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  1. They did. They had cut up fruit, assorted pastries, some yogurt, coffee and juices as well. We all had some iteration of the drink package. So we grabbed our lattes from Cafe Promenade, then went down one level for breakfast. Seriously had the place to ourselves.
  2. I too was on this cruise. I agree it never felt overly crowded. Also, a quick note to those who like the breakfast basics. There was a mini buffet set up in Playmakers each morning. Bacon, eggs, potatoes, etc. We pretty much had breakfast by ourselves those mornings. It was a good break from the Windjammer crowd.
  3. dwp10mm

    Independence in port early

    My son took a picture of the pilot boarding the ship at 12:15 am. It was very odd that we got back as early as we did.
  4. I'm a fairly quiet poster on here even though I read the site daily for the most part. Just hit Emerald last August on my Oasis cruise. I wanted to weigh in here and share my frustration with the new site. It truly is half-baked. I had the "pleasure" of reserving two cabins for a Thanksgiving cruise on IOS right as they flipped the site in early March. It has been a comedy of "***'s" ever since. First, I never received an email receipt of the rate I paid. Now keep in mind this is for two cabins since I learned long ago 4 people in a cabin is a big NO! That first cruise my wife and I took with the kids in the same cabin was crazy. And they were 10 and 7 at the time. But I digress. So ever since then it has been two connecting cabins. To put what follows into perspective, my boys now have five 7 night cruises under their belts. And it's the connecting cabins on this new reservation that shows me they are far from fixing this mess they created. Let's start with the most recent sale from a few weeks ago. When I booked this in early March, I never received an email with my invoice for the reserved rate. Plus when logging into the site, I could not find anywhere what I had paid. I knew a general number, but not exact. So I had to call customer support to inquire. After all was said and done, it was determined I could save $100 per cabin so I asked to re-rate the rooms. This was not a problem on my room. But since I have become accustomed to booking rooms for the family, the easiest way to do this online is to put my wife in one room with one son and me in another with the other. Keep it simple is always a good rule. Well, simple went out the window when they told me they needed to talk to her in order to make the change to the second cabins reservation rate? What? At this point I was still polite but insisted both rooms are under my credit card and they need to re-rate the room. I was put on hold while they "escalated" my request. After 5 minutes, they agreed to make the change. So I spent about 20 minutes on the phone that day tying up a representative just so I could save $200. Great for me. Probably not so much for RCCL. Now today's website fun. I saw the drink package sale and know from experience that $18 a day is pretty much the lowest you will ever see for Refreshment package. So even though we are still 6 months away from the cruise, why wait and hope it comes around again. Now, last August I bought the Deluxe package for me and refreshment for everyone else. So I log in and go to my reservation. I add Deluxe for me and Refreshment for my soon to be 18 year old son. The website throws an error! I try again. Error. I then look and see although it gave me an error, my cart shows two items. The cart is correct so I check out. No confirmation email at all. But it does show in my purchase history. So I go to the second reservation to buy two Refreshment packages for my wife and other son. No errors and I immediately get an email confirmation. Now on to the funny part. About 30 minutes later, I get an email from RCCL for my cabin. Is it my drink package receipt? Of course not. It's a copy of my full cruise purchase invoice!!!! Still don't have a receipt for my cabin's drink packages. So my guess is I found a bug for cabins with those of age and those not of age for the alcohol package. I guess I best call and confirm I am squared away for this purchase. Which again wastes time for an RCCL rep who could be adding new customers. P.S. I can't wait to see what happens to this reservation when my oldest son turns 18 next month. He will inherit Emerald status but with 35 points of his own. But don't worry about him. I have trained him well and he appreciates all RCCL has to offer. Now if they could just fix their website perhaps we can get back to talking about cruising.
  5. $45 to $50 a day is my sweet spot for the drink package. One should also consider the package includes your unlimited sodas as well as specialty coffees in the non-Starbucks locations. So on my Oasis cruise last August, a typical day was like this. Morning Latte from Promenade Caffe: $5 Two to three refills of Powerade from the freestyle machines: $15 if purchased by the bottle???? Two of my favorite Sabor Grand Margaritas from Sabor: $13 each Total so far: $46 not including gratuity Surely not enough to be wasted. But certainly enough to justify the expense and not worry about what I'm spending on a daily basis. Plus you can always do a non-alcoholic drink if you so choose. I got my money's worth easily. But if you don't like alcohol, then the Refreshement package is a steal at $18 a day. My wife and kids had that each day and you can easily cover that cost between coffee, pop and virgin drinks.
  6. Speaking from experience of booking 5 cruises on RCCL website in the past 7 years, finding connecting cabins can be a pain. At one point in the past, I seem to recall they had a box to check requesting connecting cabins and it seemed to be worthless. It is alway frustrating that I would go through all the steps requesting two rooms, then the lovely software would give me two rooms on different decks. The trick is to look at the floor plans then start typing in the room numbers once you get to the room selection screen. On my Oasis cruise last month that is how I picked the connecting Central Park rooms back in February. Good luck doing it online. You just need to be persistent. Also note what room type is on the floor plans. Some of the connecting rooms are different categories. So if you pick two rooms in the same category, you may never see the rooms you are looking for. Based on the ages of my kids now, last months cruise may be the last one where connecting is a requirement. As long as we can open balconies that will probably work going forward. Or with one going to college next year, back to a single room or parents only sailings. :-)
  7. dwp10mm

    Just off Oasis

    I say give it a try if you are okay sitting for over 2 hours one evening of your cruise. I skipped the ice show this time as I've seen it on several other cruises. So the time didn't concern me. Like I said, Cats is an odd show. But it thrives on the music and costumes. It had been at least 20 years since I last saw it and I had forgotten a lot of it. Some say to skip a half but I don't agree. Each half has some really good and some slightly boring routines. If you pay close attention, the story is there and every song ties it together. If you skip them then it loses that continuity. The cast did a wonderful job in their performance. I was almost convinced that Steven Tyler had snuck on the ship and was playing the part of Rum Tum Tugger in the show. That actor must have used him as an influence in how he performed that role. He was very good. Again, I say take a chance and see it through. Like I said before these would be at least $75 tickets in most cities. Here it is included with your cruise fare.
  8. dwp10mm

    Just off Oasis

    We did go to Cats and it certainly cleared out at intermission. We stayed for the entire show as we have seen it before and enjoy it. It was a very good production and on par with what would be a $75 to $125 ticket at any city tour of the show. But since a cruise draws many different crowds, I can see where some people would think it is a waste. If you had never seen the show before or been to many Broadway musicals, Cats is one odd show to understand the first time you see it. But the performers were fantastic and did the show justice.
  9. My wife and son took the class on Oasis last week and they were told they could not take anything out of the restaurant. Something about someone previously taking leftovers then not safely storing them and getting food poisoning after. Thus they stopped allowing it. Could be true, could be an excuse. But either way they had the same experience when trying to take leftovers. Both of them loved the class though. My son is a sushi eating machine. But even he couldn't finish all of my wife's leftovers. It was worth the price for them.
  10. dwp10mm

    Leaving on the Oasis today!

    Where did you ask about changing the reservation? Was it at the main desk when you get on the ship or at one of the restaurants? If they tell me those are my choices then I'll be asking them where I cancel and get my money back. From everything I read on here previously it seemed like people could switch fairly easy.
  11. dwp10mm

    Oasis of the seas sell Oakley's?

    See if you can find an Oakley Vault at one of the Orlando outlet malls. I buy all my Oakleys at their Vaults. Great selection and prices. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. dwp10mm

    Oasis Cabin 14323/14325

    In a few weeks, I'll be able to give you the information you need. But until then, let me make this recommendation. I've booked three cruises with connecting cabins on the website, and it really is a pain. But if you call while the cruise is on hold, the reps can really help you find connecting cabins that the website can't find. As far out as your date is, you should still have plenty of options.
  13. Thank you for these pictures. I'm booked for Spring Break next year and was hoping to see pictures of the kids waterpark area. My boys are used to Freedom and I was hoping Adventure had enough of a water area to keep them happy. These pictures make me think they will still love it. Is it just slides back in the Adventure Beach area? Do you know by chance if they have to be in the kids club to use this area? My boys hate the kids club and spend the entire trip with us. I have no problem sitting back there and letting them enjoy the area. I'm really just trying to find out as much about this area of the ship as possible. Everything else is pretty well documented elsewhere. But finding out about this play area has been a challenge. Thank You.
  14. dwp10mm

    sushi on FOS

    Agree with this. Been on Freedom three times. The sushi is equal to what you might find in a grocery store. I do not jump on the bash RCCL food bandwagon, but the sushi is not worth the stop. My kids eat it, but I pass.
  15. dwp10mm

    Tropical Storm Isaac

    The Port Everglades ship schedule now shows Allure not arriving until 8/28. https://pevweb01.broward.org/Public/PublicMovements.aspx For the past two years, I sailed on Freedom out of Canaveral leaving this same weekend. Glad to know it isn't me that caused all of the diversions. If I would have went again it would be three disruptions in a row. :)