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  1. @chinita415 how do you like the GB pockit? I’m thinking about getting the newest one that reclines for this trip.
  2. Thank you all for your helpful answers! This is really helping us prepare. @grg i'm just curious, did you bring/use any baby carriers for the 9 month old and one year old? Did you do any excursions without strollers? Also, there are small refrigerators in the rooms right? My kids snack like crazy. I was wrong about the ship - we are on the star princess, and I confirmed that we have a balcony room with a queen size bed and a pullout couch, so our original plan to sleep one adult, one child per bed will work out thankfully. Also an interesting tidbit i wanted to share for others who see this thre ad - I and my 11 month old (current age) have been dairy and soy free since he was born, due to him having a sensitivity and breastfeeding. I am not sure if he has grown out of it yet and we plan to test with the "dairy ladder" soon, but I wanted to make sure we'll have options for him if he still can't have dairy when we are on the cruise. I spoke to Princess and they offer Lactose-free milk, rice milk and soy milk, but told me to also email the dietary restrictions representative to see if I would be able to bring almond milk and almond yogurts on board for him, or if they would be able to order it for us. They also had other dietary restriction/allergy options you could select. They have been very accommodating so far!
  3. @1025cruise do you have an idea of how they fit 4 people into a balcony room?
  4. Someone brought up a good point to me yesterday about car safety while traveling. We're flying from NY to Seattle and i know there will be transfers there as well as at the ports that will require car travel. Legally, we need both kids in car seats. In the past we've traveled with a lightweight carseat when we only had one child, but i can't imagine how we can travel with two plus strollers, etc. How have others handled this kind of "gear" situation with more than one child? Is it a better idea to rent carseats (or at least the additional carseat) and/or strollers in Seattle? Where would i rent from if i did that?
  5. @kitkat343 we'll be on Princess Cruiselines on the Ruby Princess. @Essiesmom everything is already booked, this is a gift for our family from our parents - we have a balcony room for 4. I'm having a hard time finding pictures of the 4 person configuration, but from past experience i'm assuming and hoping that there will be a couch that pulls out into a bed. I'm anticipating having one adult and one child in each bed.
  6. Hi all. I’m a seasoned cruiser with at least 10 under my belt, but i’m In uncharted territory because this June we’ll be cruising with kids for the first time, in Alaska. I want to be well prepared in all aspects...I’m already anxious thinking about how we’ll handle naps, stroller vs carrier, etc. We’ll be on the Ruby Princess for 7 days stopping in Seattle, Victoria, Ketchikan Skagway, Juneau, and Glaciar Bay National Park. I cruised there around 10 years ago but was single and able to do anything and everything. I’m looking for general baby cruiser tips (what to bring, onboard tips, excursion tips, etc.) and also more detailed suggestions/information about what excursions are best for those ages. We babywear so i anticipate doing a lot of that. I’ve never had to use the kids club/babysitting services and would love to hear reviews of your experiences with that onboard service. We are traveling large - my parents and sisters plus families - 26 of us with kids of all ages - the youngest ones will be 1, 2.5, 4 and 6. ALL of your suggestions and insight are appreciated!
  7. [*] The average age on this cruise was definitely senior! While there were many active seniors, the ship was almost desserted by midnight. I have done a 10 day Caribbean cruise and think it may be more suited to a honeymoon But what you just went on was the 14 day full transit or the 10 day partial? We're hoping to do the 10 day partial. Maybe that will be younger?
  8. Great insight! I like your style...being the party starter is always the way to go. We've gone on a Southern caribbean cruise together, and i've been on a western caribbean cruise with family. I've pretty much been to EVERY caribbean island with the exception of Aruba, St. Martin and St. Kitts. While i always enjoy the caribbean, i'm looking for something memorable and different. I'm sure all of the seasoned travelers can relate that it's almost difficult to choose where to go as you get older because you've already experienced so much that your biggest decision factor is that it's unique.
  9. Cruising any longer than 10, 11 days is not an option for us because i only get a certain amount of days off and have to keep time for air travel in mind. We also have 2 dogs at home and i'm a sad mommy when i'm away from them TOO long. HAHA. I'm interested to know why you think hawaii is the more romantic option because, to me, a cruise is a cruise...the onboard experience is pretty similar regardless of the destination...is it because of the choice of excursions? Obviously hawaii seems more "honeymoon" than the panama canal but in my opinion, everything is what you make it and we fully intend to make this a romantic vacation wherever we go. Sidenote: Both my fiance and I have travelled to other states and countries for mission work. Not together, yet, but i believe even that type of "vacation" can be romantic if you want it to be. We considered honeymooning in Ecuador where we'd be assisting at a big cat sanctuary. Now THAT is a dream vacation for a serious animal lover like me :) Definitely someday...
  10. You know, i hope no one is taking my "older demographic" thing personally, and maybe it's better that i explain what i'm talking about. A few years ago i went on a Princess cruise to Northern Europe... Finland, Russia, Denmark...a SPECTACULAR trip by the way, i highly recommend. BUT it was the last leg of a world cruise and i will tell you that i was the youngest person on the boat by at least 20 years. As a result, my boyfriend and I (23 at the time) would go to the disco around 9:30, 10:00pm and there wouldn't be a single soul there. The ENTIRE cruise was like that. I enjoyed talking to a number of my fellow passengers but the nightlife was so nonexistent it left me wanting. My fiance and I are the party type... we like to dance and have fun til the wee hours of the night (at least on the nights before a sea day). The importance is not on the age, but rather on the inclination to party! (and i know many of you, regardless of age, like to party too!)
  11. I heard this was the case from the travel agent and it does make sense, however i think everyone refers to the 14 night cruise, as opposed to the 10 night cruise we're looking into. From what i can tell the longer cruises skew older. There's also the consideration of time of year. We'd be going in October, November or January, although i'm not sure what time of year would yield a younger demo.
  12. You all bring up really good points and are very helpful. Yes, i am definitely siding more toward the Panama Canal cruise for many of the reasons you all mentioned. Longer, more convenient for the Disney pre or post-tour, a good mix of beachy relaxation, adventure, and history. I think we've made up our minds on it but i'd like to hear more as this thread gets older...particularly from people who've been on both cruises. Tikipeople, your review was an incredible help because comparing these exact two cruises is really what i'm trying to do. Additionally, since you all know this is for my honeymoon, i welcome any OTHER suggestions you might throw out... in terms of other cruises or just other destinations. Our original intent was Tahiti and we seriously considered the Princess cruise from Tahiti to Hawaii in January 2014. My only qualm was the 5 days of sailing in between. I'm the kind of person who likes a day on, a day off so that i can re-energize for the next day of activities. It's a long cruise with one VERY long flight to Tahiti, and i also question how much we'd really enjoy the Tahiti excursions when most of it is beach and snorkel and such that we can see pretty much anywhere. But maybe i'm wrong. Any insight?
  13. That sounds awesome! Thanks for the congratulations by the way. I think i saw your thread on the Panama Canal cruise... can you tell me if there were younger couples aboard when you went? My travel agent said it skews older and i don't have a problem with that but it would be nice to have some younger couples to do activities with.
  14. Are these responses coming from past NCL cruisers who have a preference or is it because we're all loyal to Princess and on the Princess board? :) Just curious!
  15. We're thinking of doing this cruise for our honeymoon later in the year...were there any younger couples (20s and 30s) aboard? Just curious as we were told by our travel agent that the age demo for Panama Canal cruises skews older. I find the companionship of the older couples i've met while traveling to be great and very informative, but i know my fiance would like to meet up with some very active people and enjoy some excursions with them maybe.
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