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  1. Many thanks for your advice. I have since learnt that the bread machines start chug a lugging in the early hours as well. We'll stay well away. Has great access to decks though.
  2. Wondering if there is likely to be much loud noise filtering down from kitchen/buffet above on Lido deck. I image there would be some at meal times mainly?
  3. Try an online quote from Suncorp whose travel Insurance is through Vero
  4. Thank you, Yes good idea but it seems all inside cabins booked/reserved already for our proposed trip some 18 months away. We may have to invest more on a balcony cabin.
  5. Seeking easy and quick access from an inside cabin to an outside viewing deck on the Majestic Princess rather than overspend on a balcony this time. Wondering which deck and area would be recommended. Any suggestions welcome.
  6. Thank you all for the ideas. I have previously carted "my wife's neat little laptop" and portable hard drive but it's not so little now with each replacement/upgrade. I will take my WD Passport wireless pro unit which I'm not 100% confident with yet. As well I've obtained some larger microsd cards for the Samsung S2 tab which I can backup to with the OTG and usb card reader. re JBare, do you use a Y cable to connect the phone to the drive so the drive gets some power through the phone? I'm more confident backing up to a hard drive than those pesky little micro sd's.
  7. Thanks for those comments. Was just considering options. I invested in one of those WD Passport Pro Wireless thingies but it's been the most frustrating piece of kit I ever purchased. The first was DOA. The new one seems to be backing up OK from the SD cards but I'm still not 100% confident with it and time is running out. I will take as well 1 portable hard drive and back up on route at Hotel or wherever. And I have an Android tablet I can use when I learn the best way to do so. Anyone tried this method ? ......https://petapixel.com/2013/03/26/how-to-back-up-your-pictures-using-an-android-tablet-and-external-hard-drives/
  8. Are the 'Internet Cafe' computers usable for backing up camera cards via a USB card reader to a portable hard drive? At a cost I assume, as part of an internet plan?. Not carting along a laptop this trip so looking at other options. I realize there are other backup methods but have never thought about the on-board computers.
  9. You'll realize that what I termed 'shutter delay' is actually the self-timer function.
  10. From my experience it's very difficult to hand hold the camera and get a sharp image fully zoomed, especially 60x. Try setting the cam on a tripod or 'cushioned' on a solid surface and set the shutter delay to 2 second. This will prevent any camera shake when pressing the shutter button regardless of how careful we are. Even hand held this 2 second delay will help somewhat.
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