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  1. Good news- I hope it will happen. It is a nice ship, I have sailed on it.
  2. The insurance I was referring to covers if a provider (ie- cruise line) goes bankrupt then the insurance would cover the loss. I bought my policy two years ago so it will cover it. I did call to check with them.
  3. We always buy travel insurance that cover default of the provider so the cruie I have booked is covered but I agree I would not book a new one at this point.
  4. I think ultimately Carnival fleet will be reduced since cruising has gotten a black-eye and I doubt they will be able to fill their ships with paying passengers. I the short term once cruising resume, the cruise line will offer some great prices to attract passengers. If this works I maybe wrong- I hope I am. If I am not I think several of the ships will be docked, sold at a greatly reduced price, and new builds could be cancelled. As for converting cruise ships to hospital ships, this would require a lot of work since cruise ship cabins are to small, while to open area are to open. A cargo or tanker would be a better option for a hospital ship.
  5. I have been cruising for about 15 years because my family enjoys it, it is affordable, and the ports I have sailed from are generally within driving distance from my home. I hope that I can cruise again soon but I am afraid that the mass market cruise lines will go belly-up making cruising a lot more expensive and a less convenient.
  6. To be honest with all the uncertainties with the economy and the cruise industry I would not tie up any money with cruise cash. Just put the money in a jar in the kitchen shelf and hope that your cruise actually sails.
  7. I am afraid Carnival is planning on filing for bankruptcy if cruising is not resumed quickly. Even if it is they still may have to file for bankruptcy to help protect themselves from all the lawsuits that will be coming from all the ships hit by COVID-19 and other lawsuits about a the cancelations, from vendors, and a host of other reasons.
  8. Who knows what will happen in a few months? The worse case scenario, the cruise lines have to declare bankruptcy and the ships are anchored. Refunds are held up in court. Best case scenario, COVID-19, like Zika dissipates and cruising resumes by June and the cruise lines are able to survive. At first prices will go down to fill the ships but eventually prices will have to go up and the number of ships will go down to help the cruise lines cover some of their debt. (And lawsuits.)
  9. I agree if the file bankruptcy it would be a restructuring which for Carnival it could mean separating, selling, or closing some of the brands. At this point there is no way of knowing what will happen in the next few weeks and even more doubt for the future. Some thing I can see happening- new construction and even some of those under construction will be cancelled. Once cruising resumes there will be some great prices but once the cruise lines determine the future demands prices will go up, some ships will be phased out. Even in the short run some ship may not sail if they cannot fill them with paying passengers and willing crew members. This is sad for us who have found cruising a fun and accordable vacation.
  10. I am afraid if Carnival cannot sail before August- they may good bankrupt.
  11. Have they actually began the work on the Radiance yet since Spain is in almost total shutdown.
  12. I hope we can cut Carnival and the other cruise lines a little slack. There are working to save their business with a reduced workforce in an uncertain time.
  13. the COVID-19 testing technology is advancing quickly. In a few weeks widespread point of service testing will be available and it would be possible to test everyone before sailing. I know nothing is 100% but this type testing could help ship sail a little more safety.
  14. I am sure you are right for Asian, European, and Alaskan cruises. I hope others will sail.
  15. I hope there will be cruises soon but with the cruise lines sending their folks home, and the president saying were are closed for at least another month, I am afraid the cruise industry will be forever changed. Thankfully, Trump did say he wants ships sailing again. But when they resume I am afraid there will be a lot less ships and eventually prices will be greatly increased
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