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  1. The balcony in the two bedroom suite is about the same size as the standard mini-suite balcony on the plus ships, Escape and newer. It is about a quarter to a third larger than the thin balconies found in the Breakaway and Getaway mini-suites. The width is about the same but the two bedroom suite balcony has more than a foot of extra depth from slider to railing making it much more useful when more than one is out on it.
  2. The online booking engine doesn't show all available cabins. You will be offered a set of cabins which fits your category and number of passengers. If you want more options you need to call a PCC at the NCL number and have them do the booking for you. We usually book a mini-suite for three people. We review the deck plans and make a short list of cabins which we like for their location. Then we call our PCC and ask what is available. It's very easy. Our third passenger sleeps in the pullman berth. This leaves the sofa available for all of us.
  3. We were in a standard mini-suite 14172 which is under the pool area. We were bothered by noise from the pool area a few mornings. I don't think this should be a problem in a spa mini. They are all located farther forward under the fitness center and Haven staterooms.
  4. I've won hands with crappy cards on occasion. A crappy meal is always a loser.
  5. Go to NCL.com, log into MyNCL, pull up your booking, select summary, scroll down to Essential Travel Protection.
  6. The shower/tub combination was standard for mini suites on the Jewel class ships. On the Breakaway plus class ships the shower/tub combination is available in family mini-suites. The other mini suites have the walk-in showers. Another option to consider is booking a mini suite that accommodates four passengers. This gives you the option of using the pullman berth for the third passenger. Doing this leaves the sofa available for use at all times. If the third passenger were amenable this will make the space much more functional.
  7. There won't be three big production shows on a seven day cruise. Either Six won't be ready to go on November 10, (quite possible) or the NCL website is FUBAR (which it often is)
  8. Unfortunately Six isn't listed for sailings during your time frame. MyNCL is still showing Rock of Ages and listing it as unavailable.
  9. Burn the Floor begins at 7:00 and 9:30 Rock of Ages begins at 6:30 and 9:30
  10. www.cruisetimetables.com Click on your port of call, click on the date you will be there.
  11. Mini-suites are a standard cabin class. They are not a class of suites. You will be asked to pay the standard gratuity tariff.
  12. UK....Maths and Sport USA..Math and Sports I guess we know which we like more of.
  13. Dining credits are not transferable and associated with each individual ship card. Without knowing the ages of your three kids you should be aware that kids can accompany you to a specialty dining venue and order from the kids menu for no charge. If your three kids will want to dine from the specialty restaurant menu, your best option is to buy a meal plan for kiddo number three and enjoy your dining experience.
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