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  1. It’s hard to say because it depends on what you like. We spent about 1.5 hours inside the castle and another hour in the gardens. The grounds are beautiful and we did not see everything. We also enjoyed the quaint town. However the round-trip from the port took several hours and we were not aware of a lot of other things to do in Schwerin. Part of the fun was taking the train and finding our way.
  2. Edinburgh Castle is impressive. It can be very busy so is is helpful to purchase advance tickets online. We were advised to choose the first.entrance time and head upstairs to the Crown Jewels immediately. It was good advice as we were ahead of the crowd. We saw several castles on our trip and this was one of the best.
  3. We had a great day visiting Schwerin Castle. Here is a link to my post
  4. Correction “ Dialing directions”
  5. Check out the Travel Pass. Add it to your phone plan for free before you travel. You pay $10 per 24 hours to use your phone and data plan just like you are in the U.S. You only pay if you use the phone. Upon request, Verizon will send you an email with darling directions specific to your phone and countries you are visiting. Please note that you should only use this on land vs the ship! Here is a link: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/travelpass-faqs/
  6. Our group of 4 took a taxi from the Scandic Webers to the port. We paid with a credit card and the bill came to $40 US. The hotel ordered the taxi for us in advance.
  7. We stayed at the Double Tree and were very pleased. It was easy to take the train from the airport and make the short walk to the hotel. The tram is also very convenient. The Movenpick is closer to the port. However, we walked to the ship from the Double Tree. It took us about 15 minutes or so.
  8. We were just there last month. Our cruise provided a shuttle to the Market Square area. At the nearby ferry terminal, we purchased all day transportation passes that included the trams and ferries. The passes were inexpensive and convenient. We took the ferry to the island and the trams to the Olympic site and Rock Church.
  9. We were in the Baltics during the recent European heat wave and wore shorts every day. We laughed about how we had overpacked for the trip by bringing cool weather clothes. Our final port was Stockholm. The cold rain there made us glad to have those clothes!
  10. We had previously visited Berlin and Rostock so we decided to visit Schwerin Castle. We had a wonderful day and thought other cruisers might be interested in our experience. Before we left home, I emailed Schwerin Castle to ask for train station information. Here is the link to the castle website: https://www.schwerin.com/en/attractions-and-sights/schwerin-castle/ After making the short walk to the Warnemunde train station, we purchased round trip tickets to Rostock Hbf and Schwerin Mitte. It is necessary to change trains at Rostock Hbf. The tickets cost around 10 euros each. Purchasing the tickets was a little confusing because the castle had told us to go to the station called "Hauptbahnhof Schwerin” but the clerk told us to buy the tickets for “Schwerin Mitte.” It took us about 90 minutes to travel to Rostock, wait for the Schwerin train, and go to Schwerin. We decided to exit the train at “Schwerin Hbf.” Once off the train, we asked several people for directions, then made the 20 minute walk from the train station to Schwerin Castle. We found that most people were not fluent in English, therefore communicating was a little challenging. The scenic walk takes you past a small lake and through a quaint town where there are numerous cafes and shops. We spent about 4 hours visiting the Castle and eating lunch in town. There were several places with very reasonable prices for sandwiches and drinks. We had to be aware of our time as the trains to Rostock were at approximately 13:45, 15:45 and 17:45. Schwerin Castle is beautiful and visiting it was great fun. However, since we do not speak German, it may have been helpful if we had brought a German translation about where we wanted to go. We are glad we went!
  11. Thank you for your concern. It happened near the end of our two day tour and did not ruin our visit to this magnificent city. I just don't want this to happen to other innocent tourists!
  12. I want to let St. Petersburg visitors know about our recent scary experience. My husband and I visited this beautiful church while on tour with a local St. Petersburg tour agency. While we waited for our guide to purchase tickets, my husband took photos of the areas around the church. He was not taking photos of displayed artwork. Suddenly a street vendor grabbed and pushed him and yelled at him not to take photos of his art. My husband pushed him back and the vendor tried to kick him. My husband walked away. Within a few minutes, he observed the same vendor accost two other tourists in a similar manner. Our guide was not responsible for this incident and could not have seen or heard it. My husband did not tell anyone until after we returned to the ship. Because the vendor attacked three people within a few minutes, it may be some sort of frightening scam. I notified our tour agency when we returned home and they responded with concern and the promise to warn their guides and guests.
  13. We stayed at the Scandic Weber’s two weeks ago. It has a great location, air conditioning, and a delicious breakfast. The hotel arranged a taxi to the port for us. The taxi took credit cards and cost the equivalent of $40 US.
  14. We had an excellent private tour from Cork with http://www.butlerstours.com/. We also went to North Wales from Liverpool on a group tour from http://www.busybus.co.uk/wales-from-liverpool-cruise-terminal. My husband generally dislikes group tours but he had a great time on Busy Bus. Beautiful scenery! We used this guide in Edinburgh and St Andrews: but the website says he can travel to other areas: http://www.edinburghcabtours.com/about/. Andy was the best guide we have ever had. He is very personable and knowledgeable.
  15. I understand about dragging luggage around. However, if you decide to reconsider, the Arlanda Express is very easy. There are escalators in the train stations, comfortable seats on the train with luggage storage, and no traffic concerns. We prepaid for the tickets online. We took it Friday and were very pleased with the experience.
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