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  1. News flash: You just need to pack a sports bra and shorts in hot, dry. Alaska An observation based on four days in the Kenai: There is zero correlation between: Temperatures I see reported in ANY weather app vs actual temperatures as measured by the lacrosse scientific thermometer System with a display in my cabin on the Kenai ?? I have a lot of experience with temperatures in the 90s, and this feels like temperatures in the 90s. Yet the weather service is reporting 70s The tour guide said the actual felt temperature is so much hotter because of the angle of the sun in Alaska But it hurts my brain to see the publicized temperature 30° lower than the actual temperature.
  2. Anyone know if Alaska airlines audio hook ups in coach need this headphones adapter? I’ve been on one airplane in the past couple years that needed it. Don’t remember what airlines ...
  3. Great idea. I'm used to doing this with boarding passes, but hadn't thought to do that for the cruise. I'll take a screen shot of my luggage tag, magnify it, and add the extra info you suggested.
  4. @Hawaiidan , you are on my list of people here I'd like to be stuck on an elevator with ;). Of course - better to be at one of the HAL bars with Wang Wangs* nearby, but if I'm playing the "who would you want to be stuck on an elevator with" game... * that's got to be the best name for a drink ever
  5. Found what someone said about needing paper copies of my passport. From the big Google Doc where I've been pasting all people's replies that gave helpful advice or tips I would not have otherwise considered: It reads like it was from a trip report... I recall someone else in same or different topic replied with something to the effect of, "well of course you must bring photocopies of your passport when you embark". Like it was the most obvious thing in the world. After reading both those replies I just figured this was a cruising-specific thing.
  6. Don't be sorry. Your reply made me chuckle a little too: At an 800+ person event last November, not in the Sahara ;-), 2 people passed out on the first day and needed fluid IVs. I asked the MD what was going on. He said it happens all the time on early days of a conference: Between the dehydrating effect of air travel the flurry of activity (hotel checkins) and overall disruption of habits, people just don't think about drinking water like they do when in normal routine.
  7. Really? Why / how? What's wrong with the coffee maker in the Neptune Suite? My fave K-cup is Newman's Own. Am definitely going to miss Ruta Maya coffee from Costco. I'm bringing several Starbucks Via for before / after cruise cabin / hotel. It's not as good as Ruta Maya or Newman's Own, but it's a lot BTN (Better than Nothing) On vacations I mostly go with whatever coffee is available, and break out the Starbucks Via if nothing is available. On work trips I almost always bring my own coffee and tea service. It makes a huge difference in getting through a long night / morning of focused work. No waiting on anyone to bring bad coffee at $15 per pot or more in Vegas. ex: I have to be in Vegas for were work 2 or 3 weeks per year. I bring Gourmia GK320 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle (great for tea too) a collapsible coffee cone like this + Ruta Maya coffee. It's a moment of heaven on a day otherwise living on a stopwatch.
  8. That's a GREAT idea. I LOVE True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange! So much less waste vs buying fresh and sometimes letting them go bad. That company included me in a taste test of their future products last year.
  9. Really? Between both carry on's, here are things you are bringing that I am not. passports, cash, credit cards, boarding pass & NO: hotel confirmation, NO: IPad, NO: charger NO: gum & NO: Jet Lag ? prescription meds passport copies my camera NO: 2nd IPad (sometimes), NO: book for the plane, NO: itinerary book (to confirmations, etc.), NO*: jewelry NO*: watches NO: packing list of what is in the suitcases “in case”. * I only travel with the jewelry & watch that I wear. Never extras.** I think I should remove the change of clothes from my carry on, since I'm going directly from land ( a cabin on the water ) to the ship. Less risk than if going directly from plane to ship. **I am on the look out for a new pendant from Alaska. I love my current pendant but it makes me sad to wear it ... so I'm going to try to put it away for a while. But I feel nekkid without a pendant of any kind on. Maybe I'll see something interesting in one of the ports.
  10. Yea, I thought about that before, but the first port stop is > 48 hours after embarkation.
  11. If I'm cold, I'll wear it. If I'm not, which currently I can't imagine being anything other than HOT ever again in my life given it's 104 out, it will be in the carry on. Why should I carry my jacket onto the ship vs either wear it or stow it in my carry on? Correct. I really tried to make that clear in the title: "My embarkation bag to carry on the ship must include..." that I'm talking about what I'm carrying onto the ship. Nothing about flights here. I've read such differing opinions on this. I might or might not carry on water. But definitely 1 bottle of wine. If I don't carry on water, and the water taste is ick, I'll not drink enough and will then get dehydrated within 48 hours.
  12. LOL @kazu, from what you listed, do you think you are carrying more or less than me in your carry on? Mandatory to have 1) Passport 2) Photocopies of passport 3) Boarding Pass printed from the HAL website 4) Luggage tags from my suitcase on the luggage 5) Meds 6) Allergy printout if needed 7) Credit card I used to make the reservation Will have Cleaning bleach wipes i need this < A bunch of thin, easy-on, food prep gloves (my skin doesn't like > 5 min in bleach > Might also have in another carry on Change of clothes Jacket Maybe Drinks bought at port
  13. I'm under the impression from other posts that I will need passport photocopies to embark. Right? I vaguely recall someone borderline ridiculing a newbie who didn't know that s/he needed passport photocopies to board the ship. And if you don't have them you have to stand in line for 15 min to make them before you boarded. Or is that only for certain types of cruises? Me too. Diversify the risk. In hotels with clorox wipes and gloves in a storage ZipLoc in my carry on, I can have the room cleaned usually before my luggage arrives. Haven't had a cold in eons... at least 5 years. ::KnockOnTeak::
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