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  1. They have some lead time to quarantine crew now before they board the ship then. If that's what they will do in India, picking up crew. A few stops are technical stops (fuel, supplies, etc), the others are pick up stops I assume. Or other ships will be in/around those ports to transfer crew. We will only know when the ships depart from Manilla and make their first calls.. You may want to monitor the other NCL ships to see if there's any movement. Might be a good thread, the daily ship report! edit; nevermind, https://www.c r u i s i n.m e/cruise-ship-tracker/norwegian-cruise-line/fleet/
  2. Nothing known or announced. Would surprise me if they wouldn't have Studios, every new build had them..
  3. The Croatian shipbuilding company Brodosplit is a block manufacturer for Fincantieri but can't find a single Leonardo thing..
  4. NorwegianJoy and NorwegianEscape are both back in Manila now. Many Filipino crew members are currently under quarantine in local hotels for coronavirus testing, and are ready to embark in the next two weeks. Then the two large ships will carry thousands of crew members to set sail for a long voyage back to USA, and have crew transfer to other Norwegian Cruise Line's vessels afterwards for preparing for the resumption of cruise operations. The tentative route is estimated as follow, subject to change due to various port restrictions: NORWEGIAN JOY Oct 23: Manila, Philippines Oct 27-29: Jakarta, Indonesia Nov 03: Colombo, Sri Lanka* Nov 13-16: Mormugao (Goa), India Nov 17-20: Mumbai, India Nov 29: Suez Canal Dec 02-05: Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy Dec 08: Gibraltar* Dec 18: Miami, USA NORWEGIAN ESCAPE Nov 02: Manila, Philippines Nov 06-08: Jakarta, Indonesia Nov 13: Galle, Sri Lanka* Nov 23-26: Mormugao (Goa), India Nov 27-30: Mumbai, India Dec 09: Suez Canal Dec 12-15: Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy Dec 18: Gibraltar* Dec 28: Miami, USA *Technical calls Source: Hong Kong Cruise Society
  5. "The technology group Wärtsilä will supply Hybrid Scrubber system packages, specially customized to meet the specific needs of two cruise vessels. The ships are owned and operated by Norwegian Cruise Line. The 325 metres long ‘Norwegian Breakaway’ and ‘Norwegian Getaway’ vessels will be fitted with Wärtsilä scrubber systems, enabling them to be in compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s sulphur restriction legislation while operating on heavy fuel oil. The legislation became effective in January 2020. Customization of the system was required in order to meet the ships’ restricted space availability. The Wärtsilä hybrid solution allows flexibility in the cleaning of sulphur from the exhaust gases. When operating in closed-loop mode, the wash water circulates from the scrubber unit to a process tank, with seawater being used as make-up replenishment water as needed. The Wärtsilä equipment is scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2020." https://steelguru.com/logistic/w-rtsil-to-supply-hybrid-scrubbers-to-2-norwegian-cruise-line-ships/556559 "According to Wärtsilä, the scrubber systems have been "specially customised to meet the specific needs’ of the two cruise ships – which included adapting ‘to meet the ships’ restricted space availability"." https://www.maritimebusinessworld.com/wartsila-to-provide-scrubbers-for-norways-breakaway-and-getaway-876h.htm To add; Breakaway Plus class ships are equipped with internal scrubbers when they were built and do not require a retro fit.
  6. Hm, difficult to say. The funnel structure seems to be in a pretty far phase, any track structure should also have been visible by then. The rope course seems to be placed back on GA, but those new exhausts are quite close so it might be smaller sized... it appears on the aerial that GA has two scrubbers and a partial rope course versus the no scrubbers and no rope course shown earlier.
  7. I always thought scrubbers were internally installed, even with a retrofit. BA and GA were up for scrubbers according to https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22463-wartsila-to-provide-scrubbers-for-norwegian-breakaway-and-getaway.html but didn't they already had a dry dock this year? Now I did found for example RCCL's Independence of the Seas getting (smaller) scrubbers retrofitted in 2016 at the exact same spot; https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2324414-horrible-new-scrubber-funnels-on-freedom-class/ But those BA/GA ones are big! I am 50/50 about it, why time lapse the removal of a rock climbing wall? Assuming the time lapse recording is for commercial/pax use of course. The front cuts at the funnel are probably necessary. And what's up with the "winged" platforms, might also house piping? Maybe @chengkp75 can identify them, there's a lot of brand new steel in the picture below so I assume this is under those new wing shaped installments at the funnel base. Added a close up of the bottom of a flying scrubber before installment, over the head of the two folks on the sports court.
  8. It's a double "indoor" skydive! Must be... could be..? Sorry NCL..
  9. That whole funnel base seems VERY different. Some weird towers (extra funnels?!) added aft of the funnels were the rock climbing used to be and a wider base around the funnels.. lots of mysteries!
  10. They seem to have started cutting in August/8 weeks ago and hired a video company for some drone footage and a 2 week time lapse of the funnel area...
  11. A close up of GA taken from BA. I added a aerial view of BA (couldn't find a right GA one ) to point out the cuts made to the funnel:
  12. Here's the BA engine room, "36K Service on DG-2 on Norwegian Breakaway in Marseille."
  13. Their rope courses are also gone! Not sure that's a required maintenance thing.. Poor BA and GA..
  14. And eh, besides missing the NCL logo's on their funnels....
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