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  1. I got my refunds within 6 weeks on excursions ( I rebook a cruise for the summer of 2021.)
  2. I think Carnival is testing the waters to see if there is any interest in anyone buying their ships. I imagine if someone offered them good money for any of their ships they would take it this point but I am afraid the cruise ship market is overbuilt and there is not any market for ships so some ships will have to be docked. Carnival will have to decide which ships will bring in the most money for the least coat. It maybe some of the Fantasy class ships can still produce a good income for less cost. Personally, I have sailed on the Fantasy many times and really enjoy it. So I hope Carnival does keep some of them at the smaller home ports.
  3. I hope the port authorities would not keep well people on a ship when the virus is spreading. This is one of the reasons for outbreaks on the ships that killed too many people. If an outbreak happens people need to be taken off the ships, tested, and quarantine in an isolated place if necessary.
  4. booked a June 2021 cruise also, I have noticed the price has increase but about 10% in recent weeks.
  5. The last count I saw the were less than 1400 cases on US navy ships with also 1200 on the USS Theodore Roosevelt with 3 deaths on Us ships. A French air craft carrier was also heavily infected but had no deaths.
  6. I think you are right but in retrospect not allowing cruise ship to disembark passengers cause some deaths and spread of the virus among the other passengers. A rational approach would be to disembark passengers and allow them to truly isolate. On a ship there is not way to really isolate.
  7. I doubt the Radiance will be finished any time soon if ever. Carnival is fighting for its life and major financial outlays will be put of hold until they begin generating revenue.
  8. of the main problem on the cruise ships is that various government forced people to stay onboard while the virus was spreading rapidly. Had the move the passengers onshore to hospitals and truly isolated quarantine areas then some lives would have been saved.
  9. I would love it if they would pick up on of the Fantasy class ships.
  10. When our cruise on the Fantasy was cancelled, we decided to book for next year but choose another ship since even a few months ago I was doubtful the Fantasy would be back. Now it is looking doubtful for her and the other Fantasy class will ever sail again for Carnival. I hope I am wrong since we enjoy the Fantasy class ships.
  11. Carnival Corporation has 104 ships. They have not announced which ships will be sold. Cruising does have a positive impact on the world's economy but for some reason there are those who hate cruising and relish the idea of ending cruising. I imagine the ships that are sold will end up in the Chinese market.
  12. Generally a dissolved corporation would have a means of distributing assess, handling liabilities, maintaining records, handling taxes and alike so the lawyer who handle the incorporation should be able to guide someone to find the custodian of record.
  13. If they are incorporated there should be a lawyers name listed that you could contact.
  14. I wonder if this was a legitimate travel agent? Check the contract you have with the travel agent and then the state authorities to find if it was incorporated.
  15. You are right, the cruise line might be willing to payout money to the families who lost loved ones but once the families sign with a lawyer it will be more difficult and will drag on for years since the lawyers will have to make sure they make a lot of money. . I imagine we will start seeing TV commercials asking for COVID-19 cruisers to join the suits. If I were the cruise line I would offer the next to kin of anyone who died on the ship a fair settlement to end this quickly.
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