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  1. I've wondered this myself. The Haven product just seems much more inclusive/exclusive vs. the Royal Suite product.
  2. Good point. I wonder if it has something to do with fewer new ships coming online. I'm willing to bet if you look at the ship builders financials from 2008-2011 they were pretty poor. Interesting conversation/thing to think about none the less.
  3. NCL IPO was in 2013 at $19 a share. It closed today at $53.63. That's a hell of a return in 6 years.
  4. Economy is the driving force behind the higher rates. Stock market/economy is doing much better now than in 2012, therefore more disposable income, therefore more demand, therefore higher prices. In 2012 the DOW closed at 13k, it will close likely over 26 or 27k this year. That's the barometer for me.
  5. Nothing will save the cruise industry as a whole if the economy goes south. Not just NCL. First cutback people make with their disposable income in a bad economy is less leisure travel.
  6. Wow, that Opus had to be stored standing straight up for that cork to be cracked like that. Did you say anything to the Sommelier on board?
  7. For a 5 year old, eating candy on a luxury vacation is a pretty special thing.
  8. Haha, the gummy bears. It's more about them mysteriously disappearing throughout the day as our son tries to sneak them without us noticing. It's something we get a kick out of watching him do while cruising. Bear in mind my wife is a dentist and gummy bears are a rarity only had while on vacation.
  9. Thank you for adding absolutely nothing to another thread.
  10. Common sense isn't always so common on these boards.
  11. We will be sailing on Breakaway this coming Sunday in an Aft Penthouse. I've read some reviews that have said that Aft Penthouse guests have had difficulty getting assistance from their butlers. We don't use the butler for much besides requesting ice, and the occasional meal and gummy bears for our Son. Has anyone been in an Aft Penthouse recently and can share their experience? Thanks!
  12. Same here. I agree with the Hilton Marina suggestion, nice pool and right on the intercoastal.
  13. What sailing are you going on that departs at midnight?
  14. They have some really good cocktails there too. Last time I was in FR on the Bliss I had something called a "Thai Rum Tonic" I believe. It was AMAZING.
  15. Does anyone know if the Casino will be non-smoking like on Bliss?
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