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  1. Hapag-Lloyd's Europa II. I've heard nothing but fabulous things about the ship, service, and food. Too rich for my blood at the moment, though.
  2. Old news: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/video-shopkeeper-coronavirus-face-mask-union-jack-thong-a4371761.html
  3. And they'll have huge bills, and may not be able to return to work, etc, etc.....
  4. I think a lot of people are wowed by the death tolls, and forget that serious illness also leaves sufferers with problems that will last for years, if not decades.
  5. Smaller size and no natural light. In my mind, that's definitely inferior. It has nothing to do with the cost, nor value.
  6. I do, but I don't think that makes me a snob. There's nothing about snobby about making a distinction between good and bad, better and worse. If you don't make those distinctions, I think that's worse -- a sign of having no sense of judgment or priorities.
  7. No, but it does mean that people who took them agreed to an inferior product.
  8. There aren't many that have "just disappeared" in history - I can only think of 1 that has disappeared on its own, but I'm sure there must be more. Yes, it is the closely related SARS-Cov1 virus, but it disappeared after infecting just over 8000 people world-wide in about 18 months; currently the world is gaining about 100,000 new cases of Covid-19 every day. Think about that - compare the spread of a virus that is infecting 100,000 new people every day to one that infected just 8000 in a year and a half. They're really incomparable in that regard, even if they are genetically related, and that kind of opportunity for transmission (with it's relatively high transmission rate) means it isn't just going to peter out on its own. So, SARS-Cov1 (causing SARS) acted totally differently than the current SARS-Cov2 (causing Covid-19) --- so I think it would be wishful thinking to believe it will act in the same way and "disappear quickly". As Dr. Fauci said " the degree of efficiency of transmissibility of this is really unprecedented in anything that I’ve seen. It’s an extraordinarily efficient virus in transmitting from one person to another,” Fauci said. “These kinds of viruses don’t just disappear.”" Are there other viruses you know about that just disappeared, never to be seen again?
  9. The virus is not going away quickly, let alone "too quickly"; the world is still gaining about 100,000 new cases each day, and it's been that way for the last 4-6 weeks. The number of cases isn't showing any signs of trending downwards, though the number of daily new cases is relatively stable about about 100,000. It's easy for someone to say "one day it might just disappear", but there's really no evidence that it will happen any time soon (if at all), so someone dreaming about it and not giving any reasons for their dream becoming a realistic idea is just as meaningless as my saying "one day, there might be peace on earth".
  10. Do you also suspect they're otherwise hermits? They may be less at risk of getting sick, but they are not less at risk of becoming infected -- and that means they can pass on that infection to people who are at higher risk of getting sick. I don't see a lot to have faith in when I see people who aren't caring much about transmitting a serious infection like this one.
  11. Very few cruise lines are, in my opinion, unless you're fortunate enough to find a sale going at a time and place that suits you. I think only Crystal gives solo cruisers good value, as they offer a great product for an extra 30% (window cabins) -- or, at least, that used to be true. Whether it will be true post-Covid is a different question. Remember not to confuse value with cost or quantity.
  12. Eh, almost everything is included, so "semi" (half) is also not right. Excursions, in my opinion, are not part of a cruise (and that's why I have not looked at Regent, who like to pretend they are). Excursions are part of touring the land, not cruising from port to port, and they have absolutely no bearing on the actual cruise experience (i.e. on the cruise ship). In my opinion, expecting excursions to be part of "all inclusive" would be like expecting retail shopping to be included -- both may enhance your vacation, but neither are really part of the cruise. Still, there are a few things that aren't included: Some top-flight alcohols, and a few items of exclusive sushi aren't included; photos and some private classes for things like golf or dancing also aren't included. I've known a few people who have ordered specialty wines off the not-included menu for special treats, but as I am not a wine-drinker, I really didn't see the value for me. I can still get my cocktails and 20 year old tawny port included.
  13. Do they actually market it as savings? I didn't think so, but I don't spend too much time looking at marketing materials. My impression, though, was that they market it as an overall better experience because those things are included, not as a less expensive way to cruise. If someone is just looking at an inexpensive way to cruise, a) there will never be a one-size-fits-all, because we all choose different types of extras to purchase, and b) it will never be an all-inclusive. But, not everyone is concerned with finding the least expensive way to cruise (thank God we all don't want the same things in life). For me, the best value is an all inclusive luxury line, even though it's not the cheapest (though, sailing solo, it's not far off).
  14. not only do they take up space that could be used for something else (that I'd enjoy more), 3rd party sales options change the atmosphere of the ship.......so, in my opinion, the fewer of them, the better. That's not about you being a "low maintenance cruiser" - there's nothing "high maintenance" about wanting and enjoying included "extras". I'm pretty low maintenance and don't use most "extras", but I adore the all-inclusive parts of a luxury cruise.
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