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  1. No. It was for 25% of £414 =£103.50 Just my two returned CNV, a credit my share of the cost of the cruise, another credit for 25% of my share of the cruise are showing on my latitudes account.
  2. I could have been. I travelled from Scotland to Southampton to to a TA on QM2. It it was only when in the hotel in Southampton that I realised I had left my suitcase at home! I have posted the story here. It it was funny running round PradaMark/Primarché (Primark) like Supermarket Sweep, the evening before we cruised buying EVERYTHING! Tuxedo, shirt, bow tie, shoes, belt, socks, underwear tea shirts polo shirts, cuff links, blazer +++ even needed a suitcase to put it all in! it still gets brought but 6 years later!
  3. Our FFC showed up on out latitudes account (I think I’ve commented on your own post about this) So for me it’s all good. Thankfully. Hopefully you’ll be alright too 😀
  4. We were told that too. As long as we booked by expiration date.
  5. We were booked on Dawn 16/8/20. 7 day cruise with no sea day.
  6. I’m based I’m UK. I had this concern too. The CNV + 25% was in my latitudes account very quickly. I asked for FCC and this was taking a while to appear. I thought our TA hadn’t paid NCL. However NCL are apparently dealing with FCCs manually and it’s taking time. My FCCs are now showing along with the correct number of CNVs however the 25% bonus one the CNV has gone.
  7. I have email from Ncl via my TA offering choice off 100% cash refund ( if I claim it) or 125% of money’s paid by June 26th in FCC. My issue is that the TA doesn’t appear to have paid the balance due by June 26th despite balance due to Ncl by June 7th. I paid my TA the balance due around 3 weeks earlier (15th May approximately) I want what what I expect & believe I’m entitled to a FCC to the value of 125% of the cruise. If if I wanted a cash refund then there wouldn’t be a problem and my complaint isn’t against Ncl they have already refunded what they can. My complaint is against my TA. Keeping hold of my money and therefore I’m losing over £500 in credit I could use against a future cruise. Question for UK based TAs: What is the due date that a TA has to pay the final balance to NCL? Is it 70 days the same as if booked direct through NCL by pax? Please stop telling me I’ve had credits. Ncl has done everything they can with what they’ve been paid. Any Uk based folk been in similar situation?
  8. Now I’m more confused. all I want is a Ncl fcc to value of 125% of money paid (in my case I’m fully paid) my understanding is Ncl would issue a fcc either to my TA or directly to my latitude account. It looks like my TA haven’t paid Ncl the balance and Ncl can’t issue a fcc. So I am out over £500. once I get clarification from my TA then I’ll push for the equivalent 125% credit directly from the TA.
  9. I don’t want a refund I want my fcc as I requested from my TA
  10. The deposit was 2x CNV they are back in my lattitudes account along with £103.50 FCC (25% of the value of my two CNV) nothing else is in my account. I spoke to NCL she says it looks like I asked for a refund (I didn’t) it appears my TA has not paid the balance due by June 26th (Ncl will refund cash or issue FCC according to the money paid To them by this date) the TA also stated I can only use the FCC with the original TA. That is untrue. Ncl told me I can use FCC with ANY TA. my total FCC should be around £2,800. I’ve also been able to shop around and have a quote around £350 cheaper than Ncl and the original TA therefore I should have around £684 available to use on a further cruise. £2,530 cruise - (2x CNV) £414 = £2,116 to pay. fcc vale £2,800 - balance due £2,116 I understand that TAs take payment (some many weeks) in advance of the cruise line’s due date however Ncl require payment 70 days before cruise. Sail date 16th August, 70 days out date 7th June (almost three weeks (19 days) before the Ncl cut off date of June 26th)
  11. Booked a cruise through a UK based TA. final payment due to TA 16th May & paid on time. Final payment due to Ncl would be 70days therefore 6th June. apparently I will not get the 125% FCC from Ncl as the balance hadn’t been paid by the TA to Ncl. it looks like I’m going to be over £500 short plus the TA is offering the new cruise I wish to book at full Ncl online price. Despite the fact I shopped around and had knocked over £350 off the price. im going to push the TA as he’s trying to say I can only use FCC with the TA the cancelled cruise was with! I smell BS
  12. You are misunderstanding my posts. I’ll try & write in small words so you understand. I bought 4x $250 CNV for $500. This was put on my onboard account. Everything (sorry I couldn’t think of a smaller word) was charged to my UK based credit card at the exchange rate applicable WHEN THE CRUISE WAS BOOKED. Each $250 CNV had a value of £204. So for £408 I got £816 worth of CNV. I agree the value of the CNV doesn’t change once purchased but the UK price is dependant (Sorry another big one) on the exchange rate applicable at time of booking. So a low £ to $ exchange rate is good for converting dollar to pound. But not so good when converting pounds to the dollar. if you still don’t understand then perhaps someone else can chip in as I’m done!
  13. I suggest you re-read my post. The exchange rate is set when Cruise is booked, NOT when any purchases are made either on board or in advance of sailing. We bought 4x $250 cnv cost us £408. The exchange rate used to convert $250 to £204 was used onboard to settle our onboard account & when we prepaid any excursions etc.
  14. I believe that the exchange rate you get is the exchange rate at point of booking, not purchase. We booked a Caribbean cruise on Epic almost a year out and the exchange rate worked out well for us in converting onboard us$ to gbp 😄 the exchange rate was set at the rate when we booked.
  15. That’s a pain. I was hoping for the extra discount too! 😟
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