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  1. @rbslos18I would but... I have my heart set on being at the Dubai World Fair in Dec 2021 https://www.expo2020dubai.com/ When I was in Dubai for work and then a week of play, unexpectedly , I had so much fun! (confession: I did not know what to expect - would I be kidnapped?) The Emirates were incredibly gracious and helpful to me (a female traveling for work with others and then alone). Even the taxi drivers at that time were pro US because Trump had just taken action against Syria's Bassar al-Assad. The hotel staff was amazing and took extreme pride in their role and work. Every single taxi driver talked about Expo 2020 with such pride. They want to put on a grand show for the world. Also - I LOVED the shopping in Dubai. I haven't been to a mall in the US, pre-covid, in years. In Dubai, shopping was so experiential. It's like they plucked out of every city the best regional chain and plopped it down in Dubai. ex: The best boulangerie in Paris has an outpost in Dubai. Madam M's from NYC has a store in Dubai I want to be there for 2 weeks. 1 to explore the world fair. 1 to see and shop Dubai again. This is one of those *truly* once in a lifetime events.
  2. Oh my gosh @Cruise Wonderland, I *loved* Hong Kong. Such an enchanting and fascinating city. I stayed at the Langham in Tsim Sha Tsui where I was treated like royalty. Day after our visit to the museum, rain changed plans to indoor, and we decided to have Peking Duck at the Peninsula Hotel for lunch. What an amazing experience! The server was wonderful; before the end of the meal we even discussed her career ambitions. Peking Duck + Peninsula + Hong Kong was beauiful to take in. So much history in 1 building and 1 experience. That small ?upstairs? bar at the Peninsula would be a great covert meeting place for spys :-). Thinking about the rain makes me remember that I visited the museum store twice before I left. I returned to get more stamps as well; they had a limit on how many I could buy on first trip. Also - the HK Museum had the most interesting umbrella holders... I think I took a pic. Now I must protect my own Hong Kong emblem credit card size SD card holder from family that wants to lift it!
  3. You used the same service when you did this on your own? (Luggage forward).
  4. Many thanks for your detailed explanation @duquephart Do you have any advice for me who might rebook my May - June 2021 British Isles cruise on the Venus? (final payment date on Dec 2, 2020) I will not sail without a vaccination.
  5. Well, delete that #3. Looks like the Hong Kong Museum's main exhibit is being "revamped" to rewrite history.. It's going to be closed for 2 years. Glad I saw it when I did, and took so many pictures. Articles about this have started popping up in my Google News feed https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/society/article/3105875/museums-hong-kong-story-exhibition-go-hi-tech-major-revamp Ex: "Politics in Hong Kong was also covered in the exhibition, with a timeline accompanied by pictures, including of the 1967 riots, which lasted eight months and left 51 dead, as well as Hongkongers’ involvement in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square student protests of 1989." If anyone reads this post years from now and goes to the museum, I'd love to know if any mention of Tiananmen Square can still be found. Apparently tons of people this week are going to the museum to take pictures of the story of Hong Kong as it is told now in the Museum. Meant to include the TripAdvisor link in original post https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294217-d311604-Reviews-Hong_Kong_Museum_of_History-Hong_Kong.html Though the pictures don't seem to do it justice...
  6. Agreed. I did that the second week in March. My morose thought was, "This is going to be around for 5 years." - thinking about how long it takes to develop a vaccine and how contagious it seemed.
  7. All of this is new news to me! (and I used to follow the insurance board closely.) Thanks for posting. @rbslos18 's post above should have 1000 likes. Steve Dasseos from the Trip Insurance Store is a national treasure. I've never talked with an agent who was so knowledgeable, helpful, and succinct. He really listened, thought about what I was asking, and replied with options. Not only that, it was 7:30 at night and he clearly had a bad cold at the time last year I spoke with him. I had planned on simply leaving a message. Before calling Steve I always try to read as much as possible on his extremely informative website. I'm sure he gets asked the same questions over and over.
  8. 3 Hong Kong tips: 1) A favorite memory of Hong Kong when there for work last year - the Japanese white strawberries from a grocery store in that big indoor mall right near the cruise ship terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. I brought some for the flight to eat on the way home and was SO GLAD I did. Would have been famished without them! Plus I made a friend for life by sharing with a woman traveling with a church group from mainland China enroute to Alaska. 2) The most unexpected thing I experienced - Hong Kong taxi drivers' strong dislike of mainland Chinese. I can't repeat the things they said... 3) Favorite museum: Hong Kong History Museum also in Tsim Sha Tsui. https://hk.history.museum/en_US/web/mh/ That gift shop had my family's favorite souvenirs - the SD memory card holders. Credit card size card holders with a pretty representation of Hong Kong on the front.
  9. Just curious - on what aspects did the agent mislead you?
  10. Hi Kirk, what does MedJet give you that GeoBlue lacks? I thought GeoBlue did medical evaluation as well.
  11. The lesson learned for me from this thread is: Even if I have a known medical situation that will definitely prevent me from taking the cruise, I should not cancel till close to the the required must-cancel-by date deadline. ex: several days before that date Because there are many possible reasons why Viking would need to cancel the cruise. Right?
  12. Do your rights disappear if you don’t file the dispute within 60 days?
  13. really? Can you post the email or link?
  14. @Dukefan, the next once-in-a-Decade event I'm looking forward to after Dubai is Amsterdam's 2022 Floriade https://floriade.com/en/at-the-expo/ https://tulipsinholland.com/floriade/ "The Floriade is an international garden festival and exhibition that is held every ten years in the Netherlands." Yes there are a ton of stunning tulips in beautiful fields. But it's so much more... really like a horticultural World Fair of it's own. I went to the one in 2002 - one of my fave experiences ever. Missed 2012. I must see 2022 Floriade. You can email me at TravelInsuranceCompared@gmail.comthough I've paused my spreadsheet comparison for now...
  15. Exactly. True at any age, but more impactful with each year. Then there are the truly Once-in-a-lifetime events. Example: the Dubai World Fair. (aka "Expo 2020 Dubai") I went to Dubai to speak at a conference in 2017, and LOVED it. Was SO looking forward to this as a Christmas vacation: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/ You can email me at TravelInsuranceCompared@gmail.com though I've paused my spreadsheet comparison for now...
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