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  1. Jerry Smith - US Navy 1984-95 (force extended for a cruise). Electronic Warfare Technician First Class (EW1). See my ships in my signature
  2. We are in the same boat, as it were. We paid $2492.22 for the cruise (taxes and gratuities included in that amount). The taxes were 153.22, and the gratuities were $203.00. The gratuities were refunded to my Amex on May 7, along with another refund on the same day from RC for 94.36 (No idea where this amount came from). So, taking away the tax/gratuities from the total, RC owes us $2136.00 x 1.25 = 2670.00. Today we got an email with a FCC of $1336.00 or only 50% of what we are owed. How did they screw this up so badly for so many people?
  3. The last time we sailed out of Port Canaveral, we flew into Orlando the day before the cruise and rented a car from National. We spent the night in a new (then) Homewood Suites near the port, then drove over to the ship after breakfast. I dropped the wife and kids at check-in and drove over to the National return center (maybe 2 miles). Dropped off the vehicle, then grabbed the free shuttle back to the ship. I was gone for maybe 20 minutes.
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