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  1. My husband's idea of roughing it, is staying in a 3 star hotel. I'm with him on that.
  2. I am going to attempt to dispel the butterfish theory of what happens after you eat it. I practically grew up eating smoked butterfish and never had nor any of my family ever had those nauseating symptoms. That must have been one "blechy" thread.
  3. I sincerely hope you mean your record collection and not your parents! SWOON! @dani negreanu your family pictures are wonderful. It looks like you all had a wonderful time in beautiful surroundings.
  4. I think I've been to every hotel in the Catskills. I was already married during your single forays at those two hotels. Mine were 10 years before yours. Back in the day, those two hotels were the biggest and best. I met a dancer whose stories were the basis of the movie "Dirty Dancing". Her name is shown at the end of the movie credits, Jackie Horner. She actually was a dancer at Grossinger's until the mid 80s. She was hired as Story Consultant and claimed that what was shown in the movie really happened. The dancer in the movie was based on her and the part of Baby was base
  5. Frankie was my all time favorite. To this day when I hear "Venus" I close my eyes and I'm transported back to a simpler time. 😔
  6. Tell the Air Supply guys they have another fan in Texas. LOL I used to go up to the Catskill hotels many, many times. Bobby Rydell was the headliner once and I walked over to him in one of the lounges, told him how much I loved his music, what it meant to me. We chatted for quite awhile and he bought me a drink. He was a total gentleman. I think we make these famous people untouchable in our minds but many/some just want to be treated as "regular" people. I'm sure there are people in here who will ask "who was Bobby Rydell?" Google is your friend. My friend worked in NYC's P
  7. I don't know. I actually kinda like "PeeDee River" 🤣 @HBE4Stay strong and never give up on that glimmer of hope.
  8. Love Air Supply's "Here I Am" which is reminiscent of Barry Manilow's "Even Now". I have friends that used to go on annual Rock and Roll cruises, Royal Caribbean out of FL.
  9. I just read that Bath and Body Works' semi annual sale starts today. I am so up for it. Being double jabbed is such a wonderful feeling of relief!
  10. When we lived in NY, we visited the Amish farms in PA quite a few times. Wonderful fresh produce at local farm stands. Beautiful countryside and yes those buggies move slow.
  11. Apparently not with the first 2. Neil is currently married to his 3rd wife who is 51 years old. Neil is 79.
  12. Many think the song was about Caroline. It was about his wife and he needed a 3 syllable name to fit the song. So yes it was a picture of Caroline to name the song but it wasn't about Caroline at all. This is part of a CNN interview: “I was writing a song in Memphis, Tennessee, for a session. I needed a three-syllable name,” Diamond said during an appearance on “Today.” “The song was about my wife at the time — her name was Marsha — and I couldn’t get a ‘Marsha’ rhyme.” While working in his Memphis hotel room and trying to find the right three-syllable name to fit seamle
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