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  1. I may have a certain body parts like an elephant (indian elephant) but that is where the similarity ends.
  2. It is up top by the sports court, dodgem cars area. Basically and ESCAPE room, you get locked in a room and need to solve a series of puzzles to get the key within a fixed time.
  3. I must have missed those other two, I was thinking of the ones from Brissie.
  4. Good luck, I do wonder if you have your luggage on your back at the same time though?
  5. We have our moments, in recent times, there have been 41 disagreements
  6. You book once on board, go to guest services.
  7. I wasn't against the dams, just that if there were pipelines as well, we could pump the water from an area that is flooding to one that is in drought. It would require a very large network and unfortunately, is only a pipe dream at this stage.
  8. I thought they looked like twins because of the clothes they wore.
  9. Likewise but then some people are not as flexible.
  10. Waking up in a different port every day is a nice thing too.
  11. Why don't they use Circular quay extend one of the middle wharves out by 400m and then they could use both sides and dock 3 large ships at once. The ferries can move to darling harbour or pier one.
  12. I like them pre paid (unless I have lots of OBC) as I can avoid a huge last night bill, paying in advance helps firstly with my budget but also allows me to minimise the cost a little due to currency conversions by picking the time to pay them when our AUD is stronger.
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