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  1. Oh c'mon. ho doesn't want to go on a cruise ship, get falling down drunk, and be able to find a tattoo parlour on the way back to your cabin?
  2. *mumbles something about never being lucky enough to win lottery twice the same month*
  3. I've never understood why NCL calls it a 'Haven' when they allow children in it.
  4. Admit it: I cannot be the only one who would love a cruise without my spouse. 😉
  5. The crusher here is that these forehead scanning temperature-taking devices can be off. Saw various reports on the weekend where they tried off-the-shelf models and they could be off by up to 4C or 7F. They're built for industrial use/precision, not human medical use. The ones off by that much don't scare me... any such readings would be dismissed as ridiculous. Nobody runs a fever of 106. Ones off by, oh, 1/4 to 1/3 that much, well... that's a recipe for denying healthy people boarding if the scanners are running high, and for allowing sick people aboard if they are running low.
  6. This...and on Azamara it's cultishly pathetic for about 1/3 of the pax.
  7. +1 I don't understand why people go to Antarctica or (especially) So. Georgia and don't land. Landings are magic.
  8. ABN can you send me a note? I'm at my cc handle at gmail.com Have questions about land tours/groups. Thanks S
  9. O class only til end of March basically. One just loops from Miami. *yawn*
  10. It's OK. If the herbs don't work out, they can bring in the Witch Doctor with his Magic Chicken Bones.
  11. It's my understanding that most if not all of the physical schools in hotspots are closed, and kids are learning online.
  12. As long as they don't take away my emotional support snake, I'll be fine.
  13. Most interesting to me remains the death curve by age. On a percentage basis (age x-axis, death rate y-axis), it's upward slope, the end. For lots of influenzas (which kill far more, yes, even this year) and related diseases, the very young are also at risk. Apparently not here.
  14. They are still piecing it together but it seems that both infection rates and mortality rates skew older. So does O's demo of course.
  15. Seriously? You're going with the reductio-ad-absurdum argument that hey, there's a risk of tripping over your doormat? *smh* Look, I'm a shareholder of NCLH, I get it, but, c'mon man.
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