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  1. I saw one being closed down, for whatever reason, shortly before I arrived......it was there, and then it wasn't. So, regardless of the fact that I had a TSA Precheck boarding pass and wanted to use it, it simply wasn't being offered at that moment.
  2. I'm not sure what being on a coastal cruise has to do with anything......either they had crab on board, or they didn't. Since they didn't, they told you that they couldn't accommodate your request. As long as it was said politely, I'm not sure what you were expecting. Did you expect them to send someone on a personal shopping trip for your solo benefit? If so, I will baldly say your expectations are wholly unreasonable. It's reasonable to request something they can fulfill from the stocks on board (a special dessert, or a staple they have on board, but prepared in a different way), but it's not reasonable to expect they'll send someone shopping just for your choices.
  3. That is almost correct......you don't have to remove it automatically, but they still have the right to ask any individual to do so. If you don't have them all in a bag, you'll be held up at security for a lot longer. And, having TSA Precheck doesn't guarantee that there will be a designated PreCheck line for you to go through when you need it, and it there isn't one, you're going to need to remove that bag of liquids like everyone else.
  4. Only if you're carrying them on board.......if you're packing them, they can be as large as you want, and without ziplocks if you want.
  5. A hanging toiletries bag -- if it would just sit on a counter, it wouldn't be as helpful.
  6. That presumes that she paid for the Yacht Club as a way to get drinks, but perhaps she paid for the YC for the other benefits, irrespective of the drinks.
  7. If you include non-tangible things, nothing is ever free in that it will cost you time, and maybe your attention. Or cost you in access by giving your identifying data to someone. Even that free library book loan, LOL. BUT, most people have enough time and attention to give a little away without missing it much, so it's as good as free most of the time.
  8. Yes, it's significance shouldn't be underestimated and is still a very present problem......it reminds me of people who think rabies isn't a big deal because no one they know has ever gotten it, yet over 60,000 people around the world die of rabies every year.
  9. All the enjoyment, none of the responsibility!
  10. It depends on what you're going to do there and what you want to accomplish. There are times you may want to wear wear a club colours or traditional Muslim clothing.....etc.
  11. Can you read? I have to ask because that's not what I said........What I said was that is what many believe.
  12. Well, that goes way beyond travel and is, for many, a lifelong concern from the time they were 6. In part for good reasons that have nothing to do with insecurity but has to do with needs and wants -- because first impressions do matter and there are long-held subconscious prejudices linked to appearance, we are more likely to get what we need and want if we look like we are expected to look (as if we fit the part). In the realm of travel, it's the belief that one will be treated better (or at least not treated worse) if one looks like a local or, at least, doesn't look like an American. But it's true in the realm of work, school, and most other areas from book clubs to banking....everywhere except family and true friends.
  13. I was thinking much the same when I was in Italy last October -- that the rumours were that Italian people had more "style" and you could tell the difference between an Italian and a tourist just by looking at what they wore, but that quite clearly wasn't the case. They dressed pretty much like everyone else (obviously some people dressed up more for work, but in their off hours, they were dressed like the rest of us).
  14. You should have no problems alone in those ports......if you're comfortable alone in your own city, you should be fine there.
  15. Most definitely are not -- I've met many people travelling solo who were not single.
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