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  1. Seems like a good deal....30% exchange rate...we bought some a few months ago, and better than the bank rate. Can use for excursions as well as beverages and any other items bought on board.
  2. We always go to the buffet, as we can chose what we want and also sample other foods that we may or may not like...don't like the idea of sitting in the DR for a long period of time.
  3. I drank Canada Dry...lol
  4. Go to On Board Reservations, Beverage Package (which u already looked at) and it is listed at the bottom.....12 500 ml bottles, in my case it is $9.20 Canadian $
  5. For us Canadians the price would be about $3000 in Cdn funds for two for our 15 days cruise....simply not worth it. We plan on bringing aboard several bottles of wine, pay the corkage if the desk is set up and then purchase drinks when we want. We will get the 5 for 4 beer specials in a bucket and will have our steward supply us with ice in a bucket every day to keep the drinks cold....the fridge only cools things. When in ports, we will also purchase more wine. We already purchased a few cases of bottled water.
  6. I second Mapsme...just be sure to download the app and the country/city u r visiting while on line...works everywhere.
  7. We will be in San Francisco for a few nights prior to our cruise. I will take the empty wheeled carry on suitcase to the local wine store, with some bubble wrap and perhaps some clothes to cushion the wine, and get several bottles of wine. When leaving the hotel for the port, we will put some of our clothes in a large back pack to carry on our shoulder and take the wheeled carry on with the wine and other clothes to the port... Each wine bottle weighs about 9 oz.
  8. We will be buying several bottles of wine at a local shop before getting onboard as we will be there for a few days before our cruise. I will put a heavy back pack in my checked back when leaving home and will take it out, pack it with our purchased wine and put it on my back, to be screened on cruise day. When in ports, we will do the same and pay the corkage if asked.
  9. Thx for the message....I will do the same
  10. Thx for the reply...I booked ages ago, so am at the 1.30 exchange rate...The cost for my 5 bud, pre cruise will be $35,28 CDN $ which works out to $7.05 Cdn per can with no additional 18% gratuity. Buying onboard, from the last quoted beer prices, the Bud will be $6.25 US$ each x 4 cans (buy 4 get 5) = $25. + 18% gratuity = $29.50 x 1.30 exchange rate = $38.35 Cdn. I would save $3. by buying ahead of the cruise, about 10% .....Right?. Everytime I go to my Personalizer it is quoted in Cdn funds.
  11. Is the price on board the same price as pre ordering....Thx 4 the note that I can order other than Bud....my wife is a Corona woman...lol
  12. Thx 4 the reply...We are on the Coral....is the 5 for 4 deal available at the bars on all Princess ships? Sounds better than prepaying.
  13. Amazon has it on their website...search for wine carriers...tried to copy and paste but did not work....
  14. I am thinking of getting the 5 for 4 Bud deal before boarding. As I understand it, the 16 oz (473ML) cans will be delivered to our stateroom. It is larger than our 355 ml cans in Canada. It may or not be cold, so can we request, while on board, to have a bucket filled with ice to keep the beer cold and then keep asking for ice, probably from the bar, whenever the ice melts. From our experience the fridge keeps things cool but not cold....gotta have cold beer. The 5 for 4 would cost us $35.28 Canadian or $7.05 per can. I think this is a good deal. Comments, please...Thx
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