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  1. Yes, but the crackling is non descript shapes , while the ear would look like an ear and may be listening while I chew.
  2. Yes, and some cruise lines are aware of this tactic for more than just booking cruises, which is why they changed to pre purchase for shorex 's rather than just booking.
  3. Giants made easy work to win well, the bombers will need to improve and I am sure they will for round 2. So 2 out for 4 for the teams I like.
  4. SPB is a major tour company that has received many good reviews, check Trip Advisor.
  5. I certainly do not get 30% commission whenever I book a cruise. I would become a TA if I could.
  6. I have done my own tracking on some cruises and the one thing I have learned is you cannot predict exactly how a particular cruise will sell over another, there are too many influential factors that changes the supply and demand for each cruise. Of course there are some general patterns of pricing but like I said, it is not hard and fast for every cruise or even similar cruises.
  7. I do like being down the corridor so that there is little to no passing traffic past our door.
  8. Being alert to possible dangers and being afraid are two differing things as well.
  9. They may be about the same size (length and width) but certainly not the same height or weight or capacity, and that is why I find the Solstice a better ship, as there are over 1400 less passengers less. Solstice - 122,000 tonnes, 2850 pax, 1250 crew, Ovation - 169,000 tonnes, 4200 pax (max 4900), 1500 crew. I think the solstice sits better in the water as well as it is not quite so large/high, although they both handle the seas well.
  10. Looking at the hull shape of the first tug, it looks like an icebreaker as well.
  11. Exactly, if you can find a nice restaurant in port and sample the local cuisine.
  12. yep, if they are facing the winds and waves from the cyclone Veronica that would be scary enough.
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