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  1. Lol. You have to be old to remember that.
  2. Me too. But my problem is that my 8yo grandson is going also, which was the purpose of the cruise. The cruise will sail with vaccinated guests. He is not eligible for a vaccine. Now what?
  3. Get the vaccine and problem solved.
  4. Usually the short cruises are on OLD ships and have the highest per day rate and lots of woo-hoo people. Not for me.
  5. Yeah, I don't get it. Seems backward. The crew will be vaccinated, why not the passengers? Seems to be the quickest route back to sailing.
  6. This excludes Vista, Horizon, Miracle and Breeze. This what I have been waiting for as I am booked on 8/21/21 Panorama and payment was due 5/31. Guest: We are very excited about our upcoming restart and have been working hard for the return of guest operations. We are in the process of finalizing our August sailing schedule and hope to have this completed soon. We know you are eager to understand our plans for your sailing in August and appreciate your patience. In the meantime, we are making the following acc
  7. I certainly hope so. We cruise 8/21 on Panorama.
  8. I don't think there are any bad ports. Of course some are better than others. I can always find a way to have fun where ever I am.
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