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  1. Has anyone do the VIP Private Yacht excursion in Cabo. What are your thoughts please. Ty
  2. John did say that the paper straws will still be on the ship
  3. Thank you all for responding, I have a call into him now, Happy cruising
  4. Ty you did answer the question, I hv a call into him but he said I could the credit any time ๐Ÿคจ, ty for taking the time to answer
  5. I have a quick question. I booked two cove cabins for Dec. 2020. one for me and one for three friends. I booked thru a TA and was warned I could get no refund if I canceled.,I just put deposit down. He said I would only get a credit towards another cruise on carnival. Does any one know how that works. Neither of us can go at this point. Also the cabin with three in it, it doesnt have my name on it all tho I paid the deposits on both. Thanks for all the help.
  6. yes you still can, nothing has changed in that area, happy cruising
  7. Thank you for your honesty lol I think I just might pass and do the uber. Happy cruising
  8. Hi we are flying to Long Beach for the Carnival Panorama cruise in Feb. We are thinking about taking the shuttle to LAX to fly home. Has anyone use the shuttle and can you let me know how I get sign up on them and what the cost. Any tips in this area also. Ty for all comments
  9. the captain said she is to big to go thru the Panama Canal
  10. we will be on the Carnival Splendor in 14 days.We are looking to spend the day at the Breathless hotel in Cabo San Lucas for the day. I see it is all inclusive for 84.00. Has any one been there and what are your thoughts. We just want to relax and enjoy. Can we book it when we get on the ship? Thank for all the help
  11. I would like to add a question to this post if its ok,,,,I am priority, we will be taking our luggage off with us. Can we go eat and then just walk off the ship, ty for all answers and ty for letting me add a question here
  12. Thank you both for answering my post ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. I use it every time and no problems. I was told that they put all your stuff in a bag and wash it that way,,in hot water and was told not to put things with colors that run. Not sure how many bags we get free,, just ask but roll your cloths up and cram them in there even if the bag tears a little. you will get them back the same day washed and folded very nice. Dont forget to mark the paper as to how many things in the bag. Any questions just your cabin stewart. Have fun on your cruise
  14. that was so cool, ty for shareing. Cant wait to get on that ship in 2020
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