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  1. The latest I have heard (last night's news) was that the Zaandam (HAL) are in negotiations with the WA and Commonwealth Governments to sort out what can be done for repatriation and medical assistance.
  2. Me neither, I make mistakes, sometimes go off on tangents and also have opinions that others do not always agree with. As long as people here in the Aust/NZ forum remain discussing, or debating the issues and not arguing we will get along fine (unlike some other forums).
  3. Due to the lockdown, I made mushroom soup from mushrooms I got from a local park it was nice but the after dinner show of 100 purple elephants dancing swan lake whilst singing Meatloaf's bat out of hell and the accompanying light show was even better.
  4. Another ship case, I wonder if they got it on the ship, the transfers to and from the airports, the flights or elsewhere..
  5. Definitely not, we are much more picky as the pollies here do not want any competition.
  6. Some great ideas. Order some takeaway to be delivered, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, etc. not only does it protect your food stocks at home, it gives you a treat and helps supports a local restaurant. We are doing this once a week at the moment which is twice or three times as often as previously.
  7. I didn't know I was an art, I sometimes bite my tongue by mistake.
  8. ABC news said the 4 deaths were due to Covid19
  9. Correction, All the 100 kiwis will fly home tonight, and for the Australians, 200 WA residents will go to Rottnest and the other 800 will be quarantined in hotels before going back to their home states. As for the 33 poms, they are in negotiations with the High commission.
  10. Whoever they are, pax or crew, if they come off the ship, they need to be quarantined properly.
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