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  1. Arvin & Emily were entertainers on various NCL ships for many years.
  2. Happy New Year! You may be thinking of Alvin who is an NCL Cruise Director. 😊 Here's a video of Arvin & Emily on NCL https://youtu.be/RXsrQjOYElM
  3. So first let me say that last night I was preparing to go to bed early and miss the NYE countdown for the first time in my life. I wasn't sad, but I was just blah and totally over 2020. While I don't always cruise on NYE, I always cruise in December (my birthday month) and, like many of us, have been really miss cruising. I follow Arvin & Emily on FB, but I haven't been on social media alot so I wasn't aware of what they've been up to. However, last night at around 10 p.m. I saw a post that they were hosting a live NYE online show. Well, it was amazing! The show started at
  4. I think finding a reliable treatment will be the real game-changer. A vaccine will help, but it's no guarantee of anything in terms of effectively preventing the spread of the virus (which is what is holding up cruising.) It's less about not getting the virus and more about when you do get it, you don't die. That will lessen people's fears about traveling, gatherings and lead to getting back to some kind of a normal life.
  5. Are you certain that the people who tested positive gave your name and contact information to the health department? It is on the "honor system" that folks testing positive fully report all their contacts.
  6. Availability of vaccines should not impact cruising. Whether people are vaccinated or not, or whether the vaccine works or not, does not mean there won't be Covid on a cruise ship. What you want is a reliable TREATMENT. You want to know that IF - I mean WHEN - there is a Covid case on a ship, that there is a reliable treatment to prevent that person (and anyone they infected) from dying. Anything else is just a false sense of security.
  7. I have antibodies and even I don't feel safe. There's no guarantee that my antibodies make me immune. 🙁
  8. They did do rigorous testing (2 tests prior to boarding) and then they were testing temps and oxygen levels daily. Cruise vloggers Ben & David are on the ship and have posted a vlog detailing all of the precautions that have been taken along the way. They are astonished this happened in spite of all the prep. Check out their video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4CNM98JgXw
  9. The requirements indicated that you need to be 18 or over and have a doctor certification that you have no pre-existing conditions that would make you a Covid-19 risk. This is not the type of program folks can "sneak by" to get a free cruise. Also, sadly more people have tested positive on the SeaDream, so there's that.
  10. The danger of cruising during a pandemic has very little to do with how clean the cruise ship is, and everything to do with close contact with other passengers who have come from heaven knows where, most likely fresh off airplanes with hundreds of other people - who have also come from heaven knows where and been exposed to heaven knows what. Contracting Covid from a contaminated surface is relatively rare (if even possible?) when compared to contracting it from another human being. So "clean, sanitized ships" may sound good from a marketing perspective (and it certain
  11. I really hope cruising starts sooner than later! Because of risk factors I can't be one of the guinea pigs (I've already had Covid on a ship and lived to tell about it and so I'm not taking any chances!) I told myself I need to see at least six months of cruising with no incidents before I get back on a ship - and I have the Haven booked to Bermuda in April. So let's go, people!! 😀👍 We have no idea if any of the new protocols are going to work unless we can get people on the ships and get them moving so I say the sooner the better! (Just not with me lol)
  12. And the angle of the floor plan doesn't show the complete wrap-around balcony which is separated by a door. (Not the same as the side balcony off the master.) So there are in essence two side balconies and the huge one in the front. Easier to see on video https://youtu.be/-gE8pCLWspE. Highly recommend! 👍
  13. There is no way to predict who will get Covid-19, whether you want to believe that or not. There ARE groups that are "high-risk", but that doesn't mean they are the ONLY people who get Covid. Otherwise "healthy" people who have no history of heart disease, pulmonary disease, diabetes, obesity, cancers, etc. and children are getting Covid daily. There is simply NO WAY to predict who is "safe" and who isn't. If you think so, you are kidding yourself.
  14. I won't be, but the employees working on the ship would be at risk of exposure, as would any essential workers or family members an exposed person came in contact with on the way home or once at home (especially if you are asymptomatic and don't realize you have the virus.) But, I guess you could just blame the cruise ship workers for going to work.
  15. And don't forget being willing to risk other people's lives.
  16. I just want to clarify that this is not the case 100% of the time. If you need an escort to dinner or any other meal, the butler will do so upon request. (I request this for most meals and my butlers have always happily obliged.)
  17. I am so happy to hear he has recovered. I am so sorry to hear about his experience. Covid-19 is a nightmare and once you've been there you never want to go back. My best to you both!
  18. When did I say this? Also, thanks for the well wishes- they are appreciated. I'm happy that your family member was able to fight the virus without meds!
  19. There's also the possibility of false negatives. False negatives are more likely than false positives due to incorrect swabbing. So perhaps they are retesting?
  20. Because you read it on the internet or saw it on the news? I have no dog in this fight. I've already had Covid and as of last week I'm still testing positive for antibodies. In that perspective, I have less to worry about right now then those of you who have not been so lucky. 🙃 The SOLE reason that I am sharing my experience and opinion is to help other people. Just to provide some background, (if you haven't read my prior posts over the last 6 months) I am a frequent cruiser. I get comp ("free") cruises through in NCL's casino department (as well as many other cruis
  21. There is no rhyme or reason between who suffers serious symptoms and who does not in terms of pre-Covid health. Folks need to be mindful that what you see on the news is not necessarily accurate and is always biased. If you want to know the experiences of people who actually had Covid, join or read private and/or public forums such as FB groups of Covid sufferers and survivors. These groups helped save my life. For example, my initial Covid symptoms were fatigue and headache. I had NO fever and initially no shortness of breath. Despite the fact that I felt generally sick, and the
  22. Of course, no problem. And I completely understand your situation, I also have pre-existing conditions (btw, my cruise was March 8th on the Bliss, so we didn't know then everything we know now. ) Even though I still have antibodies that HOPEFULLY give me some immunity, I am not ready to cruise again right now. My BIGGEST concern (which I think should be the main concern for anyone - especially with a preexisting condition) is the "what if?" Covid-19 is not like norovirus in that if you contract it you can just be quarantined in your cabin, eat soup and crackers and tough it out.
  23. You are twisting my words to try to prove your point (I still can't figure out what point you are even trying to make lol) YOU brought driving into this discussion, not me. My views are based on my own personal experience with Covid-19 and cruising, and my personal approach to life. You have no idea whether cruising is safer than Walmart - neither do I or anyone else. I can only tell you this much, if you contract Covid-19, you definitely want to be in close proximity to a medical facility that has the medication, expertise, equipment and treatments you need to survive it. And th
  24. You fail to acknowledge the difference in risk level. Driving sober and driving drunk are two different risk levels. Cruising during a pandemic is a completely different risk level than cruising in "normal" times.
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