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  1. If you go to the Canadian Site it lists the promo but won’t even allow you to get flight quotes. Last time I tried I had to go to the US site and get the cruise and flights priced in US $. Didn’t even bother to see if anything was off.
  2. With International travel being more difficult during Covid I wonder in Edge might start doing some East Coast sailings? A quick stop in Nassau or Bermuda (perhaps without the ability to leave the ship) would keen an East Coast route within the rules. Personally I’d love them to base a ship in Halifax for an all Canadian East Coast route.... but of course that won’t happen.
  3. IMHO this makes travel safer for everyone. The sooner we make travel safer the better. I don’t know the instances of people flying domestically but assuming there have been a number of Covid positive cases I’d been fine if a negative test was required for a domestic flight as well.
  4. Interesting change where they are now letting you book based on the “Per Day Rate”. I don’t believe this was previously offered and I know it wasn’t offered when my March 2021 New Zealand cruise was cancelled. I will definitely reach out to Celebrity and see if that is now an option for me. I was unable to Life and Shift and the only comparable cruise in 2022 was much more expensive.
  5. I wonder if it’s due to the fact that Constellation is doing longer sailings? Although I haven’t read anything about Europe restricting cruise length perhaps Celebrity is reducing every cruise to 7 days or less? I did notice Reflection and a couple other ships with longer sailings but they too could disappear.
  6. At the risk of getting political, the biggest issue for Canada (and many other countries) is not the healthcare system or logistics. The biggest issue is receiving the vaccine in quantities sufficient to immunize the population in a timely manner. The countries that have done a good job have received more doses on a per capita basis than those that are doing a poor job. Canada has only approved two vaccines and both are arriving in limited quantities. Until Canada approves additional vaccines and the quantities arriving increase significantly it will be difficult for Canada (and other coun
  7. Even if Canada eventually opens the border will they announce the opening in a timely manner so that the cruise lines have confidence that cruises planned for July (or August) will actually happen. Given the current situation and the current government I’d be surprised. My guess is they will leave the border closed until the end of June but likely won’t make any announcements about July 1st until mid-June which assuming they allow cruises would probably not be enough lead time for the cruise lines.
  8. To me the issue is travel. In a perfect world all travel would have been banned so that Covid would only exist in those places where it was first discovered. With various Countries (not to mention States and Provinces) all at a different point in the pandemic it’s foolish (IMHO) to even consider travel until: 1) The area you live in has developed herd immunity 2) The country you live in has developed herd immunity 3) Places you wish to travel to have herd immunity and they restrict travel to those countries that have also developed herd immunity The government h
  9. My understanding is that limiting cruises to 7 days or less and not allowing B2B is an attempt to reduce the risk of an outbreak onboard. Since most people won’t show any signs of being infected when they board it will still be possible that someone is in fact infected and transmitting Covid because of the 10-14 day period for symptoms to show. By keeping cruises to 7 days or less it would then make it more likely that if anyone were affected they wouldn’t have symptoms until after departure. Same theory if someone were to be in contact with Covid while in port. So, I
  10. You’re not alone. I was on the last Equinox cruise in March 2020 and was eagerly looking forward to a March 2021 New Zealand cruise on the Solstice which of course has been cancelled. To further complicate issues I’ve no comfort in cruises resuming anytime soon and with the crazy pricing I’m seeing can’t see me cruising even when they do (at least not on Celebrity). All I can do is be thankful that my health and the health of my family and friends has not been impacted by Covid. I can also be thankful that I now live in a Province that has extremely low Covid numbers.
  11. Let the game begin. I’ll 🥃 to that!
  12. Yet another unexplained X website issue. We should start a drinking game, whenever the X website gives a wrong/strange response you drink! Easy enough unless you need to drive anywhere. As a side note, I personally love how the error page has a picture of The Century, a ship that left the fleet in 2015.
  13. Odd. Just tried it again on my iPad and it took me directly to the page. Here is a screen shot. I also got to the same page by clicking the Health and Travel alerts banner at the top of the main page.
  14. Celebrity website shows the Equinox had a 5/14/21 9 day sailing to Aruba but that has been cancelled. https://www.celebritycruises.com/ca/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising My guess is that Celebrity appears to be following some earlier CDC thought that cruises would be limited to 7 days or less (as some European cruise lines have successfully done) and have cancelled or modified all others. The only way to know for sure is call Celebrity or you TA.
  15. Canada is part of Covax and has committed to providing excess vaccine to 3rd world countries. I can’t speak to other countries that are part of Covax but Canada expects to have everyone vaccinated by June-September and has indicated they won’t send our vaccine anywhere until Canadians are taken care of. Assuming other countries are the same it could take a while.
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