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  1. The majority of our OBC are from our Princess Visa points, and we always get a check mailed to us for any unused balance after a cruise.
  2. I thought only promotional sales OBC was non-refundable, but other OBC is refundable.....such as military OBC, or OBC earned through Visa card points.
  3. Can you tell us about the entertainment currently onboard the Crown?
  4. It's more of a retractable roof, and yes it's terrific. I also prefer the Vista Lounge on this ship to Club Fusion on the later ships.
  5. 3 for free has always been the best promotion I've seen. Even when booking a year prior, nothing better comes along.
  6. I understand your original point and frustration. We purchased a card for a 2017 cruise that we still have a few punches left on. We only cruise every two years as the year in between is to visit aging relatives. It doesn't seem fair since at the time we purchased in 2017, it didn't have an expiration date. Even so, if it had one, I probably still would've purchased it. I doubt the loss is more than a few bucks anyways, so meh.
  7. I cast another vote for Pavlovas. They just melt in your mouth.
  8. My understanding is that if you want to take advantage of a sale after you book, but prior to paying in full, then you forfeit any sale you got when you booked. I've seen my fare drop too, but if I took advantage of it, I'd lose free gratuities and my upgraded cabin.
  9. Yes Tom, I can and I do. I didn't intend to give the impression that the staff refuse to, just that it seem to be their go-to norm these days. True most coffee shops don't provide you with a pot, but Princess does when you're using a coffee card and opt for the brewed coffee. I've been given a pot and 2 cup/saucers. Though I understand that Princess is getting more picky about sharing the brewed coffee from a card.
  10. I expect people to be using chairs to watch/listen to the Piazza entertainment. What annoys me is that Princess has begun to automatically give their coffee in paper to-go cups. I prefer my brewed coffee in a ceramic pot with a cup and saucer.
  11. He finally responded...we're all booked. 🙂
  12. Redeemed points show up in different areas depending on whether you redeem them for just OBC, or as a gift of OBC.
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