or Genoa, the home of pesto and focaccia.
  5. Yup, but the OP didn't specify mainstream, premium, or luxury. I haven't sailed with any other luxury lines, so I can't compare them.
  6. You do, I do, everyone gets to decide for themselves and then share their opinions. Sharing an opinion doesn't mean you think it's the best for everyone, just that it's the best for you. Best food doesn't mean fancy food, it means tasty, fresh, and well prepared. That might be mac & cheese or a burger with fries, or it might be Oysters Rockefeller or Duck L'Orange.
  7. Out of the 4 cruise lines I've traveled on, Crystal has the best food by far. (Others are Carnival, HAL, and Princess)
  8. They can only say no regardingt people who don't fall into a protected class, and disabilities are one of those protected classes. Others include sex (or gender, I'm not sure), race, and religion. They are allowed to say no and discriminate for things that aren't covered by protection, such as size or past arrests, for example.
  9. As you should! Get what you want, not what others want. I find the Apple products to be the most intuitive, which works for me, and every time I consider switching (and try friend's phones), I realize how much I like the way theirs works (including iTunes). That may change in time, and I reevaluate every couple of years to see what suits me best. I'm currently using a 4 year old model -- I'm not an Apple fanatic who needs the latest and greatest -- but I'll need to upgrade to something in a year or so.
  10. Can't you just download iTunes and use that to play them? If you have an iPhone, of course 😉 Music and iTunes is one of the reasons I still use iPhones.
  11. Except that it's actually employed......that simple concept is simple, but not always true (i.e. not always used).....it's certainly possible to pay more without getting more (retailers or services who take advantage of those who don't know what they're getting), and occasionally it's possible to pay less and get more.
  12. Oh, Lordy, yes - but expecting them to be licensed isn't realistic was all I was trying to point out. Unfortunately, laws don't permit places to ask or ask for proof that a person is in any way disabled and requires a service dog.
  13. Actually "no extra charge" is the right way to say it -- calling it "free" would be what's misleading. As for your idea that it's 2x - 4x the cost of mainstream lines, that's often incorrect -- especially if you are a solo passenger.
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