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  1. Here is your new normal, IF the CDC ever gets off its a@@ and does anything... 3 or 4 or 5 day sails only Coco Cay, Nassau, Freeport, Port Canaveral, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa and Galveston are only available ports. Embarkation requirement is Covid19 free certification or test at Cruise port Temp checks before entering any event and when disembarking/embarking at ALL ports Limited capacity and social distancing aboard Masks... Debarking requirement for another covid19 test Bon Voyage I fear we are watching the industry and cruise line we love being destroyed, by death of a thousand cuts. I hope I'm wrong. Phil
  2. Well I want to thank RCL for the terrific improvement in telephone service operations. I had NO WAIT on my last three calls. I appreciate your efforts in these trying times. Phil Catarella
  3. We will not be cruising, as we knew it, for a long time, too many variables and unknowns. I have had 3 cruises cancelled this year and I’m preparing in my head for the cancellation of the 7 for next year. I fear the new norm is a 3 day cruise with a stop at Coco Cay, maybe starting in November at the earliest.
  4. OK folks please respect one-mans opine. Royal will not start cruising in August and will not have a full ship schedule next year. The “new” Normal will be a day at Sea and a day on Coco Cay then a day at sea. Too many variables, countries rules, CDC guidelines or lack thereof, legal considerations, crew re-manning logistics and FEAR. I have had three cruises already cancelled this year and I’m starting to lose hope on the seven I have booked in 2021. I hope I’m wrong but daily events after day after are disheartening. We are watching the industry die a deaths of a thousand cuts. Phil
  5. This is another logistical nightmare in one man’s opine. More questions than answers, more pissed off guests, More FCCs to be issued, how is that working out, oh maybe they will start a new program Future Unsailed Credit ?abols..... Life is a risk, make the cruise as safe a reasonable, if you try to protect me from very condition, the cruise will be nothing in a plastic bubble.
  6. I feel your pain, I called the group TA line, the first time after 45 minutes, the call dropped, the second time after 2 hours plus the call dropped and final on the third try after an hour I got thru. RC announced rehires of 100 agents for call centers, so we will see. All of the folks I talk to seemed not to be in a call center but working from home, many with children noises in the background. I hope it gets better for every bodies sake...
  7. The Bahamas now requires guests traveling to their country to have a certified virus test... Impact on Coco Cay Visit ???
  8. Disney Refund in three days......so not all cruise lines are taking that long
  9. Viral vaccines are rare, the fastest, EBOLA, was developed in FIVE Years, so many won’t be cruising for awhile. So, this long term cruiser will not cruise if mask are required and petition for full refunds on any cruise requiring them. One Cruisers opine
  10. I am Loyal to Royal but they are trying my patience. Here is the status of a cruise buddy and my families cruise FCC and refunds Eight cancelled Cruises FCC - 4 of 8 received of the 4 - 3 are wrong including an amended one receive today Port Fee & Taxes - 3 of 8 received, 3 correct Refundable Air - 2 of 2 received - 2 wrong less than 1/2 the value of the booking My buddy had his May Disney Cruise cancelled, he called Refund in credit card in three days Then he called Delta on a NON Refundable flight, after speaking to a supervisor he received a full credit card refund again in three days. These are trying time for all, but as they say Come On Man Phil
  11. Palace Casino in Biloxi has opened its buffet. All food is protected by plexiglass, staff at each station serving food then providing plate to guest.....just like salad stations for lunch in MDR at lunch..... Come on man think out of the box......
  12. Correct, I DID BOOK this way, on line..... I called first get, the TA line, to get a set of flights not listed and the agent told me I could NOT book a flight to any other city but the embarkation port. SO, you can't do in by phone, but do it on line....so either the agent is misinformed or the web site has not caught up to the policy or ????
  13. The 737 MAX may be the safest place in the sky after re certification. The pilots will all have simulator training, the MCAS system was an issue, but lack of pilot familiarity was just as critical in the crashes(pray for families effected). The old MCAS could be turned off with the autopilot switch on the yoke, but would re engage in 5 seconds automatically, most pilots did not know this, shame on you Boeing. To cut off the MCAS should must also toggle the 2 switches on the center console then trim the plane manually. All of these issues are being addressed, they should have been addressed in the new plane roll out, but they were not. I would fly on the 737- AMX, I have over 15,000 flight hours
  14. I attempted to book a multi city flight New Orleans to Paris, then Barcelona to New Orleans for an Allure of the Seas around trip sail form Barcelona. I was told they NO LONGER do that and you must book flights directly to the from the departure/ arrival port. Any others have this issue? Phil
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