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  1. I can handle 10 hours or so fairly easily, anything longer tends to drag.
  2. The cruise itself goes from South Africa to Singapore but picks up many places along the way.
  3. Our plan was to tour down the pacific coast either by train, car or coach for two weeks, visiting some friends in Oregon and mainly seeing some of the landmarks/national parks and San Francisco. I am still not sure what the Eclipse does after it gets to Vancouver in May. I am assuming Alaska.
  4. You are certainly welcome to join us. Still not sure what itineraries it will do after our cruise but most likely Alaska.
  5. You need to keep that shirt handy for when you go in the indian ocean, may get some blue whales. A cruise friend of ours has just done that cruising between Madagascar and Seychelles.
  6. The smoke was so thick off the coast of NSW, the Pacific Explorer had to use its fog horn as visibility was so poor.
  7. There is footage of the Pacific Explorer heading down the coast from Qld, having to put on the fog horn as the smoke had reduced the visibility that bad.
  8. I am glad I am not one of those getting initiated. Hope your cruise continues smoothly.
  9. Welcome to cruise critic. Not sure they need to dredge the are as it is already a deep water if the dock is built eco friendly. In any case, I am not sure anyone will be allowing botany bay to be ruined any more than what it is now.
  10. Hope it clears up soon for you and everyone else.
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