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  1. Amanda, you're the best! :) Thank you for being so kind in sharing with us.


    I have another question (don't hate me!): For the reception, we also booked the DJ. I'm just wondering though, does the DJ guide the flow of the reception for you as far as letting you know to go straight to cut the cake, asking if anyone wants to make a toast, first dance, etc.? Or the coordinator? Or do we need to do that ourselves?

  2. thank you! I loved my shoes too :) the shoes were actually purchased at Davids Bridal when I got my dress once I told the sales associate my wedding colors she grabbed these and they were love at first sight I'm pretty sure they come in almost any color and they were pretty comfortable heres the site http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Satin-Peep-Toe-Platform-High-Heel-with-Bow-Maribelle_Accessories-Shoes-Heels-from-2-to-4-Inches

    Thanks! I will have to go to DB and try these on!

  3. Warning: this may be long :)


    my husband (yeaaa it feels so good to say that haha) and I have been together for 9 years now, since we were 17. We were engaged for almost 2 years and are now finally husband and wife :) When we first got engaged we knew we didnt want a traditional wedding and started looking online for different destination weddings. Cruise critic and this board actually helped with our decision to do a cruise wedding and I couldnt have been more happier with my choice. So now let me recap you with our planning and finally the big day.


    We booked the wedding in Dec of 2011 starting our countdown at 417 days and I didn't think the day would ever come and now I can't believe its gone. The first thing we did was send out our save the dates made from vistaprint and also made a website with all of the info for our wedding and the cruise. We wanted to give people as much time as possible to plan for our wedding and cruise. All of our family is from Mass so we knew everyone would be cruising with us we ended up having about 40 guests cruise with us (which was a lot more than we expected).


    After those were sent out and people started to pay the initial deposit with our travel agent I started to gather things for our "welcome aboard bags" which were a huge hit by the way. Heres the link with more info for those bags: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1742030


    You will also see in our pics that I had my own silk flowers made from a vendor on etsy which were much nicer than the carnival provided bouquet which is very small.


    Alright so on with the review of the actual wedding.


    We had so much stuff to bring down to Port Canaveral that we had to drive which was only 6 hours for us so it was not bad at all. We stayed at the Radisson at Cape Canaveral with all of our guests that flew in from Boston, MA the friday before the wedding. Thats a story to tell too, we almost didnt have any guests at our wedding. The northeast had a major snowstorm that friday and sat and were canceling a lot of flights. The flight with our guests on it was one of the last to leave the airport before they shut the airport down. I almost cried the night before while we were checking the flight statuses like every 20 min. I am so glad they were all able to make it! When we got to the hotel we gave the front desk a newsletter to give to every guest as they checked in to the hotel.


    We had reserved a meeting room for that afternoon and had everyone meet us there. This is where we passed out our welcome aboard bags and wedding day timelines. I also had tshirts made for our wedding party and parents which everyone loved. My in laws then paid for everyone to have dinner right next to the hotel at Kelsey's which is like an italian/pizza restaurant the food was fantastic. Everyone had a great time and the party actually continued on to the hotel where they had a bar and live music outside by the pool.


    The next morning my two "maids of honor" and the moms came to my hotel room (we kicked the groom out) where we had Tiffany from professional elegance do our hair and makeup. She is fantastic!!!! I highly recommend her I cannot believe how great she made us look and she was so sweet. We had room service bring us breakfast and mimosas and had a some great bonding time.


    We then took the hotel shuttle over to the port. It took them about 3 runs to transport us and all of our guests and luggage to the port. This is where I wish I had planned better for because there was so much confusion and I needed help carrying all of the wedding stuff on board. My husband was with me at this point and we gave our luggage for the cruise to the porters right away that left us with a bag of "getting ready stuff" his suit my dress, 2 boxes for the wedding and a plastic tub with all of the flowers. We clearly could not carry all of that by ourselves so we had everyone grab something and go. This is where it got all crazy. We met Mary, one of our wedding coordinators, right away once inside the terminal she was amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better coordinator she helped us get all checked in and then said we would be taken to a private room with our guests and she would go over everything with us. Well no that did not happen because the ship was cleared for customs right away and everyone was rushed to go through the security pictures and board the ship right away. This is where I lost track of all my wedding stuff because everyone just took off for the ship and I didn't know who had what and where they were. I started to panic a little when Mary said she needed the stuff so they could set everything up. Eventually everyone converged in the lobby of the ship and I was able to located everything and stop my mini panic attack. So my advice is to assign something to everyone and know whose taking what before you even get to the port. I also have to give a shout out to my husband who carried my 2 wedding dresses (I had a short one for dinner) his suit, and our 2 sisters gowns all held over his head the entire time so they would not get wrinkled. I think I had to give him shoulder massages all week haha.


    to be continued....

    Hey albean86! I have a question, what brand and style are your shoes? They're so pretty! I'm actually looking for purple ones though.

  4. In the link you can see the following "additions"


    The runner which I ordered from an Esty seller.

    The cake ribbon used was two 5 yard spools.

    The cake flowers were fondant flowers from an Etsy seller.


    The fresh flower arrangements were Red Gingers, Blue hydrangea and white calla lillies. The lighting at the ceremony makes the whole thing look white, but it was very pretty.


    My bouquet, grooms bout and bm's bouquets were from Angels Accents.

    Again, your pictures were just beautiful! I'm thinking about getting an aisle runner from etsy as well. Which seller did you use for the runner and for your gumpaste cake flowers?

  5. I'm about 1/2 way thru my brooch bouquet and then have to start my daughters. We bought flowers from Michaels and brooches from ebay, mostly but some from flea markets and garage sales. Plus when friends family found out what I was doing they brought me some brooches, which I think is such a nice personal touch. I just followed some you tube instructions and of course trial and error :s.

    Has anyone seen or tried the small chain globe encircling the bouquet??

    I would love to see a pic of your bouquet when you are done!

  6. I'm currently at work and they have YouTube blocked :( so I can't copy and paste the link at the moment. If you go to onto YouTube though, type "brooch bouquet" into the search and it is the 2nd video that comes up by JessicaFleurDeLis. She has a part 1 and part 2 and breaks it down really well.


    I know what you mean, I'm a little concerned about them looking cheap also that's why I really wanna go with some place that has some sort of reviews or something...or that one of you lovely ladies has used :) Hmmm I've never heard of latex flowers before, I'll have to check that out. Thanks for sharing those links! :)

  7. Hello fellow cruise brides! I really really want a flower & brooch combo bouquet. I found a great youtube video on how to make one and it seems pretty easy. My problem is finding good quality (and a good selection) silk flowers for the bouquet. I glanced at Joann's the other day and the only ones I found that I liked were the calla lilies which I plan to use for my bridesmaids. Anyone been to Hobby Lobby? Or know of any great websites where I could buy some? Thanks! :)

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