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  1. As others said: Dry dock schedules, maximizing sales and to maintain an overall appealing global product with not only the older and smaller ships sailing in Europe (or appeal American guests to sail in Europe on newer ships, whatever way you look at it ).
  2. Correct. Meant Posh, as I like my hot tubs to have a view, which lacks a hot tub which would make it perfect!
  3. Unless you want a hot tub, which can be best enjoyed at the beste Spice H2O in the fleet!
  4. Lattitudes level for a discount? We paid $269.10 with discount (299 minus Silver 10% discount) on the Sky.
  5. In that case the Villas will probably go at premium prices.
  6. You can't beat the distance from the Villas to the Lagoon, the lower numbered Studio Villas have a similar beach like the small cabanas. At the end of the list are the large cabanas which are on a hill, furthest from the sea of all. If it's a surprise the Villa is the way to go, if affordable in price. The weather on GSC can be hot, even when partly cloudy in fall. The big benefit of a Villa is an own restroom and shower, besides the airconditioning. It's up to you when the prices are known.. Which ship will you be on?
  7. The blogger/influencer sailing was the one before this revenue sailing.
  8. If the champagne bar (the round white one, before your row of Villas) is in operation it should be less walking. You are discouraging others by your unlucky location, I think that discounts the whole Silver Cove complex. I said the bar is close by the Reception building. I wonder if the whole experience was not enjoyable (food, service, area, etc), I can't imagine all was bad?
  9. NCL is far from that and perhaps it's good as it is to avoid potential negative or unbiased thoughts.
  10. We all know you're two hi tech robots, manufactured by NCL and the CIA and paid for through the DSC and uncollected confiscated booze. Let's use the word drone reviewers, the latest in tech industry. Way ahead of the Thunderbird puppets, barely any wires visible.. Here's a snapshot of them in the bathroom from one of my NCL sources:
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