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  1. I don't care what X's dress code is for chic nights IMO the only acceptable clothes for men and women on chic nights is this.........
  2. WOW, I thought I was a Bear! To me it's starting to smell like napalm in the morning out there in Cruiseland and like Colonel Kilgore I love the smell of napalm in the morning. 🙂
  3. I bought some the other day but it is in my tax free account so no Cap. Gains (hopefully) OUCH. 😀
  4. RCL is closing today at about $77. (-43% from its 52 week high) This virus thing is starting to get interesting!
  5. I'm neither long or short any cruise industry stocks in my portfolio and I have no cruises booked at the moment so I haven't given the subject much thought other than wondering if cruisers would want to spent quarantine time of a ship or at an air force base. I'll start pondering the future of the cruise industry if the stocks get pummeled some more or if cruise prices drop significantly.
  6. Wow, a ten day 170 post thread about buffets. Obviously some folks like to gorge on Buffet threads as much as some others like to gorge at the actual buffets. 🍽️ 🙂
  7. I was just reading on another travel bb site where a couple was complaining about the boorish behavior of some passengers on a recent Equinox cruise also. They were complaining about someone was snapping voyeuristic photos of their feet. 😲 C'mon folks, we choose to vacation on a floating sardine can with 3 or 4 or 5 thousand other humans. Some of them will exhibit behaviors we don't like. Pssst sometimes our behavior won't be to someone else's liking either. So chill people, you're on vacation. Kick back, put your covered feet up and relax!
  8. The most special treatment I've had at the spa on Celebrity was a The Classic at the Martini Bar. A couple of thoise is waaaaay better than any massage!
  9. The Horror!!! 😱 We need the foot police more than ever!
  10. The sun came up this morning and X screws up up their marketing again. All's right in the world.
  11. LOL Yep, those things have been standard Leaf fan apparel since way before the Coronavirus. Heck, way before SARS!
  12. Dear Legal Department, Please change the T&C for the dining packages to clearly indicate one app, one main and one dessert at all venues. Regards, Louis Tully V.P. Accounting 🤑
  13. Forget about the shorts at dinner by don't forget the new trend in cruise wear.🙂
  14. Normally I wouldn't bother with the opinions of the talking heads on cable news outlets but I wonder what may answer would be if my cruise just happened to be the first post quarantine cruise on the Diamond Princess? Sure, the ship would have been scrubbed clean and some talking head at the cruise line would insist it was safe, but.......?
  15. I think you are 100% correct. Nobody on the planet would care if my lowly DirtyDawg's cafe (That's what my outdoor kitchen and dining set is called) quit using plastic straws but if McD's did it, then it's news. The media doesn't hate the cruise industry. It's just bigger now so stuff that happens is now newsworthy. Of course, I could be wrong and the media does hate the cruise industry. But if that's true have you ever thought that the hate is because the media hates you personally and only by extension it hates the cruise industry! Hey if we're peddling conspiracy theories let's go all out. 😉
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