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  1. If you're arriving in San Juan for a port of call, getting out to El Yunque and back could be a challenge. Add to that the fact that the damage from last year is still quite significant. My wife and I will be in San Juan at the very beginning of next month and have opted to stay in town rather than venture out. As the previous poster said, there are the forts which are - for the ages you're talking - probably lost on them. :) However, if it's a nice day, outside El Morro there are always dozens of people flying kites...could consider packing some and letting that add to the experience of seeing the fort.
  2. If you're in moderately good health, you can easily walk both forts in the time you're in port with room to spare. Note that it is a bit of a strenuous walk up to El Morro, especially if you're in the middle of the summer. Be sure to bring some waters off the ship and stay hydrated. :)
  3. I use the 5 drink break-even that everyone has mentioned, and never have a problem hitting that thereby making it worthwhile. One to two Mimosas with breakfast, two glasses of wine with dinner, and one drink with evening entertainment is an absolute certainty every day whether in port or at sea. For me it's a no-brainer and, for the DW, as others have said it brings the benefit of trying something new out without the risk of wasting the money. Another no-brainer. :)
  4. I can only recommend the one you really *must* (and already have set up) snorkel at and one to avoid. Bonaire is an underwater paradise, plain and simple. Just about anywhere around the island is a diving/snorkelling spot so you won't be disappointed. Labadee, on the other hand, really doesn't have much to offer at all. Yes, there is one excursion you can book - we did it years ago - but it's underwhelming especially if you're going to be comparing it against Bonaire. The other two I'm afraid I haven't visited personally so can't comment on. I'm sure there are some good posts somewhere on the forums here that'd point you in the right direction. :) Enjoy the trip!
  5. I'm sure there's a 12-step program out there for ya' if interested. (Don't mind me...just the jealousy typing ;) )
  6. This is my DW and my plan when we arrive in Labadee come 01 August after diving in Bermuda and St. Maarten earlier in the cruise. A nice, relaxing day trolling around the lagoon sounds perfect to me...
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