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  1. It was the old HAL Statendam prior to 2015.
  2. It is indeed the Pacific Eden with P&O, it became the Vasco De Gama for CMV in 2019 and is now sold on to another line as CMV has gone under.
  3. Part of on of the Carnival Corp fleets but not Carnival Cruise line, look to the Eastern most line.
  4. It is on board a ship but not a Celebrity one.
  5. I don't think Vic closed the border to anyone except SA (last week).
  6. No, but it did tour Australia, NZ and the South Pacific for 4 years (2015-19) before going further afield.
  7. Well maybe it is because our two cruises in October and November are likely to be cancelled due to the latest CDC ruling of no cruises over 7 days until 1 November .
  8. It is not in a museum or gallery or in a building at all.
  9. I only have one person (FIL) that calls our land line so it is really easy to screen any of the calls, as for the mobiles, if it isn't a number we know, we don't answer.
  10. We let our annual insurance lapse ( back in march), we will take out a n new policy for when we anticipate travelling overseas again.
  11. Not Turkey, however this particular statue is currently in the northern hemisphere but was in the southern hemisphere when I stood next to it.
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