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  1. This has always been our experience. This is the rule.
  2. You will have better luck posting this on your roll call thread.
  3. In the ala carte restaurants you can order one entrée and as many appetizers, soups salads, sides and desserts as you like. Some appetizers and entrees have an upcharge which is clearly marked on the menu as applying to the dining package.
  4. The tenders drop off at the ferry pier on Harvest Caye so that simplifies the process for getting to the mainland.
  5. Escape the Big Top is a lot of fun if you enjoy solving puzzles/brain teasers. You cannot book it in advance, only on the ship. To book you should go to the ticket office deck 7 at the starboard entrance to the main theater on embarkation day. You can also book the comedy shows and any production shows you were unable to book in advance. The box office is one of our very first stops once onboard.
  6. It's exactly as listed (or repeatedly advertised on ship tv) It's a studio where a professional photographer takes pictures of passengers for a fee.
  7. I'm hooked.....please don't make us wait too long for the next installment. I'll happily provide a nice tip!
  8. The bars will not fill your water bottle. They will give you a glass of water which you can pour into your bottle.
  9. We sailed out of New Orleans on the Breakaway in 2019 and the Pearl in 2018. Both sailings boarding began between 11:00 and 11:20. My suggestion is to arrive no later than 10:30. This should. give you time to get checked in and join the priority boarding group you paid for.
  10. The assigned arrival time is nothing more than a suggestion. Any passenger can show up and check in anytime they like. If you pay extra for the priority package you should most definitely ignore the assigned time on your e-docs and arrive before boarding begins. You want to do this so you can join the priority embarkation group and actually get on the ships soon after boarding begins.
  11. Honduras does not observe daylight saving time. If you are sailing from Florida before the time change it is likely your ship will set clocks back one hour and local time in Roatan will be the same as ship time. If you sail after the time change next month Roatan will be two hours behind Florida. The ship will still change time back one hour but ship time will be one hour ahead of local time in Roatan.
  12. No USB ports in our Breakaway cabin last month. (M1) Their were two 110vac outlets and one 220vac outlet on the vanity.
  13. jfarri4230 I accept that when you arrived in Roatan local time was one hour behind ship time. This is not a fleet wide rule. Time changes are determined by the Captain, not corporate. It will vary by ship.
  14. On the Breakaway last month I could access the www.cruisecritic.com website when connected to the ship's wifi but not logged into my included 250 minute plan. I could not access the boards, I got the spinner of death and timed out. In a thread a few weeks ago someone said they could access the boards, so perhaps it was just the Breakaway, or my device or who knows.
  15. The Breakaway does not have a pickleball court.
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