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  1. Hi, we flew in to Anchorage, stayed one night and took the train (dome car) to Seward the next morning. We loved the trip, very enjoyable & comfortable. Very happy with the choice we made.
  2. Okay, thanks! So what I gather from your info is to stay in the downtown area - see the sights, have dinner and deal with the airport (international) in the morning. So some quick help with hotel - easy location - something nice - it will kind of be a drop and run, sleep and go- LOL! One that I am considering is Hotel Blu Vancouver. Pricing on some of the others are quite high as we are looking for 1 nite in early July.
  3. Hi, we will be getting off our ship early am and have an 8:45am flight the following morning. Here are my questions: Stay near the port (downtown) area and drop off our luggage at the hotel - Spend the day sightseeing etc, have dinner downtown area and figure out the best way to the airport in the morning? Other option - drop off our luggage at a storage place - pick it up after a day of sightseeing and maybe dinner and reserve a hotel near the airport? Would appreciate any thoughts or helpful hints.
  4. Just noticed this story regarding a strike at the port in San Juan - at the end of the story it does mention Windstar Pride. Anyone have any information or updates?? https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2018/12/articles/passenger-rights/dock-workers-strike-san-juan-disrupts-celebrity-summit-jewel-seas/?fbclid=IwAR3jJFriIuGYPds7ZbpFXiDBok0Mr2xUVxnlrklyVu2wy-ds9ZiESdOq4LY#
  5. Thank you Mariano44! Now stop counting and go and enjoy your cruise! :hearteyes::hearteyes:
  6. Hi Marinaro44 - hope you have a great cruise - when you have a chance will you get back to us and let us know if cabin 126 & 127 on the Pride both have walk-in showers and 2 sinks. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info - checked and we will save around $600 on a New Year's cruise! Thanks for the reminder to check the summer sale. :hearteyes:
  8. Okay Marinaro44, I am counting on you! LOL! I just reserved cabins 126 & 127 on the Pride - which hopefully will have a walk in shower and 2 sinks! Reserved cruise for late December and since you will be in that cabin Aug/Sept I am hoping that once aboard you will have a moment to confirm those 2 cabins for me. I will either be a happy camper (sailor) or try to switch our cabins!
  9. Marinaro44, nicely questioning - are you sure that in cabins 126 &127 they have a shower & 2 sinks? Diagram shows shower but nothing about sinks. I am getting conflicting info - we would prefer shower - however really want 2 sinks. Thanks!
  10. Okay, we decided and will be moving forward with the cruise that visits Pigeon Island - remembering that on our last cruise on the day scheduled for Prickly Pear it was cancelled due to bad seas. I agree Pigeon Island is not a great beach - just looking for a nice shaded spot - good food and tables to eat at, which is what I think Prickly Pear covers. To be honest - give us some good weather - put us on the deck where we can find some shade and we are happy!
  11. My TA was able to get the info - Pride :cool:cabins with shower have only 1 sink!
  12. Hi, for anyone that has stayed in the cabins that offer a walk in shower instead of a bathtub (not a handicapped room) - do you remember if there were one or two sinks in the bathroom. Shower make a mess all over the floor? Looking at Pride, however I believe all the yachts should be the same. Thanks!
  13. Hi, we have been on numerous Windstar cruises and tend to stay away from cruises that visit Pigeon Island as comparted to Prickly Pear. However this time due to other factors this itineary fits best. Here are a couple of issues and wondering if any changes have been made: no shade unless you get there first and get a spot by the trees, then when others arrive you are jammed in sooo tight it is not comfortable. Second is the lack of eating area for your lunch, juggling everything on your beach chair (that's where the jammed in situation gets to me) ;p So wondering if there have been any upgrades?
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