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  1. Brings back memories. My father worked in the travel industry and as I child I can remember him going on the Uganda, and he brought me back a sailors cap with Uganda printed on it. Ahhh, memories that have not been accessed in over 40 years, the brain really is an amazing thing.
  2. This was the first year I had sorted everything to enable me to go on my first holiday/cruise over Christmas. He ho.
  3. Apologies, a bit premature. Getting my dates mixed up.
  4. I believe it is about to be dropped down to ten days, so I guess dependant on timings, people would now only need to take a week and a day off work to isolate. Perhaps some will be willing to do that for a week in the sun. Still not my cup of tea though.
  5. Whats an overhang of 44.5m between friends?
  6. I am presuming they have already paid for the berth at Newcastle already, be nice if they sent her up here for a month or two, if she would fit.
  7. Or they may just put the price of the on board drinks up instead to push people onto the drinks package.
  8. Another vote for Durham over Newcastle.
  9. I dont mind either ship, but much prefer Azura. It is true what people say, Azura just seems like a friendlier ship when on board, less 'edge' so to speak.
  10. And if they carried out 18000 tests, 0.05% were positive. Please stop being so childish, its pathetic.
  11. *Sigh* No, there are that many people living in my area, and there was 9 confirmed positive tests.
  12. Since we are all looking at numbers and statistics, I was having a little delve into them yesterday. I live in the area of the UK (outside of London I believe) that has been hit hardest by the virus, yet in all of June, there was only 9 people tested positive for the virus. It has changed my view slightly.
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