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  1. we will be arriving from the north from all US ports.
  2. if you wait till you are in port, you can use your cell phone internet. It may be better using the shoreside cell service.
  3. Victoria is not an endpoint for cruises normally, was it just a port stop and you got back on and went elsewhere that night? Vancouver is where cruses terminate and start. Canadian customs getting off and US customs prior to embarkation.
  4. To be honest the best crab is on the excursions that have the all you can eat Dungenous crab. Every Alaskan I have ever talked to says it tastes just as good without the cost of King Crab and I tend to agree. You never get fresh caught King crab either, it is frozen as soon as it is caught apparently. Not to say it isnt delicious, but there are other options.
  5. what I hate is when there are a bunch of good things on the menu and my stomach is only so big... Gads, I wish i could get time off to do a B2B2B so i could work through the menu items
  6. On the Alaska portion of the Princess site for 2019 they specifically said there would be Alaska themes in the specialty restaurants. Thats what got me asking https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/alaska-cruises/onboard-experience/
  7. https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/alaska-cruises/onboard-experience/
  8. Thanks but that is the sample menu. Aparently for the Alaska cruises there may be local,items added to the menu and that is what I am looking for
  9. Thanks, but that is the sample menu, they supposedly have an menu with Alaskan items when sailing in that area and that is what I am looking to find if in fact there is one.
  10. Is there a Nexus lane when disembarking at the Vancouver cruise port ?
  11. That would be much appreciated, also if you could get the Bayou Cafe menu that would also be appreciated. ☺️
  12. I dont suppose someone who is on Island or Coral for Alaska could post the Bayou Cafe Alaskan menus for supper??
  13. I have the 7D Mark II, it is a crop and has the advantage of having a high burst rate if you are trying to get pictures of wildlife in motion. It is a very versatile camera and it accepts the LP-E6 or LP-E6N battery packs. I find it is a great camera overall, it has built in GPS and bluetooth if you need those options. It has two card slots, CF and SD. With the last firmware update you can even use the new Canon Wifi Card in it if you need that, though you loose the SD slot for memory and are only left with the CF. The new EOS-R camera comes with an adapter that you can use you EFS and EF lenses with apparently, if you are going to be outside in weather I would not buy the EOS-RP as it does not use gaskets for weather sealing, they do say it is weatherproof but not sure how well without the gaskets..
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