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  1. My first refund took 81 days. In May Barbara said the process had been improved and should take 30-45 days. I note from postings that US cruisers seem to get refunded within the 30-45 day time slot.
  2. I too am waiting for my refund requested 48 days ago. Their refund process in the U.K. is slow, too slow.
  3. My question exactly. I was booked for a week’s cruise in October, Athens to Athens, and it was cancelled. No problem with flights and, as you say, Greece has a low Covid case record, thanks to their early lockdown. I too have hundreds of days with Silversea but am beginning to look elsewhere.
  4. That is fantastic. I have always said in my posts that the U.S. cruisers fare better with Silversea than the U.K. ones. Will see how I get on with my last claim on June 24 but certainly my first one took 81 days.
  5. I have seen the same thing with different cruises. When most September cruises were cancelled, they still showed a September 3 cruise as operating. I just think they like to keep your money as long as possible. They have much in common with some of the scheduled airlines I,e, Swiss where I have been waiting over three months for a refund. This has indeed been a learning curve for me. I have decided no more booking over a year in advance but rather three months before sailing, even if the price is slightly higher. Good luck to you on your refund. I am awaiting two further refunds but only filed two weeks ago.
  6. We have been cruising almost the same amount of time. For me 24 years this September. I have booked the seven day Athens cruise in October and if that is cancelled, will not rebook. Too many hassles for refunds.
  7. How awful. The service on board Silversea is so wonderful, you expect the same from their offices and are sadly disappointed. I know in my case, at least for the last three weeks prior to receiving my refund, the money was not being released by Monaco. Will see how my next refund, filed June 24, is processed. Barbara did tell me in May that they had things in place to enable faster processing.
  8. I think Silversea are tightening their belts after so many cancellations. I know when I went to book an October cruise, despite showing business class included, they wanted to charge me 820. They said their allocation was used up. I then found a Lufthansa business class fare, roundtrip, for 366 pounds. Eventually they agreed to give me this flight. I used to make my own flight arrangements but then when Silversea cancel, you are left fighting the airlines for a refund.
  9. My first cancellation in early March was 81 days and then another cruise was cancelled and I filed for the refund June 24,so we will see. I will be pleasantly surprised to receive it in 30-45 days. Although the London office administers the refunds, the funds are allocated by the Monaco office. My friend is still waiting for quite minor expenses for a cancelled May cruise and she filed in April. However, this is administered by Guest Relations.
  10. I would ask your travel agent to contact Silversea, while you are in his office, and also ask whom you should contact directly. I often spoke to the London office but they said they were overwhelmed and of course all the agents were working from home. Furthermore, I was told that they now have a better refund processing system in place. I did note that our Americans friends seemed to get refunds within sixty days. I had my sixth cruise cancelled last week and I asked for a refund again. Good luck.
  11. Good to know as I have had another cruise cancelled. Agree with you that Silversea should be in a better position to facilitate faster refunds - they have had plenty of practice! Let us hope.
  12. I frequently go on to the Silversea website but today when I try and find a cruise, there is a blank and “not found”. First time ever. Does anyone else have the same problem? London office is closed so cannot call them.
  13. I had paid in full and the voyage was cancelled one week before sailing. I was surprised it took so long for the refund when my voyage was one of the first cancelled I.e. on March 7.
  14. It was for the whole amount. Usually to get the early booking discount, I pay well in advance.
  15. I had paid in full for a back to back cruise. I have just had my July cruise cancelled and was looking to book Barcelona to Athens. However, the single supplement is extremely high, so will probably try the refund route. It is just to be hoped that there is not a second wave of Covid 19, as the lockdowns ease.
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