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  1. Cut them slack, they're just exercising their fingers and we all should exercise more don't you think. 👉
  2. Don't kid yourself, the nerds will be getting the first drinks from those robots. 😉 It's a droid dog eat droid dog world out there.
  3. Cruise Critic is a small subset of the cruising demographic and I suspect that the percentage of cruisers giving additional gratuities is lower in the general cruiser population than on Cruise Critic. Many cruisers on this board have cruise many, many times and will receive service that warrants additional gratuities. The other reason might be that this is the internet and everything is bigger and better on the internet vs. the real world. 😉
  4. Oh dear, I didn't realize the good people of Cruise Critic were so easily corrupted by a post. 😮 I wonder how much nationwide corruption was done when Aaron Rogers accepted that $55M+ "facility payment" last year or when Russell Wilson accepted his $65M signing bonus earlier this year? My youngest just graduated from University this past spring, Should I tell him to payback the signing bonus the Tech company paid him to bribe him to join their company?
  5. Simple solution, bring your own utensils. They don't take much more room than the snorkel and mask. You can also buy quite fashionable disposable latex gloves these days too. Mrs. Dawg prefers these for Formal nights in the buffet.
  6. A true Gentleman. I too always get offered a drink the moment I venture up to the bar but I have to admit that I taken my drink before those less endowed wretches on one or two occasions. Forgive me, I was raised in the colonies.
  7. I take it that you have never used your height to an advantage in getting better service at the pub. But have you used your striking good looks or your rapier British wit! 😉
  8. I'll play the Devil's advocate here. A lot of people use their advantages in life to get further advantages. Tall people can get noticed at a crowded bar. Have any of the tall people on this thread ever used that to their advantage? A nice looking lady (or man) might use that advantage to get the bartender's attention. Any of the good-looking ladies (or men) here ever done that? An outgoing, chatty or witty person might use that to chat up waiters to get better service. Any chatty or witty people here ever used your gift of gab to get better service? Psst. I've been guilty of using one of the above to get better service at times. 😀 So why not use the advantage of more money to also get an advantage?
  9. I know we have a good amount of older posters here on Cruise Critic but I don't think any are from the generation of North Americans who created the 'culture'. 😁 But even if they were, is it really that uncommon to find that people in a country cannot agree on the operation of a 'culture' their generation created? For example, entering and now possibly , maybe, exiting the EU. Hmmm?
  10. Some people will consider this a 'bribe' but I like to think of it as treating those wonderful cabin stewards just like a star athlete. Did The Packers 'bribe' Aaron Rogers with that massive upfront signing bonus last year? Now, I don't give my steward a $50M+ tip at the beginning a 7 day cruise but an extra $20 bucks or so upfront for some extra requested services can show the steward that I consider him or her a star 🌟 just like Aaron. 😉
  11. We live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) so being restricted to only cruise travel would be incredibly awful. I mean, how many times do you really want to cruise the Great lakes and see such exocitc locals as Deluth, Minnesota, Cleveland, Ohio, or Sault Ste Marie, Michigan or Ontario. And let me tell you, the Welland Canal is more like a rain soaked ditch compared to the Panama Canal. 😉 So we like to mix up our travel. Sometimes we fly to a cruise port and embark on a nice relaxing cruise. Sometimes we fly down South and go to an AI and chill for a week on a beach. And sometimes we explore far away lands, usually just wondering around by car exploring the tourist and non-tourist destinations of the country. Currently I'm trying to talk Mrs. Dawg into a two week road trip next summer to visit all the really nice baseball stadiums in the the Eastern U.S. We went to Fenway a couple of years ago but I haven't seen Camden Yards or Wrigley Field or the new stadiums in Detroit, Pittsburgh etc. Wish me luck!
  12. BirdTravels is absolutely correct, the new ships will be better until..... If smoke in the Casino bothers you there are other cruise lines which have non-smoking casinos in their entire fleet. They have made the corporate decision to attract non-smoking gamblers therefore, it is far more likely that they will continue to be non smoking.
  13. Why use your pocket? Just stuff it in you undershirt. 😉
  14. I agree NCL pricing is frustrating but that's free enterprise for what amounts to a near monopoly situation. The third guest in you cabin is at the mercy of the cruise line. He can't but Royal's drink package and stay in your NCL cabin can he. You have lots of time. Shop around. All cruise lines; pricing will frustrated you in some way, just pick the one that is the least frustrating for you.
  15. My friends were on that cruise. I'm sure glad they got off and are heading back to civilization. I just don't know if Thurston and his wife Lovey and Ginger and Mary Ann would be cut out for being shipwrecked on that island. My buddy, the Professor sure would be, but not sure about the others. 😎
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