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  1. The above were my side effects with the second Pfizer also, in addition my muscles ached. It was about 36 hours after the shot when everything was pretty much back to normal for me.
  2. I taught at the Academy from 2014-2018, Raytheon and then SAIC.
  3. Well it didn't help him not throw 30 interceptions in 2019.
  4. Yes I do. It is easy to defend against him now as he can't throw the ball more than 20 yards downfield. I think he reduced his salary so they wouldn't take such a big cap hit when he does retire. I was hoping that Brady had a year or two left when they signed him, but I never thought that they would win it all in his first year!!! You just can't trust Winston not to make stupid throws.
  5. And from a fan of the Super Bowl Champion Bucs, I hope Winston is the Saints quarterback next year!!! It will make for good entertainment!!
  6. My belief is that there will be some kind of vaccination passport by then that will allow more activities than currently allowed. Six months is a long way off, of course I booked this almost a year ago and thought no way would we still be locked down, but here we are!!!
  7. You may be right, not sure. My thinking was since there are no CDC rules there and some lines are already cruising there, albeit with only passengers from the country that they are sailing from, that those may go sooner, who knows. And I haven't really paid attention to how Europe is doing on vaccines.
  8. When I went into the room, the syringe was covered. Before the injection, I had to look away until the syringe was put away after the shot. No, the vaccinator personally did not, but in the group meeting before our first injection, they told us to not take extra precautions or lessen up on what we had been doing, just keep going out into public like we had been doing.
  9. Yes, we followed the guidelines. The requirement was that we go out to the store, restaurant, etc. at least three times a week. I initially received the placebo. I was unblinded and received the actual vaccine last month. I never contracted the virus while on the placebo. The head of the trial at the clinic I was at, said that the trial is based on a higher number of placebo catching the virus in their everyday life than people who received the vaccine, hence the requirement to not stay locked up in your house while in the trial. We didn't take any precautions ot
  10. I am in the Pfizer trial, that is basically what it was. You went out and did your normal everyday things and hopefully more of the placebos will actually catch the virus than the ones that get the real vaccine.
  11. That is exactly what it is, completely useless information that you can find anywhere. You or I could come up with the same thing. They do it for all of the lines the same way.
  12. Go Bucs!!! World Champions!!! I grew up in Titusville, been following them since the 0-26 days!! I did a Gate 1 German Christmas Markets cruise in 2019. It was fabulous. Very cheap also compared to most other lines. Was supposed to do Munich with them last March, that got cancelled, have until Dec, 2022 to use the credit from that one. Did Australia with them in 2019 also.
  13. Carnival at least, not sure of others, keeps issuing new stock to raise a couple billion every few months.
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