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  1. Yes, even when required it may not be a good thing.
  2. MicCanberra

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    2 days til we cruise the Maasdam, 1 until we fly out for Singapore..
  3. Agreed, I am not sure someone premeditates suicide to the extent of booking a cruise. More like events or emotion get the better of them while on it.
  4. MicCanberra

    P&O Pacific Eden arriving Sydney 19 Jan

    Don't stress over things out of your control. The lifts and plumbing issues did not affect us at all as we do not tend to use the lifts much and we go back to our cabin for the toilet (helps avoid noro). I just know that they had not done any major overhauls on the systems to rectify some of the chronic issues.
  5. MicCanberra

    Government Shutdown

    I certainly wouldn't want to be driving for 4 days to start my holiday.
  6. MicCanberra

    Dining with strangers

    We have joined others at tables in various countries around the world when the place is busy and not any spare tables but these establishments would not be considered fine dining but more like eateries.
  7. That may be a winner, especially if the pic of your BIL is not a flattering one .
  8. Is Hilo Hatties elsewhere or only in Hawaii.
  9. Yeah, like I said, he needs to know who is doing the picking because otherwise he is in trouble.
  10. Exactly, the pilot may offer advice as to how far away hazards are but in tight channels, there isn't a lot of room to manoeuvre.
  11. 4 things, Don't pack clothes that really crease up, try wrinkle free type clothing. Use packing techniques like displayed in the videos above but we also pack in a large vacuum bag and leave a little air in so the bag will be cushioned and will not crush. If something has a crease, hang it in the shower and run the hot water and the steam will help remove any wrinkles. Don't stress, everyone else is in the same boat. (pun intended).
  12. MicCanberra

    Newbie needs help !

    Good stuff. Book in early for any of the things you want to do during the cruise.
  13. MicCanberra

    Newbie needs help !

    I agree with your posts points.
  14. Not required but a good precaution to have especially if planning on travel to South America or Africa as well. Of course, like with any medication, check with your doctor to make sure you can actually take it.
  15. MicCanberra

    Dining with strangers

    Same in southern Germany. Agreed about the types of dining although that is not the reason we prefer Anytime Dining (or whatever name each cruise line calls it). We like it as we get to eat when we want to and not at a really early time or a late time.