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  1. Thanks to the original poster for your thoughtful comments. And they resonate even more when I think about the extreme poverty I sometimes see minutes from the port. I have a haunting memory of seeing a child scavenging a trash can in Mexico. And ramshackle dwellings. But even seeing a family in a small Baltic port snapping photos of the ship made me think that they could only dream of taking such a trip. Juxtaposing that with overhearing a woman complaining to Guest Services about rough seas. ”Madame, we can’t control the Atlantic Ocean.”, was the reply she received.
  2. No. I enjoyed the HAL cruise we just finished on 7/7 too much to quibble. I only seek sanctuary on CC for that...
  3. I think that on my next cruise, from Fort Lauderdale, I will bring bottled water onboard if feasible. Those charges for cabin bottles add up.
  4. I love having the lemonade with a customized pizza!
  5. Is the price differential that great? (Oceania never charges for diet cokes.)
  6. On a Celebrity cruise 15 years ago, I seem to recall that I was told the crew had another option to actually cook dishes themselves. But maybe my memory is faulty.
  7. ...and what are transport options to the city center?
  8. Is there a best bus company? And we prefer live narration. Harry
  9. We will be visiting Amsterdam soon. Will I save time pre purchasing ticket vouchers online? Will I actually “skip” a long line?
  10. We would like to hire a reliable driver / guide for a day trip from Amsterdam to Delft and windmill area. Any recommendations?
  11. I will - if I win tonight’s lottery drawing!
  12. I linked my credit card to two other family reservations. When they book excursions online before the cruise, is the payment automatically charged to the linked credit card?
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