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  1. No idea where the beach is but is the event a surf carnival or a triathlon? Leigh
  2. It won't make any difference to us Marion, except that we will be able to meet up with family members to a maximum of 5 people in public but the 5 km limit will still apply at this stage, so we won't be able to see our grandsons and daughteror son in law. Only able to see our son or daughter in law and rwo granddaughters. Leigh
  3. No, they have said the 28th is set in stone and that has been said a few times. It is only a week to the 28th, so we may as well wait until then. The other dates could possibly change if the circumstances change, the premier has just stated this morning. Marion, all the details are in this link Victorian Roadmap out of Restrictions
  4. The premier and CHO have said that the 28th September is set in stone to go to the next level of restrictions. The hard part I think will be to keep the numbers below 5 for 4 weeks for the next lifting of restrictions on 26th October. This is what has to happen for that to happen - from the official Victoria's Roadmap out of Restrictions 'Later of threshold being met and 26 October 2020 Move from Second Step to Third Step if we reach <5 new cases (state-wide average over previous 14 days) and <5 cases with unknown source (statewide total last 14 days)' Fingers crossed that this is possible. Leigh
  5. I don't either. Just crumb the biscuits and mix in the melted butter, press into container and refrigerate until firm. My lemon cheesecake recipe uses gelatine, lemon juice, lemon rind and condensed milk as well as cream cheese of course. I have used ricotta instead of cream cheese but the cheese cake has a slightly different texture, not as smooth. Leigh
  6. I tend to make the lemon one too but do have a recipe for a chocolate one which I make for special occasions which is also a non-baked one. Leigh
  7. I tend to have a small slice of cheesecake. I think it depends what type of cheesecake it is too. Cruise ship cheesecakes are rubbish usually except for the New York cheesecake I’ve had on Princess very occasionally. Leigh
  8. I probably would have more cream than the photo does too.
  9. I dislike pavlova, much too sweet for me, so I rarely make them. I much prefer cheesecake. Leigh
  10. I don't remember any players with black armbands yesterday ML, but is it not uncommon that a player wears an armband in memory of someone important to them. They may be the only person in the team to do so. Leigh
  11. It was actually quite a small protest Les, it looked like the police members outnumbered the protestors. The protestors ran through private property to try to evade the police - I watched the live coverage from one of the news choppers online. No repect for anyone else shown. They say today's will be bigger. Unfortunately these activists are flooding social media and outshouting those who are in favour of the restrictions, against the protests and pro police. They are loud, rude, arrogant and ignorant anti everything it seems. Leigh
  12. No, not a death to Covid ML. What game was this? If both teams were wearing armbands it was possible to honour a person connected to the league who has passed away or someone from each club perhaps. You may have noticed that Essendon had yellow bands around the armholes of their jumpers, this was to recognise the work of Challenge, an organisation that supports children with cancer. This is also one of the charities the Essendon players support by spending time with some of the children and keeping in touch with them. The jumpers that the team wore yesterday are being auctioned to raise funds for Challenge. Leigh
  13. Wasn't that back in 2018 Adrian? Not these coming finals? Yes it is an important tradition through I would say all football leagues. Leigh
  14. Thankd Les. Unfortunately, much of the negative stuff is from internally as well - the Opposition, the antivaxers, the Covididiots etc. all being very vocal and negative. Spewing their rubbish onto social media is relentless. Leigh
  15. We Victorians, where the majority have been following the rules also are getting peeved by the amount of negative stuff thrown at us. Leigh
  16. True, but you could also look at the outlet's website to obtain that information. For example Dan Murphy is the probably the most popular bottle shop in Australia, here is a link to their website - Dan Murphy Leigh
  17. During lockdown my husband has cleaned out the back bedroom. He found uni work belonging to both children which is over 20 years old. It has been thrown out. Leigh
  18. We visited the Redwoods in 2018 but I don't remember seeing the statues. Leigh
  19. Areas such as Lygon St are struggling Les, but those who have adjusted to providing take away meals will be doing it a bit easier than those who aren't. Yes, hopefully we will reopen completely by the end of November. Leigh
  20. Lyle, we Melbournians are not under house arrest. We can can exercise outside our properties for 2 hours per day, families can take take their children to the park, we can shop for essential items. Single people can visit a nominated friend, we can buy takeaway meals. The reason this was implemented was to reduce the movement of people to limit the spread of the virus. I don't really mind the curfew as there is nowhere to go! Nothing is open! I would say that by far the vast majority of people are following the restrictions and curfew. As Julie said above, the curfew shows who is out breaking the rules. Our lockdown is nothing compared to say what has been happening in Chile and other parts of the world. The reason that some lockdowns have not worked, is that they have opened up too quickly and a second wave has hit them. Hopefully Victoria and the remainder of Australia learns from our second wave. Leigh
  21. My husband’s oldest friend has lived there nearly 30 years so he visits Toowoomba usually each year. The photo of the gardens was taken 13 years ago when we were there for my brother’s wedding. He had lived in Toowoomba for many years before moving to the Gold Coast. Leigh
  22. Yes you are correct vada_9. They are beautiful gardens. Your turn. Leigh
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